Dementia victim case highlights timeshare industry’s epic compensation battle

Club La Costa (CLC) facing tens of £millions in compensation claims.  Consumers finally winnng as timeshare revenues drop and record amounts of compensation are awarded against them.

Dementia sufferer’s case highlights larger problems

69 year old invalid and dementia victim Stuart Crawford’s case was reported in the Telegraph, and it is disturbing reading.  CLC salespeople have sold and upgraded the clearly vulnerable Crawford to the point where he has £45k of debt, £700 a month payments, is forced into local authority accommodation, is unable to sell the membership and likely to leave his wife destitute when he dies.

Andy Cooper CEO of ECC

Nobody is buying

“Timeshare has been struggling for years,” explains Jack Dawson, senior contracts adviser for European Consumer Claims (ECC).  “Compared to the rest of the travel industry it is expensive and inflexible.  During the pandemic, members are paying full  price, for holidays they can’t take.  People are desperate to escape this commitment, and new member sales are bottoming out all over Europe.

“It is deplorable, but not surprising that companies like CLC are behaving in this manner.”

Consumer laws ignored

“In 1999 legislation was enacted to protect consumers,” continues Dawson.  “It covered a lot of areas, including resorts no longer being allowed to take deposits on the day and contract terms not being allowed to be for over 50 years.  

“With falling sales, timeshare companies ignored these laws and got away with it for years.   Consumers aware their contracts were illegal had no way of navigating the Spanish legal system.” 

Compensation floodgates open

Andrew Cooper, CEO of ECC believes there is light at the end of the tunnel for mis-sold timeshare owners.  “The resorts have been fighting tooth and nail to avoid having to compensate their victims,” he says.  “They have employed every delaying tactic possible, but our firm and others have stayed the course.  The timeshare companies are out of options and staggering amounts of compensation payments are now being awarded against them.

“Our associated firm of lawyers, M1 Legal, just posted a record week of over £400,000 awarded to 21 happyformer owners from 7 different timeshare companies.

“£144,500 of this was in ten separate victories against CLC, the resort which left Mr Crawford in such a desperate position.

Cooper continues,  “itmeshare companies have nowhere to hide.  The precedents are set and the process is now streamlined, making it easier to claim.

Be cautious when choosing a claims firm

“Sadly the timeshare claims business attracts many fraudulent firms who promise to get compensation for mis-sold members,” warns Cooper.  “Don’t just Google the subject and pick a firm with a flashy website.  If you can get a recommendation from another owner who was successfully awarded compensation, that firm is obviously worth trusting.

“There are also volunteer consumer associations who will advise you on the subject.  

“Or of course you are always welcome to contact our team, for a free, no obligation chat.”

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