Top 10 alternatives to GeekTV in 2021

What is Geek TV

Not so long ago, Geek TV became one of the most popular streaming site for movies and TV shoes. For one thing it is completely free (and not so legal…) and it offered a huge catalog, which attracted a lot of users. They updated their content very regularly and you could find all the most popular and recent TV shows.
Like most of the successful free streaming sites, it didn’t require any registration or personal information and it didn’t charge for its service. It had a simple User Interface with all the classic features we are now used to: content divided in categories, pictures for every movie and show, a powerful search bar, etc. More at RusVPN blog.

One nice feature was the possibility to adjust the streaming quality of the video, which is a pretty rare option nowadays.

Geek TV not working?

Unfortunately it seems like Geek TV is not working anymore. It has been fully shutdown and nobody has access to its amazing Geek TV online catalog. The Geek TV website doesn’t work anymore and there aren’t any mirror sites. But if you are truly missing all the Geek TV movies and Geek TV shows, don’t worry we have a list of sites like Geek TV just for you. So read on and find out what are favorite Geek TV alternatives are.
Of course, remember that a lot of these free sites still need to run ads to maintain their servers. Some of them might have abusive ads or pop-ups however, and you might want to use an ad-blocker to be safe.

GeekTV alternatives


123 Movies has been around for a while and has one of the most impressive catalog of any streaming site out there. While the main site was shutdown, there are still several good mirror sites that function such as and It has become a household name in the world of free streaming so it makes sense for it to be our #1 pick. There are very few ads or popups and it works just like it should : free TV shows and movies, easily searchable.
Key features:

  • All the latest content;
  • Biggest TV show catalog there is;
  • Straightforward, Classic User Interface;
  • No account or registration needed.


Putlockers is a household name with many mirror sites. That’s the only downside of having such a popular name: it’s sometimes hard to know which site is the real one and which ones are fake or filled with ads. Thankfully we have you covered so you can enjoy all the TV shows and movies it has to offer. It has quite a few HD videos available, which we appreciated.
Key features:

  • Impressive catalog – American content mostly;
  • All the movies genres you can think of;
  • HD catalog;
  • No account or registration needed.


This is one of the nicest looking free streaming website. We absolutely love the UI and think you will too. They make it easy to find what you are looking for thanks to their many filters. They have a huge collection and many of the latest shows and movies.
Key features:

  • Beautiful interface – clean and simple;
  • Powerful filter;
  • No account or registration needed.


This a great alternative to Geek TV and definitely one of our go-to sites. They have a very powerful search function where you see the results as we type. As a result this is one of the fastest website to access content. It takes only a few seconds and a couple clicks before you can start enjoying your favorite content.
Key features:

  • Very powerful search box;
  • Mode website with convenient dropdowns;
  • No account or registration needed.

OpenLoad Free TV

What this site lacks in esthetics, it makes up with its extensive catalog. This is far from our favorite UI and it feels quite outdated in some ways, but if you are willing to look past that, then you are in for a treat. They have almost everything you can wish to watch and in very good quality. What else do you need?
Key features:

  • A very thorough catalog;
  • Almost no broken sources/videos;
  • No account or registration needed.

Time to watch

In a lot of ways, this free streaming site should be higher on the list. It has a clean and easy to navigate interface, a great catalog, no ads whatsoever and advanced security. While it takes a few clicks to get to your content, that’s because they implemented have a nice security feature that redirects you to a secure link. And you have the option to both stream and download the file!
Key features:

  • No ads or popups;
  • Both download and streaming options;
  • Multilingual;
  • Almost no broken sources/videos;
  • No account or registration needed.

Popcorn Flix

This is a solid alternative to Geek TV. It offers a nice, image-oriented interface and HD videos. The only problem is that its catalog is somewhat limited. It doesn’t include most of the American TV shows or blockbusters. But hey, it’s free and it might be the opportunity to discover something new while browsing.
Key features:

  • Solid search, filtering and categories features;
  • Ads are short;
  • Nice and simple media player;
  • No account or registration needed.

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