Encinitas Entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer, Launches MAIS Consulting to Help Clients Achieve Success

Encinitas Entreprene

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Southern Californian entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer, launched MAIS Consulting in July last year. As he has worked with both small businesses and large public companies, the professional has gathered a wealth of invaluable experience and honed his skill set. After selling Managed Benefits Services, a national leader in contracting and marketing, toward the start of 2020, he took the next leap in his illustrious career by founding the new group.

“Our ramp-up process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, improve margins, add consumers to your pipeline, and put you on a solid track to success and profit,” said MAIS Consulting Services founder Krishen Iyer, at the time. 

MAIS Consulting has a strong core focus, to help with contracting, marketing, company policies, and strategic growth. Utilizing Krishen Iyer’s experiences in the field, the expert team of advisors aim to share their insights and expertise with clients. More than merely consulting on new strategies, the team will be working alongside businesses. 

Tailored Business Services 

MAIS Consulting has a varied selection of services available for its clients. The comprehensive consultation group helps people find gaps in the market and identify opportunities. With the aim of helping businesses reach their potential, the team from MAIS Consulting work alongside their clients. The message here is simple: If your business doesn’t profit, neither does the group. 

Boasting almost two decades of insurance, marketing and TPA contracting, distribution and marketing experience, the team at MAIS Consulting are well-positioned to offer support and help along the way. Having the assistance of well-seasoned experts and professionals gives you an advantage over the competition. With that in mind, the core services that business owners can expect include: 

  • Marketing and advertising: Spread the word about your business. Armed with decades of experience in this field, the team members at MAIS Consulting help their clients accelerate their marketing activities. Offering both digital Marketing and company-specific strategies, the group covers all bases when promoting its clients.
  • Contracting solutions: With pooled insurance protection records for top industry contracts, MAIS Consulting has access to a variety of solutions here. The group can usually offer its clients more than going directly to the carrier. 
  • Company policies: Internal policies, such as the TCPA policy, internal practices and procedures, can make or break a business. However, ensuring that you get these documents right can often be a difficult feat. Fortunately enough, the experts at MAIS Consulting can help create these policies from start to finish. 
  • Company analysis: Getting results means ensuring that every cog in the machine is working well. The team at MAIS Consulting help businesses thrive by ensuring that entire companies work well together. By analysing the current system and helping professionals excel at every level, the group revamps any company. 

As you can see, the roster of services from MAIS Consulting is as varied as it is effective. Aside from the above solutions, the company also helps you grow your network. Regardless of the type of business you’re running, ensuring that you build solid relationships is essential. The expert team at MAIS Consulting knows that. When you work with the group, the experts will put you in front of the professionals you need to know. As you start to make valuable connections, expanding your business will surely follow. 

Lead by Entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer

At the helm of the business is Krishen Iyer, a born entrepreneur, and leader in his field. Having grown up in California, he graduated from Bullard High School in 1998. Soon after, he started a degree at San Diego State University where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and soon started his career working in insurance sales, creating traffic for affiliate Insurance distribution centers, and managing lead companies. 

Based on his knowledge and experience, the professional founded Managed Benefits Services, full-service marketing, and consultancy that provides support and marketing opportunities for insurance companies and agencies. The business flourished under his management and was primed for success when he sold it last year. In his latest venture, MAIS Consulting, he shares his unique industry insights and experiences with clients.  

About MAIS Consulting

Based in Southern California, MAIS Consulting supports top clients all over the United States. With a focus on contracting, marketing, company policies, and strategic growth, the business propels its clients toward success. With a massive almost 20 years of industry-specific experience in the insurance, marketing, and contracting sectors, Krishen Iyer is in the perfect position to offer expert consultations. Since launching, the group has helped a range of businesses reach success around the country. 


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