Introducing The My$fit House with 26 Million Followers; The House We All Needed

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Boasting a combined following of 26 million across all platforms, with 24 million coming from TikTok, these creators are the top talent on social media. Our killer roster includes @ironsanctuary (5.8m followers), @haileeandkendra (4.8m followers) , @jenningsbrower (3.1m followers), @beerbongjohn (3.0m followers), @youthpastorryan (3.0m followers), @chunkyhustle (1.5m followers), @barrr_none, (1.8m followers) @peg_master2000 (1.1m followers). Los Angeles, CA, 2/25/2020: Your all-time favorite TikTok and social media stars from The Digital Renegades are teaming up to form the wildest, funniest, most outrageous house on social media. Best of all, it is a house where all walks of life can get along and more importantly, bring some cheer and make a difference.

The My$fit House is different from the traditional beachfront TikTok houses established in Beverly Hill and Malibu. Our creators come from all walks of life across the United States and will showcase life’s ups and downs with their signature hilarious, but oh-so-relatable flair. There’s content for everyone in the My$fit House, as everyone’s videos all cover such different topics!

Our talent’s background stories range from @ironsanctuary’s addiction recovery to @chunkyhustle’s 100-pound weight loss journey, to @haileeandkendra’s LGBTQ+ love story, to @jenningsbrower’s acting career. There’s something for everyone in the My$fit House, making this group so unique. Each member brings a totally fresh take on day-to-day life through their eyes, and they’re going to take you along for the ride!

Christina Brennan, the VP of Business Development, says “The My$fit House is by far the funniest and most relatable virtual house around. They are the first group to represent middle America, not just the coasts. From comedy to roasts, to love, and overcoming obstacles, The My$fit House is the house we all needed.”

Because of their likeability and strong engagement, brands have gravitated towards these creators with past partnerships including but not limited to Bumble, HBO, Bang, and more!

Everyone is welcome at The My$fit House, so get ready to share their incredible content with this amazing, ever-growing community on TikTok!

Meet the My$fits:

@ironsanctuary: Kevin, one of TikTok’s funniest creators, overcame a long struggle with drugs and alcohol, which he now uses as inspiration to others, proving to them that things can get better if you work hard enough.

@haileeandkendra: Hailee and Kendra are two of TikTok’s most versatile LBGTQ+ creators, creating new challenges and making hilarious content for their millions of viewers across social media while sharing their love story.

@jenningsbrower: Jennings grew up with a passion for comic books, and pursued his passion of becoming a Marvel superhero in a movie one day. He also turned to TikTok to show off his acting skills and humor, gaining more than 3 million followers.

@beerbongjohn: John, also known as Beer Bong John on social media creates content by telling hilarious, riveting and outrageous stories from his past when he truly embodied his catchy tag name. He’s all about adding humor to life experiences and giving advice to those going through similar situations.

@youthpastorryan: Ryan, known for his hilarious story-telling and stand-up comedy, shares hilarious content that includes lip-synching and photo sharing.  He has accumulated over 3 million followers across social media platforms.

@chunkyhustle: Kameron, otherwise known as Chunky Hustle, is one of the funniest characters on social media. The motivation behind his journey in front of the camera? To create content to inspire people to live a happier, healthier lifestyle all while making them laugh.

@barrr_none: Jake, a native of Colorado Springs, brings his funny stories and attitude to his nearly 2 million followers on social media. His videos are guaranteed to make anyone laugh.

@peg_master2000: Katherine, one of TikTok’s up-and-coming stars, posts funny lifestyle videos for her viewers and takes difficult situations, and places them into a funny perspective.

To work with The My$fit House, The Digital Renegades Team will focus on brand relationships, social media campaigns, and developing signature products. For more information on booking The My$fit House for virtual events, corporate engagements, media, or brand-related activities, contact Christina Brennan at

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