Epic Keeps Your Practice in Sync with Public Health Guidelines, Valerio Pizzoferrato Says

Valerio Pizzoferrato was on the front lines when the previously unknown COVID-19 virus hit the USA in February 2020. Epic helped his practice continuously disseminate best practices to clinicians and staff in the face of continuously changing guidance, Pizzoferrato says.

Automated updates from Epic are based on guidelines from the CDC and state authorities and reviewed by a panel of infectious disease experts. While early in the pandemic Epic only prompted practitioners to query whether patients had recently traveled to areas experiencing COVID outbreaks, such as China and Italy, the system kept up with changing guidance regarding patient self-report of temperature, symptoms, and COVID exposure as CDC guidance evolved. Epic ensured that appropriate symptom screening has been made throughout the pandemic.

“Our ability to constantly monitor and continuously update our protocols in response to the changing conditions of the pandemic has been vital to the success of our practice,” Pizzoferrato says. “Our integrated EHR made up-to-date bedside care easier for our overworked doctors and staff.”

Standardized alerts and documentation tools guided Pizzoferrato’s practice through the innovations in testing and treatment in the rapidly changing environment of COVID care. In addition to keeping up with best practices, Epic helped Pizzoferrato and staff keep with the patient census, how many patients had known COVID and the testing status of others, and the resources on hand.

“Pretty much all of our staff huddles start with a quick look at the Epic dashboard,” Valerio Pizzoferrato says. “Epic is perhaps the best choice we have made in technologies to free our practice to focus on the needs of our patients this year.”

What is Epic?

Epic provides an EHR-tethered patient portal for access to telemedicine and screening for in-person care. Epic provides easier access to the care team with the ability to download test results as soon as they are available.

Who is Valerio Pizzoferrato?

Business development executive and SR project manager as well as certified SR clinical educator, Valerio Pizzoferrato is an expert in gathering, analyzing, and defining current and future state workflows for analysis and process redesign, developing and implementing creative system solutions for the benefit of patient care.

Valerio Pizzoferrato is also an expert at deescalating the complications of EHRs that distress clinicians. Experienced across all clinical Epic modules, Pizzoferrato is an expert in Anesthesia, Optime, and Provider support. His approach to supporting front-line caregivers is to listen calmly, provide expert answers, and then point out features that exceed practitioner expectations, earning the respect of department heads while providing a concise analysis of EHR implementation issues and workflow improvement. Valerio’s employers, however, don’t recommend him for hire, because they don’t want to lose him.

Valerio Pizzoferrato is fluent in Armenian, English, Italian, and Spanish.


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