James Paterek Provides Tips for Marketing Small Businesses Effectively

James Paterek is one of the best-known business people in his field for a reason: he gets results. And his marketing methods have become just as prominent as his name, as they help small businesses compete and avoid spending too much money. James L. Paterek has utilized these steps with his many companies, integrating them into a smooth and efficient marketing machine that maximizes success. 

James Paterek Says to Utilize Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the primary option for small businesses, James Paterek says, because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other choices. For instance, businesses that try to succeed with just television or radio marketing quickly find that these options are not realistic for small companies. James Paterek says it is vital to make your marketing dollar truly matter in this situation. 

Therefore, James Paterek suggests focusing on blogs, websites, high-quality keyword selection, service pages, great landing pages, and many other marketing elements to stand out compared to other companies. Though James Paterek knows that this method may not seem immediately effective, James L. Paterek emphasizes that it can be powerful beyond your wildest dreams if appropriately used.

James L. Paterek Suggests Word-of-Mouth Marketing 

Through word-of-mouth marketing may seem too old-school, James Paterek believes it is one of the best ways to market your company. That’s because people believe their friends and family members when they are told information about a business. As a result, James L. Paterek suggests putting all of your companies online to make it easier for your customers to read reviews about them. 

And while James Paterek knows that a bad review can be frustrating, he also understands that you can turn this to your advantage. Reach out to the customer who gives a bad review, comment on their status, and address their situation. By taking 20 minutes to work with the customer, James Paterek believes you can not only change their mind but show others that you care about their time and money. 

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Lastly, James Paterek emphasizes using social media to stand out among your customers. These profiles are usually free to create – which is great for a starting small company – but allow you to buy ads to spread your name throughout the site. Social media algorithms will carefully target people who have searched for services like yours, James Paterek says, for maximum marketing efficiency.

That said, James Paterek also knows that social media marketing must be done smoothly and efficiently. You can’t just bombard your potential customers with ads and posts, James L. Paterek says, or they will quickly become annoyed with you. Instead, you need to post about sales, new deals, and other factors that make your company stand out and which will intrigue as many people as possible.


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