My Back Pain Coach Review – Does My Back Pain Coach work?

Back pain is a common problem that affects many people at different points in their lives. The good news is that My Back Pain Coach, also known as My Back Pain Relief for Life, promises to get rid of back pain within a few days. My Back Pain Coach is meant to stop any back pain naturally by tapping into your body’s self-repairing nature.

While some serious back problems can only be resolved with professional medical treatment or surgery, some people struggle with back and neck pain due to lack of mobility, postural problems, and insufficient versatility. Actually, something as simple as sitting down for extended periods of lying on a mattress with inadequate support can cause back problems. My Back Pain Coach will remedy such back problems. This My Back Pain Coach Review will tell you how the program works, its benefits, drawbacks, and price.

A Quick Introduction to My Back Pain Coach

Many authors worked hard to develop answers to spasms, backaches, and other back problems. However, My Back Pain Coach stood out to be the painless, hustle-free, and low-priced program. The author of this program adopted videos as the main training system. Besides, he adopted several visualizing concepts that allow the users to execute all recommendations properly. The training does not require any professional or medical expertise assistance.

Unlike many other programs, My Back Pain Coach resolves the root cause of back pain to provide relief. The author presents the muscle imbalance concept, which is very hard to deal with after it sets in. He introduces a lifetime criterion that requires you to set aside a few minutes per day for the execution of eight simple workouts. That is different from what many healthcare professionals recommend.

The eight exercises target the lower and upper back muscles that accumulate bio-chemicals after many years of straining and stretching. The accumulated pressure limits the essential nutrients that flow to the back organs. As a result, the muscles become weak to a point where they cannot handle normal muscular movements. The eight exercises will expel the pain and prevent its re-occurrence.

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Who is Ian Hart back pain coach?

Ian Hart is the man behind the Back Pain Relief Coach program. Hart is a certified strength and conditioning expert. In fact, he worked as a sporting coach and basketball player before developing the program. Now you might ask,why did he create the program?

Ian Hart created the Back Pain Relief Coach program after suffering from back issues for over one decade. He posted his life-changing story along with the therapy that helped him recover on his website.

In the life-changing story, Ian Hart reveals that he had tried many medical techniques such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and yoga. Nevertheless, he abandoned the management methods after his doctors suggested surgery. Fortunately, he met Bojan, a man who changed his life. Ian Hart claims that the Serbian national guided him through back pain-alleviating procedures. After recovering, he decided to help people who suffered similar problems. That is the key reason he created the My Back Pain Coach program.

In the story, Ian Hart also states that Bojan held an Exercise Science degree and he was part of the Serbian Soccer National Team coaching staff. Ian Hart borrowed heavily from his understanding of pain processes. Just like Ian Hart, Boyan had a goal of helping people live a pain-free life.

How does My Back Pain Coach Program work?

The program borrows from Boyan’s understanding of human anatomy. Ian Hart shares eight body movements that will restore balance to your muscles. Each of the eight exercises will take around eight minutes and all you need to do is a pillow/towel and a chair. Further, you do not require the help of a medical practitioner to benefit.

The first exercise stimulates all the affected and imbalanced muscles. It prepares all the dormant parts for relaxation and pain relief. The second and third workout relieves the tension, which is the main cause of the painful sensations. They do that by forcing out the old tissues and blood. The fourth stretches allow new blood, oxygen, and nutrients to flow into the areas. That allows the relaxed muscles to generate new energy.

After the fifth workout, your body will start demanding more air. That will force you to exhale deeply and the balance will start taking a toll on your body. The sixth exercise will restore your spine to its original position. You will not feel any pain during the process.

The seventh and eighth exercises habituate the back organs to take the new pain-free positions. As already stated, the procedures are easy to execute. You do not need any expensive equipment to benefit.

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A Summary of the 8 Movements the Program Recommends

As we have stated above, Ian Hart recommends 8 movements to alleviate back pain. The movements are less effective when executed individually. So, you have to do all of them during each session. Here are the movements.

–          First movement: Activating the Imbalanced Muscles

This is the first movement of the My Back Pain Relief Coach program. It will activate your imbalanced muscles, which are the main cause of back pain.

–          Second Movement: Activate Hip Muscles

This exercise will activate your dormant hip muscles. So, you will have to push hard to activate every imbalanced back muscle.

–          Third Movement: Improve the Blood Flow

Ian Hart designed this movement to improve the blood flow and circulation in your back muscles. That will increase the power and improve the lower back movement.

–          Fourth Movement: Curing Your Lower Back

The fourth movement is similar to the third one. This movement will increase the amount of fresh blood in your lower back for better results. You will experience more warmth and power around the muscles.

–          Fifth Movement: Decompression of Lower Back Muscles

The fifth movement decompresses and decreases the pressure on your lower back muscles. This movement provides instant results.

–          Sixth Movement: Restoring the Alignment

At this stage, your muscles will be healthier and the pain will have reduced. The movement in this stage aligns the muscles surrounding the spine.

–          Seventh Movement: Pulling Back, Spine, and Hips into Natural Position

At this stage, your hips, back and spine muscles will have returned to their natural position. That will make you feel more satisfied.

