Autaphagene Review – Does Golden After 50 Weight Loss Supplement Works?

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The number of obese people is increasing alarmingly, and it is important to control this to prevent diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, artery-clogging, etc. Following diet plans and exercising does not help in losing weight. To make the work easy, there are many supplements available in the market. The one that is making a difference in the lives of obese people is Autaphagene. It contains all-natural ingredients and targets the root causes of obesity to increase the rate of fat burning. The powerful constituents of this metabolic support supplement remove the waste materials from the body, cleanse the metabolic system, and improve its functioning. It stabilizes blood sugar levels and makes the person energetic throughout the day.


About Autaphagene

Autaphagene is a dietary supplement that boosts the metabolic system and improves its functioning by removing the dysfunctional cells by the process of autophagy. It also flushes away the accumulated fat that may cause deadly diseases. This supplement helps to improve the metabolism of people of all ages, including the aged. It helps in doubling the rate of fat melting to produce energy. It even eliminates the weakness and fatigue caused by fat loss by providing more energy. Autaphagene helps reduce weight in a short duration of time, and the weight loss in three weeks maybe around 15 pounds. It also improves heart health, controls diabetes, hypertension and reduces the risks of a heart attack. This supplement also improves immunity and reduces the risk of cancer.


The ingredients mixed to make Autaphagene are all derived from organic sources. This is retrieved from a Greek Island secret mix with proven benefits and used from ancient times. This special formulation helps in reducing obesity and improves the natural metabolic process of the body.

Ginger Extract

Ginger provides the supplement with anti-obesity effects. It kick-starts the process of autophagy or removal of dysfunctional and old cells from the body. This stabilizes the glucagon resistance and stabilizes the blood sugar levels.


Coffee is a strong antioxidant that enhances the metabolic system and melts fat to give out energy. This also improves cellular functions by enhancing the process of autophagy in the body. It also suppresses hunger and gives an increase in energy.


This is a strong antioxidant that possesses the power to eliminate the cancer cells from the body. It eradicates the dead cells that interfere with normal body functions by the process of autophagy. It also decreases systemic inflammation and keeps the user pain-free.

Chaga and Reishi

These are beneficial mushrooms that induce the process of autophagy. It also reduces the fat content in the liver and boosts the process of fat burning.


This special ingredient helps in natural fat burning and controls hunger. It is a super-immune booster that reduces the chances of any infections, enhances the complexion, and combats cancer cells.

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How Does Autaphagene Work?

When a human starts aging, the cells degenerate, and the rate of metabolism also starts to reduce. This causes fat accumulation and high blood sugar. Autaphagene dissolves very fast into the bloodstream and induces the process of autophagy. Autophagy is the natural process of removal of old and dysfunctional body cells as waste. These dead and non-functional cells hamper the process of natural fat burning and cause obesity. This metabolism support supplement contains ingredients that remain in the body throughout the day so that the body can burn fat even while sleeping.

The slow metabolism due to the dysfunctional and dead cells causes a rise in glucagon levels. This halts the weight loss process and increases blood sugar levels. It also stops the processes of new cell formation in the body’s metabolic system and stops fat-burning. This supplement normalizes the glucagon levels in the blood, thereby enhancing fat metabolism and lowering blood sugar.

How to Use Autaphagene?

It is recommended to take two capsules daily with a glass of water with breakfast to induce autophagy. Autaphagene capsules must be taken regularly without missing any dose so that the process of weight loss continues. 

Is it Safe to use Autaphagene?

This is a dietary supplement that contains all organic ingredients. The company ensures that the natural extracts used are all from non-GMO plants. It does not contain any toxins or chemicals and is safe for use. People of all ages can take this supplement for effective weight loss.

Is Autaphagene Addictive?

Autaphagene does not contain any banned chemicals or mood-altering ingredients. So, it is not addictive.

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Benefits of Autaphagene

  • Autaphagene starts the process of autophagy and reduces the excess fat from the body.
  • It controls blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • It suppresses unnatural hunger and helps maintain a normal diet regime.
  • It helps attain a healthy and slim body without any heavy workouts or rigorous dieting.
  • It halts artery damage and enhances cardio health.
  • The supplement eradicates anxiety and depression.
  • It has all-natural ingredients and is non-addictive and safe.
  • It allows the users to have their favorite foods and still lose weight.
  • It induces fat burning to produce energy so the body’s energy levels are enhanced. The user is active throughout the day.
  • It renews the cells in the human body and decreases inflammation and pain.
  • The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Purchase & Price

Autaphagene is available for sale only on the manufacturer’s website. The company offers three packages for sale on the website which are Basic (1-bottle pack), Standard (3-bottles pack), and Best Seller (6-bottles pack). The prices of these packages are:

  • Basic (1-bottle pack): One bottle that originally costs $78.95 is available at $59 plus $19.95 for shipping.
  • Standard (3-bottles pack): The cost of the Standard pack is $147 and the price per bottle is $49. The company ships this pack free of cost.
  • Best Seller (6-bottles pack): The cost of this pack is $234 and the company ships this pack for free. This is the most popular pack and the rate per bottle is $39.

The company is presently giving away a limited number of discount vouchers for an additional 10% discount. If the buyer avails of the discount voucher, the prices of the above three packages would be reduced to $53 (Basic pack), $44 (Standard pack), and $35 (Best Seller pack).  

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company protects the buyers with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means a refund can be claimed if any person is not satisfied with the results after taking Autaphagene. The company refunds 100% of the price even after using a full bottle. To claim this refund, the buyer has to inform the company by phone or email. Then the bottles, full or empty, should be returned to the company’s address. After receipt of the returned bottles, the company issues a refund. It only deducts the shipping and handling charges.



Do the Autaphagene pills work for everyone? 

Yes, the supplement works effectively for everyone. A consumer can lose up to 10 pounds of weight in a week or so. The supplement will enhance the fat-burning process as well as improve the overall energy and stamina of the human body. The results are visible in just 7 days. After the user sees the supplement’s effects, the user would be assured that the supplement is working.

Can the Autaphagene be purchased from a place other than their website? 

No, the supplement cannot be purchased from a place other than their official and authentic website. Other stores or websites may provide the user with high-priced products or fake products. So, it is recommended to buy the supplement from the company’s official webpage.

Are there any side effects of Autaphagene? 

No, Autaphagene has no side effects. It consists of all-organic ingredients. The manufacturers have not used any toxic chemicals for enhancing the taste nor any banned substances in this supplement. It is manufactured in America in a sterile manufacturing facility. So, it is safe to consume. Still, people with complicated medical conditions, pregnant women, or nursing mothers may contact a medical practitioner before using this supplement.

Will Autaphagene help in superfast weight loss?  

No. This supplement is a natural product that enhances bodily functions from the inside. It induces autophagy and the person loses weight slowly but surely. Also, the supplement may take different times to show its effects on different persons. According to the company and user feedback, this supplement shows its effects within one to three weeks of regular use. And if anyone notices very fast weight loss, the company suggests reducing the dosage to alternate days instead of daily.

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Autaphagene acts from the inside and starts the process of autophagy in the body to improve cellular functions, including fat burning. Due to aging, the process of autophagy slows down and may even come to a halt. This is when fat burning stops. Fat cells multiply and get accumulated, causing an unnatural increase in body weight. Even diet control or workouts in the gym cannot control this type of weight gain. The metabolism support supplement, Autaphagene, supports autophagy and the user can lose weight easily. It also provides an increased energy level, improves cognitive abilities, prevents the onset of diabetes and cancer.


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