Lifepoints Review – Can you make money taking surveys with LifePoints?

Make money online is one of the most catching phrases in today’s virtual world. There are a number of sites offering the opportunity and scope to earn some real cash without doing much toil.

Lifepoints, formerly known as Global Test Market, is one of the credible sites that gives money in exchange for some surveys you attend to.

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Numerous reputed brands come to this site for getting a desired survey done and having knowledge about the mindset of people before launching a product. In return, they shall pay some bucks to its users.

In this article on Lifepoints review, we shall try to uncover the true worth of it, the process in which it works and many more. So, stick till the end.

What is lifepoints?

Lifepoints is a survey site designed to give some financial rewards to its users who take part in giving their opinion about something. This site is one of the most valid ones, having millions of people as active users. And many more are joining as the time increases.

With more than 70 countries in their service, you can imagine how much influence it can have on certain products or brands despite the fact that it is a relatively new site.

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The users sign up to this site and they gain access to some available surveys there. Each member has to answer a certain questionnaire. They get some points as reward. After earning points and gift cards they can be withdrawn as cash, or can be donated in charity.

This is how this legit paying service works. The site is credible, for it has a license. It provides user friendly policy, another sign of validity. Every single info you provide there is protected by international laws.

How does Lifepoints Work?

Lifepoints consumer panel is as simplified as possible for being new. It is also colorful, eye-catching and straightforward. Once you sign up to Lifepoints, you shall find their panel.

There’s a process bar above to show you how much you have progressed, and how much points you have earned so far. You shall get a regular questionnaire to fill in. These questions are simple and quickly answerable.

So if you join the survey and provide answers, you shall be rewarded with points. The panel bar will give you infos about the time when you’ll be able to cash out or about the points you have to earn further for the next cash out.

In the survey, usually you shall get one or two points by joining mini-survey. But there are other surveys like half-hour one in return of which you shall get 100 to 150 points.

Conveniently, you can see how many points you can get by joining a survey. If it suits your time and money you can join it and get some points. If the payment is lower and the survey is time consuming, you shall refrain from joining there.

In this way, you can earn points without much inconvenience. And you can design a survey time for yourself to join the survey in the most convenient time. However, there’s a drawback in it. There is no lifepoints survey mobile app.

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Lifepoints Sign Up process

The signup process of Lifepoints is quite easy and simple and it is no different than other sites. It can take from ten to fifteen minutes in total.

First you need to go to the official website, of course. Then you shall get the sign-up button, and you have to fill in the primary information like your mailing address, your name and a strong password, if possible.

Next you shall be moved on to another page where you need to give infos of your gender, birth date, and so on. Then there shall be some privacy and policy terms, rules and regulations. You have to agree to them to proceed further.

Then you need to verify your email address. After verification, you shall be asked some basic questions like about you, your house, family and alike. As you have completed your profile the sign up process is done. You shall be then directly prompted to the dashboard of the site. Voilà, you can now join the surveys.

Ways to Earn Using Lifepoints Panel

There are mainly three possible ways by which you can earn some bucks. They are as follows:


Online surveys, as we have already pointed out, is the backbone of earning on sites like LifePoints. When you login to Lifepoints account, you shall get the available surveys. These surveys will be notified via email as well.

By completing the surveys, you shall get reward points. Some surveys give little points while some offer considerable amounts. Usually, the longer the survey takes, the more reward you shall get.

Most surveys have a number of easy questions as starters: questions of demography and human behavior. If you answer satisfactorily, you shall get a bunch of surveys to fill in and eventually be paid.

Diary Entries

This is really an interesting way of getting paid. LifePoints often ask its members about certain behavior they have or certain things they do. They take notes of them and try to devise what sort of products are good and what amount of them should be manufactured.

In return you shall get some points. However, it won’t offer regular diary entries, and the points are of smaller amounts here.

Product Testing

In some cases, LifePoints shall provide some kind of products through mail to use it. After you have used that product, you need to write reviews on it.

This provides an opportunity to be familiar with new services and products. In the meantime, you also get some points to earn. So these three are the LifePoints jobs you can utilize on this site.

How to Redeem Points From LifePoints?

Once your balance hits up to 5 dollars you will be able to withdraw it via four different systems. It shall take maximum ten days to reach your balance. Let’s find out how to redeem life points now.


Once your points reach 600, you can ask for a 5 dollar PayPal gift card. Though Amazon gift cards require 50 less points than PayPal, the latter is more convenient and widely used.

Many legit paying survey sites offer a PayPal payment system. However, Lifepoints is one of the sites that offers the lowest payment of as much as 5 dollars. Others may require five times more than that. It is better to cash out when you have a bit more points.

Digital Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards along with other digital gift card options are excellent to use. To withdraw here, you need 550 points in return of which you shall get 5 dollars. This means you need 50 less points here to withdraw than PayPal.

Physical Gift Cards

This is not the popular choice, nor it is recommended. There are only a few physical gift cards available in LifePoints and you shall get mail when they are available. But one drawback here is that you need points tantamount to 25 dollars.


If you are a generous soul and willing to donate your earned bucks, you can do it easily. Lifepoints offers opportunities to donate money on UNICEF or Olympics or such organizations directly. Here also your points must be 550 at least (means 5 dollars) to do the donation.

