David Koonar: Windsor Visual Media Guru

David Koonar, Windsor native is a well-known photographer who lives and works in the area of Windsor, Ontario. He has always been a fan of all sorts of design and photography, as well as the technology that can support it. David Koonar Photography offers professional photography services in Windsor. If you want to take advantage of these services, you can look at his website and see not only examples of his work, but also photography tips that will help other people in the field.

David Koonar focuses on capturing stories, as well as beauty and spirit, in his photos. His primary focus with his photography is on Instagram and other social media. He speaks about how professional and amateur photographers are able to get millions of views and a great deal of exposure by sharing their photos on social media. He also talks about how there is a lot of planning and skill that goes into achieving the right kind of exposure on social media, in terms of the kinds of photos shared and their quality.

As a seasoned professional, David Koonar, Windsor resident has a great deal of information about the best practices that can help novice photographers get started in this field and make success for themselves. He is happy to share all the knowledge that he has gained, in order to help people following in his footsteps. One tip that he has for others is to be prepared for more than what the job entails. For example, he shared an anecdote about an instance in which he showed up to an assignment very well-prepared, but then there were last-minute changes to the assignment, and he had only brought enough batteries to cover the itinerary that had been laid out. Because of that, they had to schedule a follow-up day in order to capture all the extra concepts. Advance preparation is very important for any successful project in photography.

David Koonar acknowledges that although the fundamentals of photography and photographic science have been fairly constant, modern digital photography is constantly evolving. This is why it is very important to remain familiar with the technology that is most prominent among photographers right now. It is important to stay up-to-date on this kind of information if you are in this field so that you can give any client what he or she may want.

In addition, David Koonar has a variety of other tips for his fellow photographers. He shares his expertise on aperture and shutter speed and digital photography, how to take the best possible photos at night, where people can go to take great pictures and Ontario, and more. He enjoys helping other people in the field avoid the same mistakes that he made earlier in his career. Overall, Koonar has achieved the status of a guru in his field, continues to produce artwork, and wants to help others do so as well.


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