10 Best Professional Google Slides Templates and Themes for 2021

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Designing a presentation that will captivate your audience, communicate with them, and drive your message home with clarity is not easy. You need a lot of resources and time to craft a half-decent presentation that does the job.

But no need to get your knickers in a twist! With the right templates and framework, you will be able to create impressive presentations in the minimum possible time.

Take Google Slides for instance. The cloud-based framework is the perfect choice for making presentations in 2021. This blog will equip you with free Google slide themes to please your audience. These free templates and themes will assist you in sharing your ideas and projects with panache. Therefore, download them to deliver a power-packed presentation to impress your viewers. Just scroll down and check them out.

1.    Digital Marketing Training Three Months Roadmap

Employ our professionally-designed Google PowerPoint theme to discuss the basic concepts    of digital marketing training. Our Google slides themes are completely editable and user-friendly. Highlight the topics of training like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, etc. with these easy-to-use free Google slide themes.

2. Google Analytics Dashboard For User Tracking Ppt Example File

Download our ready-to-use Google PowerPoint themes to showcase a dashboard that measures actual and targeted users’ page views, bounce rate, traffic channels goals, audience metrics, average time on site, etc. Our free Google slides themes provide you with a multitude of tools to present your research process in a straightforward and concise manner. This analytics dashboard PowerPoint theme demonstrates how different metrics have evolved over time. It also allows you to identify correlations between their components.

3. PowerPoint Templates Training Online Education Chart Ppt Presentation

This modern and eye-catching Google slides template works well for high school and college students. By using this Google slides theme, the e-learning service provided by your educational institution can be effectively advertised. Through this engaging and interactive PowerPoint theme, the significance of education in nation-building can also be discussed effectively. Encourage students to opt for online education by explaining its benefits with the help of our pre-built Google slide presentation.

4. Timeline Ppt Presentation

If you want to reach a milestone or never miss an opportunity, event, or deadline again, it is an excellent choice to have a schedule or event timeline. Download our engaging timeline PowerPoint presentation themes to express your ideas explicitly.  Our timeline themes will assist you in making impressive PowerPoint timeline slides for marketing, business, startup, and faculty project presentations.

5. Email Marketing Dashboard Google Analytics Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Show Files

These PowerPoint themes will help you explore why analytics are critical to your email marketing strategy. You can employ these ready-to-use Google Slides templates to showcase the most informative metrics to measure. From clicks to subscriber details, you can monitor everything with this template.

6. Marketing Automation Ideas For Business Success

Utilize our aesthetically pleasing Google presentation themes to analyze your user behavior online. You can discuss the new software solutions for marketing automation by employing our ready-to-use Google Slides templates. Discuss the workflow of marketing automation which facilitates the cooperation between sales and marketing departments.

7. Transfer Funds Through Mobile Presentation Slides

These readily available presentation themes can be incorporated into any business field. Explain the significance of the digital smart era by using our presentation slides themes. This Google Slides template is very easy-to-use and 100% customizable. You can employ it in any presentation without any difficulty.

8. Influencer Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This template will assist you in producing optimum leads while presenting your brand strategy. Depict your business marketing skills using these pre-built and attention-grabbing themes. Download our free Google PowerPoint themes to describe your set goals such as customer loyalty, brand awareness, audience building, etc.

9. Individual Using Google Maps For Location Tracking

Visuals keep your audience engaged in your presentation. One way to employ visuals is by using Google maps that show the exact location and demographics. You can use our well-designed Google maps themes to highlight the presence of your company across the country and even across the globe. Simply choose a slide with the geography you require and update the details with our readymade and customizable Google Slide template.

10. Comparison Chart Design PowerPoint Graphics

You can employ this template to access your social media statistics. Utilize our pre-built Google Slides theme to showcase the most popular social networks. Depict the significance of each social media platform by using our compelling Google PowerPoint themes. This Google Slides theme is not only eye-catching but also enables you to compare, interpret and analyze your records efficiently.


So there you have it! Employ our stunning and professionally-designed themes to create beautiful presentations. Engage your audience with these eye-catching Google Slides themes. Leave a lasting impression by incorporating the free Google PowerPoint slides shown above.


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