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Pros of Lifepoints


Lifepoints is many ways an user-friendly site. It has an easy and simple interface to manage and work with. A simple layman even can join and earn in Lifepoints. No previous experience or any sort of qualification is required to work with LifePoints.


In this survey site, there is little to no limitation for attending surveys. You can join numerous surveys and you won’t face any scarcity of surveys here. That means, you will always have some surveys or other to complete and therefore to earn.

Flexibility of Cashing out:

As we have pointed earlier, LifePoints has a more flexible cash out system than other sites like Swagbucks or Mypoints. It offers digital gift cards, PayPal, coupons and even charity to redeem your earned points. While other sites don’t have such luxuries.


If you are a busy man with shower of tasks on your shoulder, you can do the surveys in your limited free time. There’s no hard and fast rules about time or goals here that need to be done everyday. You can consider this to be your pastime and accomplish the task in any convenient time.

No restriction:

This survey poses no real restriction on the users. You can join from anywhere in the world without facing any problems. There’s only one restriction, that is for the underaged.


You can always judge the worth of a survey by calculating the time it’ll consume and the points you shall get in return. If you find a survey to be time consuming but less worthy, you can simply skip it. There’s no obligation to join any surveys.


There are certain bonuses in LifePoints surveys. These are known as LifePoints boosters. If you keep your profile updated or join Lifepoints surveys frequently, you shall be rewarded with some bonus points. More interestingly, you can earn 20% extra, if you just allow your location. Isn’t it great?

Cons of Lifepoints

No Mobile App:

Smartphones are getting a daily necessity and people are utilizing it more than ever before. Unfortunately, there’s no LifePoints mobile app available to make the working process smoothie. However, you can work here with your smartphone by accessing their website.

Difficult to Qualify:

The main goal of these surveys is to provide certain companies with their products and services. So you won’t be qualified for certain surveys if the authority doesn’t consider you to be fit. But even if you are denied access, you shall get two points as consolation.

Limited methods:

LifePoints has only three main ways of earning bucks, unlike other platforms like Swagbucks where you can earn certain amounts by watching promotional videos, reviewing some sites, or by online shopping. The main opportunity in LifePoints is survey earning only.

Slow Payment:

In some sites, the payment method is superbly fast. But Lifepoints sometimes takes as much as 10 business days, a sign of procrastination.

Customer Support:

Customer support is of utmost significance in any business. In this category, Lifepoints is not up to date, I must say, as they don’t have direct phone call service or even live chatting. This is a chink on Lifepoints surveys review. However, they support their users by email enquiries: question and answer.

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Who should join Lifepoints?

LifePoints is open for everyone, yet all shouldn’t join the platform. It’s enjoyable to people who like to share their individual opinion. But introvert people won’t find it something enjoyable at all.

Some people are too impatient to get quick money and huge amounts of surveys. This platform is not good for them. Also you need to qualify before you proceed to provide an opinion on a survey.

People who want some extra cash, though not of huge quantities, should join Lifepoints. But someone wanting to be rich rapidly will frustrate himself here. So before you join the platform, make sure you enjoy the task, you have patience and you don’t cherish to be miniature Bill Gates through it.

Lifepoints Reviews – Verdict: Is Lifepoints worth it?

In this article on Lifepoints Review, we have tried to provide an overview of this survey based site. But after all those clear cut discussions, many are still looming over the question, is lifepoints worth it or not.

The simple solution to this question is yes, it is. The available surveys and abrupt bonuses can make you earn at least a few dollars a month to get rid of some financial burden.

The site works smoothly for its easy interface. The payment method is convenient, though not the best. The surveys are not heavy as you can do them while taking a cuppa in the break.

Overall, it can be a good source of income for you, if you have enough patience. So what are you doubtful about?

Bingo! You can jump in now!

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The FAQs About Lifepoints

1) How do I make money with Mypoints?

There are several ways to make money with Mypoints. The main ways are joining surveys, watching promo videos, using coupons, reading emails, shopping and even by referral.

2) What are Life Points?

Life points are some points earned by doing online surveys to this particular website. Though you cannot expect to earn thousands of dollars here, you can surely expect to earn some bucks performing some easy tasks. And these life points need to be converted to real money.

3) What survey site is best for money?

There is not a single particular site best for making real cash. Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Mypoints, InboxDollars Lifepoints all have huge credibility and acceptance among the internet world.

More sites are Opinion outpost, Branded Surveys, Vindale Research, Shopkick, Google Opinion Rewards and many mores. The former are better than the latters.

4) Is Lifepoints legit?

Yes, Lifepoints is a legit site to make money online. It offers money in exchange for your survey and similar simple services. They are trustworthy enough to be relied on and to give it a try.

5) How to get more surveys on life points? 

If you want to get more and more surveys in LifePoints you need to do two things. First one is that you must keep your profile updated. It is widely acclaimed that updated profiles get more surveys than old ones.

The second one is that you need to be active. If you login to Lifepoints and join after a year to find surveys the chances of getting such opportunities are rare. Another common factor is the region you belong to. American will get more surveys than the Asian, it’s a fact.

6) Is Lifepoints a scam?

No, it isn’t. The company is running their business from 2019 and they have gained enough reputation to attract numerous users.

Today, more than 5 million people across the globe have joined Lifepoints, though we don’t know the active users number yet. How can such huge numbers of people be fooled with such ease? LifePoints is not a scam; there’s no doubt.

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