–          Eighth Movement: Restoring the Blood Flow to Your Spine Discs

This is the last step. While it is hard to perform, it is more rewarding. It increases the flow of enriched blood to your spinal discs. The result is complete recovery from back pain.

The movements might look very simple and easy. However, they are effective. You have to try all of them to alleviate your back pain.

Key Features of this Program

The program has three key features. Here are the features.

–           One-on-One Video Coaching

This is important for your success. The program is not limited to a few recorded videos because everyone has unique needs. You can easily reach the author through his email if a need arises.

After sending an email, Ian Hart or a member of his team will reply to your question. That means you will get customized solutions to your back pain issues. Further, you can contact them at any time of the day.

–          8 Amazing Exercises

The program offers a set of eight exercises. Each exercise is designed to target the affected areas of your back and solve the imbalances. People who cannot follow the videos can use the written manual, which is available with the program. The written manual has pictures and all the instructions you need to do each exercise.

–           Nine Video Tutorials

The author offers nine tutorial videos. He uses the videos to share the ideas and principles that are behind the eight exercises. In addition to the principles and ideas, he shares important tricks and tips that you need to keep the back pain away. For example, he shares the mistakes most patients suffering from back pain do when exercising. Each video takes 30 minutes.

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Pros and Cons

The program has its benefits and problems. Here are the pros and cons.


  • The program offers 3 Life Core videos that will guide you through the whole process. All exercises are easy to follow and the author demonstrates them. You just need to follow along.
  • This program takes a little time. You only need 16 minutes per day to complete the workouts. In other words, it will not affect your daily work schedule.
  • Apart from alleviating your back pain, the program improves your mobility. It will also improve the structural alignment of your body and prevent problems associated with sitting for extended periods.
  • The program is designed for all people, including those without back problems. If you have a desk job that requires you to stay hunched over a computer screen for several hours, the program will be helpful. Actually, sitting disease is a real problem. The exercises in this program will prevent potential back pains.
  • The program does not require any surgery or medication. It recommends natural methods and teaches you to train your body so that it can correct muscle imbalances.
  • It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. That means you can demand a full refund if the back pain does not resolve within two months.
  • Still, the program has 3 bonuses. They include Free One-on-One Coaching, The “Begin Your Day” Video Program, and 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions for Back Pain Relief.


  • The recommended exercises may not resolve all types of back pain. If you are suffering from any spinal problems such as degenerative spondylolisthesis or compression fractures, you will need surgery or professional medical treatment. The workouts will not help you.
  • You have to be consistent. The program does not require a lot of time but you have to spend at least 16 minutes per day to get results.
  • The program is only available online. You need a debit card or credit card to buy it.

The Price

The program will cost you $67. There are no recurring monthly charges, which can add up to a huge amount. After paying the money, you will access the entire program. Further, the author offers 60 days money-back guarantee. If you need any of the offered upsells, you have to pay more.

Is My Back Pain Relief Coach Worth Buying?

If you are suffering from chronic back pain or neck pain, the program is worth buying. The program does not recommend any unnecessary exercises and every video is to the point. All you need to do is follow all the exercises and instructions to get immediate results.

The biggest benefit of the program is that it will correct your body alignment. So, apart from alleviating back pain, it will solve all muscle-related problems. Further, it will regulate the blood flow. Irregular blood flow is a known cause of back-related problems.

After the exercises activate your imbalanced muscles, fresh blood can flow properly. You will feel more relaxed and ready to work. Even more, the workouts will position your hip muscles properly to keep your back in the right position. This is more important in the treatment of back pain.

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Q: Is My Back Pain Relief Coach a Scam?

A: No. My Back Pain Relief Coach is not a scam. Many video testimonials on the site prove it is not a scam. Even more, Ian Hart shows you how to exercise without injuring yourself or causing more pain. The program will improve your flexibility and mobility.


Q: Will I have to Pay Any Monthly Fees to Access the Program?

A: People avoid online-based programs due to recurring monthly charges. However, My Back Pain Relief Coach requires paying a single fee for the access. There are no recurring monthly charges. Apart from paying the $67, you will access everything that Ian Hart offers. Still, you can buy the upsells, which offer more benefits. The program has no hidden costs.

Q: Will the Program Help Me Avoid Surgery?

A: If your doctor has recommended surgery, you should consult him/her before trying the workouts. The program is designed to correct the muscle imbalance and counter any negative consequences. One of the reasons the program is effective is that back pain is rarely a result of serious issues. It is usually a result of simple mechanics. Therefore, a program that restores proper body mechanics will relieve the pain. My Back Pain Relief Coach has helped many people.

Q: Does Ian Hart Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

A: Ian Hart offers a 60 days money-back guarantee. So, if the program does not offer any results within 60 days, you can demand your money back. However, you are unlikely to do that because the program is effective.

Q: Can I Download All Lessons?

A: All tutorial videos and exercises are available on the official website upon payment. The program is affordable for everyone.


My Back Pain Coach will alleviate your back pain within a few days. The best thing about the program is that it does not require you to invest in any expensive equipment. Furthermore, the creator has tried every exercise and proved it to work. It is available in video form, meaning that you will find each exercise easy to follow. You only need 16 minutes per day to do the workouts.

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