One year of battling COVID 19, business is still booming with Vuuzle Media Corp amidst pandemic

At this time when many companies switched working remotely, operating at limited capacity or shut down completely, it may seem like there are few, if any, opportunities to achieve business growth.

Despite these setbacks, Vuuzle Media Corp makes the most of the current circumstances and continue growing your business during the COVID-19 pandemic. But how did VMC managed to rise amidst COVID-19?

Vuuzle Media Corp founder Ronnie Flynn has focused on WORKFORCE SUPERVISION to ensure the company will still be on track despite the global pandemic.

“It’s not the chip or the circuit board that makes things work. It is all the fine details and the people that keep technology growing and moving.” – Ronnie Flynn

Ronnie Flynn believes that the company’s heart maintains its pace through its employees. Managing an international company is no joke, one has to incorporate government laws to company policies, without being unfair to its offices in different areas across the world.

Here are also some factors the Vuuzle Media Corp has considered in focusing WORKFORCE SUPERVISION:


“The biggest factor that brought success to Vuuzle, is the awesome people involved. These people have made the biggest difference for the growth of the company.” – Ronnie Flynn

The very first priority of a company during a pandemic should be the safety and well-being of its workforce. Employees are unable to focus on work responsibilities when their well-being and family are in peril. Ronnie Flynn has provided shuttle services for employees that will be used from their homes straight to the office. He also makes sure to help sick employees financially and boost their emotional health by reaching out to them. Further, strict health protocols are implemented within offices to avoid the spread of the disease.


Having a sense of job significance is crucial in job satisfaction. When leaders regularly share the vision and direction of your company with the staff, they’ll feel energized and passionate. Day-to-day responsibilities can feel like a grind, but a team that knows the purpose and big vision of their department and of the company overall is able to power through and succeed at a high levelVuuzle teams have one goal in their hearts: to deliver the new era of entertainment.


Having employees should be a win-win for both parties – while getting the benefit from their work, their jobs should also bring them closer to their professional goals. Vuuzle’s employees get the proper credit, and appreciation they deserve. Because of the fuel that pushes them to work, their outputs are always excellent.


“We were in trouble and the world was in trouble. I was not about to let what we worked so hard for fall apart. I told the team all ahead full don’t stop we will get through this no matter what.”- Ronnie Flynn

Nothing discourages employees more than feeling like they’re being lied to or kept out of important business discussions. Owners and managers should communicate consistently and constantly about important changes in the company or work structure. This will help employees feel secure in their positions and keep them committed to the company and their jobs. Founder Ronnie Flynn always see to it that transparency should be a virtue within the company. Disputes are settled within teams, and the assurance of having to solve these together is always there.


Vuuzle empowers content partners to go live and direct to ad break seamlessly. With Vuuzle’s new enhancements through Verizon Media Platform, they’re paving the way for content partners to self-manage and schedule content. As a result, earlier this year, VMC just won Verizon Media’s 3rd annual brand-blazer award for innovation.

(To learn more about this award, click HERE)

To learn more about the brand blazer award, watch the video below:


Another milestone of VMC happened when Vuuzle Studios Dubai held its grand launch and premiered to kick off the media industry. The studios went beyond normal standards. It merged productivity, innovation, and comfort, into one and became a masterpiece itself.

To have quick look at Vuuzle Studios, click HERE

To have a virtual tour at Vuuzle Studios, watch the video below

Written by Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer and Public Relations Specialist

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