Vuuzle Media Corp Founder says we look Forward to Defending and proving Vuuzle TV never engaged in offering fraud as alleged by the S.E.C

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In January 2021 the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, Ronnie Flynn, premiered the finishing of Vuuzle studios film and television studios. Created and designed, to be the first real Hollywood style backlot in Dubai. On the same day Vuuzle tv received an award and a trophy by Verizon media for innovations in OTT streaming technology.

Flynn, who was admitted to Saudi German hospital on January 28, 2021, for suspected sepsis poisoning found out while still admitted that the SEC had charged Vuuzle Media Corp. and affiliated individuals in connection with $14 million offering fraud

Vuuzle Media Corp – Vuuzle.TV – Vuuzle Studios provides 24/7 access to thousands of entertaining premium television shows and films all integrated with Verizon Media. is an ad-supported streaming service with video content including news, entertainment, interviews, and first feature series. Vuuzle TV service provides viewers with a live linear, TV-like experience that’s aligned with social video engagement trends, delivering the highly personalized, engaging experience that today’s audiences are looking for.

Vuuzle’s streaming service provides live events with real-time streaming features alongside video on demand content served up as a virtual, live linear channel. The on-demand content is tailored to each user’s personal taste, meaning that viewers can enjoy a 24/7 stream of entertainment that’s been packaged specifically for them.

Vuuzle is powered by programmatic advertising as a free streaming service, available across all smart televisions, smartphones, tablets and desktop offering Vuuzle fans and movie watchers unprecedented access to the world of entertainment.

Ronald Flynn said, “after reading the S.E.C complaint against him, he claimed that no boiler room ever existed. There were no high-pressure sales tactics nor was the investment touted as a pre-IPO investment. Most importantly and without any doubt no jewelry was ever purchased as they claim.

Vuuzle media Corp marketing teams are kind courteous people who tell everyone the truth about Vuuzle TV as everything can be proved out just by downloading the application. The marketing team at bonk marketing and promotions are fresh young college graduates with degrees. The campaigns we run are simple.

To be clear after a marketing agent speaks to and clarifies what we do to potential new “viewers” for the platform, some people become interested to learn more. If those people are qualified investors, our marketing team sends out literature to Those people who would like more information. Many people want to speak about the potential of Vuuzle and how they can be involved with the company. Those interested people are given appointments to speak with board members only.

As founder my job is to communicate with existing shareholders. My job is to keep them informed about the daily progress of the company, so each shareholder has 100% transparency. I also work with the public relationship department, graphics, design, and technical CTO. Additionally, I also keep shareholders updated about the competition and discuss the potential of Vuuzle TV as compared to other OTT platforms like Pluto TV, TUBI TV, and HULU.

Vuuzle TV built an award-winning OTT streaming service, a backlot, a television studio, including green screens and soundstages on a shoestring budget in Dubai. To Quiby launched in 2018 and raised 1.75 billion dollars from investors.  Quibi took investors’ money and in in less than seven months went bankrupt closed in 2020 lost all the money and failed miserably doing the same thing as Vuuzle TV.

Vuuzle TV on the other hand has lost no money, has no creditors and is flourishing winning awards and growing. Currently VUUZLE TV has contracts with VERIZON, DCAFE, NFL ALUMNI, SPOTX, ROKU, IRIS TV, MEDIA NET, VIDEO ELEPHANT, OPTIMISE, HUDDLED MASSES, and Gary Vanerchucks company. Moreover, Vuuzle studios in 2020 shot more than 500 live shows in 2019 and had over 6000 titles in its library.

Vuuzle also maintained a huge monthly advertising budget from 2019 to 2020, ranging from $50,000 to $75,000. We use Google adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract views to our sites. Today Vuuzle is also connected to Roku and has a new advertising budget with them of $50K per month. Currently Vuuzle is scaling and becoming more known daily. Bottomline we are doing great by all accounts and already a force in the streaming world using AVOD.

This week our new music application will be released called VUMU music. VUMU music has all updated music in every category and includes the hottest online radio stations from everywhere in the world.

I must say as founder I understand how hard it is to grow a streaming company like ours. I also understand why Quiby went out of business and why Netflix is so big. Bottomline is it takes time to build a good foundation and secure talented people to secure the technology and take care of the advertising model we developed while being integrated into Verizon Media.

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