If you are anything like us, you may be unaware of Portable Recreational oxygen, commonly known as Canned oxygen, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Upon first hearing about this portable oxygen canister and its rise in demand, we had this misconception that they are only used for medical purposes by professionals, but we stand corrected as we researched about it. Portable Recreational oxygen is something many people use irrespective of their profession or skillset for various reasons.

If you are interested in knowing what these oxygen cans are, the good, the bad, and their rise in demand, this article is for you.

What is Portable Recreational Oxygen

Portable oxygen is essentially is filtered pure oxygen compressed in a bottle for easy access to fresh air. The intend of using Canned oxygen is to increase energy level, concentration levels, improve stamina, sleep, hangovers and help relieve any type of physical or mental stress. Globally canned oxygen is used by athletes, avid gym-ers and exercisers. Hikers also use canned oxygen to get an energy boost and because of the low oxygen levels and higher altitudes. And most recently yet drastically by aging population as a mean on muscle recovery and dementia treatments. Following are the reasons why they are preferred over other energy booster options;

  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Easily accessed
  • Easy to use and carry
  • The cans
  • The amount of oxygen in these cans is limited, which prevents people from overdosing, making it a safe, reliable option for instant use.
  • Better and safer than most supplements, drugs, and treatments
  • FDA approved

Just to clarify, Recreational oxygen is not a medical product and can not necessarily replace medical oxygen in the long run; since it doesn’t require a prescription, it is not considered a drug or medicine.

Who can used Canned Oxygen

As mentioned earlier, athletes mostly used portable recreational oxygen to relieve pain, stress, boost energy and stamina athletes as supplements. Professional athletes and sport/gym enthusiasts are usually seen using portable recreational oxygen, they control their dosage intake by themselves as it’s safe and possess no harm.

Other than athletes they are commonly used by actors and singers, to rejuvenate themselves as it helps to improve vocal quality, energy levels and skin tone.

Business people too are specific for their jetlegs or before an important function, meeting, performance. It can also be used to enhance an individual’s overall performance due to its feature of stimulating endorphins and boosting energy.

Other than that, it is used by avid hikers and travellers as well due to the lack of oxygen on higher altitudes. Similarly, a lot of air travellers used this product nowadays because of the lack of oxygen on higher altitudes, and the oxygen cylinders used on planes for an emergency are not adequate enough to help the passengers. And due to the absence of proper oxygen, health can be at risk; it has been researched that lack of oxygen can disrupt the levels in the blood, which can lead to blood clotting, and may foster a risk of the deep vein.

Mostly recently, portable recreational oxygen has grown popular amongst the elderly especially amongst those who are dealing with dementia and other debilitating conditions. Using canned oxygen as a treatment process improves their quality of life drastically and rejuvenates them holistically. It is also used in treating the frailties of aging, it is often used to maintain oxygen flow in the brain to keep it strong, healthy and its functionality.

Moreover, this product helps with mood swings too, and it is perfect for treating hangovers. But either way, if you’re not physically or mentally exerting your body or are on higher altitudes, you don’t necessarily require this product.

Those who are using it but don’t feel to be gaining any benefits stated above because either your body oxygen levels were already optimal or you’re not inhaling it properly.

All in all, there is no denying that Portable recreational oxygen promotes a healthy mobile lifestyle irrespective to the age or gender and allowing individuals to life their life to the fullest while doing exceptionally well.

Is Portable recreational oxygen safe?

We were also were inquisitive about this, a product that is FDA approved is used by many and offers exceptional benefits, can it have any side effects. The answer is ‘NO’; canned oxygen poses no risks to anyone; oxygen is necessary for humans to survive and having filtered pure oxygen is even better. However, they can rarely be harmful if they can come in or the pipe used is not clean. Other than that, more the merrier is not the case for this product; using too much oxygen can be hazardous but don’t worry, it can be toxic if you used it for 16 hours straight.

Moreover, it is safe to use for everyone irrespective of their age, but it is advised to have supervision when children or very old individuals are consuming it. And for those who have heart or lung or any other medical conditions, they are advised to consult with their doctor first to know about the dosage. Other than that, we see no harm in using portable recreational oxygen.


Though the times have changed but travelling hasnt, physical and mental exertion continues, but what’s good is that we have a solution to deal with all of the issues that these activities and situation posses with Portable Recreation Oxygen.

Using this product made our lives so much better in ways we cannot even define, and we highly urge e to try it for yourself to see the instant change it brings. Join the bandwagon we would say, this product is safe, has so many benefits and is inexpensive; what can you ask for an energy booster.

We have tried various canned oxygen but find E Trendz portable recreational oxygen the best; it performs well and is easy to carry, and comes without leaving your home, and that too at an affordable price point.

We highly recommend Portable Recreational Oxygen, and trust us; you will too!

Hafiz Sarmad