Access Private Capital Announces Launch of Lending Unit – APC Lending

Access Private Capital today announced the official launch of its lending unit, APC Lending.  APC Lending is an SBA-approved, non-bank lender created specifically to address the challenges many small business owners face when applying for SBA 504 loans through traditional banking channels.

The SBA 504 loan program is typically facilitated through a traditional bank in partnership with a Certified Development Company (a designated lending agent acting on behalf of the SBA), and is designed to provide small business owners long-term, fixed-rate financing for owner-occupied real estate and equipment that promotes business growth and job creation.

“The SBA 504 loan can be an ideal financing solution for small business owners needing real estate or equipment to run their businesses,” says Tony Palazzo, founding partner and managing director for APC Lending., “However, we think it’s highly underutilized because of the perceived difficulty in navigating the process through traditional banking channels.  As a non-bank lender, we aim to fix that.”

APC Lending has spent the better part of the last two years developing the platform and processes that allow it to be just as thorough as traditional banks when it comes to SBA 504 lending —  but with the ability to move a borrower more quickly through the process and be more agile in solving any problems that might creep up along the way.

“We’ve seen a lot of good loans fall through for bad reasons,” said Mike Eddy, Partner and Loan Officer at APC Lending.  “Often, it’s because the bank just can’t move fast enough, or its credit policies are too rigid to accommodate the unexpected.  Since SBA 504 loans are all that APC Lending does, we can concentrate our expertise and resources on moving a borrower more quickly through the process and troubleshooting as needed.”

Potential borrowers can apply directly through APC Lending’s website at  The lending unit expects to underwrite more than $50 million dollars this year in SBA 504 loans.  “As small business owners ourselves, it’s our intent to be part of the solution in the small business recovery,” said Jeff Pierce, APC Lending Partner and Loan Officer.

For more information on the SBA 504 loan program please visit or

Access Private Capital is the private equity arm of Berkeley Capital Partners, a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Atlanta, Georgia with more than $600 million1 in assets under management. Currently, Access Private Capital oversees more than $70 million in private equity investments, including debt, real estate and commercial banking2.

1As of 12/31/2020

2As of 12/31/2020

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