BuildStore – The Alternative App Store for IOS Apps

An Overview:

BuildStore is an alternative app store that makes it possible for iPad and iPhone users to install tweaked versions of their most wanted apps without any jailbreak. In this article, we take a full look at the BuildStore service and open you that what it has to offer.

Prior to some early years ago if you wanted to install a tweaked or custom app on your iPhone or iPad you had to go through a certain jailbreak route. The problem with this jailbreaking iOS is that in this day and age jailbreaks are hard to come by and if you have a recently released device such as an iPhone 12, you might have to wait for some months before a jailbreak is available for your device early.

Is BuildStore Safe To Use?

That is where BuildStore comes in. It is an easy as well as a safe alternative to the App Store that gives users access to custom or tweaked versions of their favorite apps. By using this you can install the modified iOS apps without any jailbreak. Along with the tweaked apps, you can also search games that are no longer available on the common App Store, emulators to play some classic games, and more.

The Best Thing About The BuildStore:

The best thing about using the BuildStore is that it is super easy to set up and use, and it does not have need of much technical knowledge or complicated installation processes to run it. BuildStore uses the method of configuration profile to share out apps to their users. Once you have installed the profile on your iOS device you can then use search to access the BuildStore website and install your preferred tweaked apps.

How Can You Run BuildStore On Your Device?

As we tell you before the getting up and running of BuildStore on your device is very simple and you can do so in just few simple steps which are described below. Prior to starting this, make sure that you exit the Private Mode as the given guidelines will not work in Private Mode.

  1. Open the io website on your device iPhone or iPad.
  2. Once you are on the website, then signup by creating an account.
  3. After that select a plan and pay for it.
  4. Once you have got a plan you will be able to install a profile on your device (tap on the Install Profile button).
  5. Now a specific profile will be downloaded on your device instantly and open the Settings app.
  6. On top of the Settings app, you will find the Profile Downloaded option and then tap on it after that install the profile on your device. You will need to enter your passcode of the device to continue. And it’s done!

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