Gary Saitowitz promotes tips to save your salon industry during COVID-19 pandemic

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has been under lockdown. People are not allowed to step out of the houses unless there is an emergency. The government has given orders for shutting down all non-essential services. Therefore, beauty parlors and salon services have been closed down, thereby affecting the business. Within norms of social distancing, it is challenging to provide beauty services to clients. Since personal interaction is a crucial part of salon studios, rendering service, such as manicure and massage, is difficult without contact.

If you are one of those who are anxious about the impact of covid-19 on your salon business, it is time to chalk out a plan for such critical times. With the removal of government restrictions, wellness centers, spas, and beauty studios face challenges during adverse situations.

Gary Saitowitz points out few strategies you can employ to support your businesses

You must keep these points in mind.

Avoid needless contact

You can make your beauty parlor a comfort zone for your clients; it is essential to maintain a distance unless the situation is unavoidable. There is a dire need for safety for your clients as well as the working team. Therefore, you must take a few measures to reduce the rate of risk. One of the strategies is to do away with the waiting room during the outbreak of the virus. Allow your clients to check in virtually so that there is no waiting outside the studio. Give priority to contactless payment to ensure the safety of your customers as well as your personal. Restrict customers to wait at the front desk for any extra work by training your staff to check them out soon after service.

Encourage prior booking

The outbreak of the virus may result in the loss of customers for many wellness and beauty centers. Therefore, it is sensible to contact your loyal clients and encourage them to book their service in advance. Maintain a register for appointments and utilize the pre-booking facility to maintain the safety of the workplace.

Online sales to the rescue

Some salons and beauty parlors sell a variety of products to their clients. When the government has issued lockdown orders, your parlor’s business can take respite in the online business. Loyal customers who are satisfied with your service and use your products will order from your online store. Take orders for shampoos, oil, and massage creams and provide contact list delivery to maintain everyone’s safety. Keep in touch with your regular customers and ask them if they require your products.

Work over your cancellation charge

Many clients hesitate to book an appointment due to the fear of cancellation charges. Although, charging a cancellation fee is crucial during normal business operations. However, during such trying times, you must ensure your clients that their cancellation is free of charge if they feel sick. Therefore, customers who cannot make it for the appointment can easily postpone their consultation.

Maintain hygiene of the studio

All the beauty parlors in studios are regularly cleaned, specifically during such an unprecedented situation. However, it is crucial to consider disinfecting the place and the tools to put your customers at ease. You can also post a video of the sanitization and cleaning of your centers on social media handles. Thus, do ensure the satisfaction of your prestigious customers, suggests Gary Saitowitz.



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