CEO Jason Wood About to Launch Specificity Inc.

Jason Wood is an energetic man who is driven to succeed in his field. His many years of experience in digital marketing are quickly recognized when you meet him. His passion for the digital marketing field and ambitious nature come from his foundational roots of discipline he learned in his academic years.

Jason Wood earned a full athletic scholarship and has always pushed himself to succeed since his college days. His years of employment were highlighted with top sales awards and Jason’s businesses have benefited from his drive.

Jason Wood Takes Digital Marketing Serious

With Jason Woods’ company Specificity Inc, Jason is bringing “intensely focused” marketing to businesses large and small. His dynamic strategies have helped his many clients get lasting results. Jason Wood likes to develop digital marketing strategies customized for his client’s specific needs. Since he has many years of experience running other businesses, Jason is sure to have honed his skills that will ensure his latest endeavors are as successful as his past experiences.

A digital marketing campaign needs to be effective and have key elements to be successful in the long run. Jason Wood has learned and evolved with this type of sales format, staying current with trends as the internet and digital spaces have become more and more integral to businesses.

Using advanced audience targeting techniques and well-planned marketing strategies, Specificity Inc. seeks to bring clients streamlined solutions to expanding their businesses. Utilizing years of experience and working with skilled partners, Jason Wood is elevating digital marketing to meet the demands of changing business environments. Precision targeting is core to increasing sales and visibility in marketing and Specificity Inc., with Jason at the helm, looks to be making a solid foundation that all sizes and types of businesses can benefit from. Using all the tools of marketing and forming a successful campaign will go a long way to help businesses grow their customer base.

Top of the Pack in Sales

Jason Wood has consistently been number one in sales in all of his previous places of employment and that tenacious drive has shown up in the marketing businesses he has operated throughout the years. After 20 years in marketing and sales, Jason Wood is a seasoned professional who makes sure his clients benefit from his services. Jason seeks to develop a long-term relationship to continue to help his clients grow their businesses in the future.


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