FBC14 Algorithm – An Innovative Trading Solution by Quantum AI

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Nowadays, it has become somewhat of a trend that almost every other person wishes to get their hands on cryptocurrency trading. What started off as the youngest online trading instrument in 2009, has now become one of the most advanced and widely adopted trading platform.

Every single week or month, a cryptocurrency is being introduced into the cryptocurrency space with new advancements and technology. However, majority of the cryptocurrency trading firms seem too outdated or somewhat reluctant in introducing innovation and advancements in crypto-trading.


As the cryptocurrency is only 11-years-old, it would take the industry some more time to become experienced. Even the cryptocurrency trading experts and analysts lack experience when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and analysis.

How Big Has the Cryptocurrency Industry Grown?

Although the cryptocurrency industry has been in play for more than a decade, yet it struggled to gain mainstream recognition and adoption. However, in the past couple of years, the cryptocurrency industry has gained a user-base of more than 110 million users. In addition to the users, the cryptocurrency industry now has more than 500 cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

When there are so many users and crypto-assets out there for trading, all the pressure comes down to the cryptocurrency trading markets.

Crypto-Trades Signaling Through Bots

When it comes to dealing with vast and enormous crypto-trading markets, the human monitoring and analysis is not enough. This is the time when the humans have to acquire the help of computers, programs, and algorithms in order to automate one of the longest processes that is generating reports.

Although majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges have started using the bots technology to automate the data-collection process in order to generate signals, yet their utilization has been restricted to running reports and generating signals.

Quantum AI FBC14 ALGORITHM Has Taken Bots to the Trading Level

When it comes to FBC14 ALGORITHM, the crypto-trading firm has taken the bot utility to a new level. The expert team of analysts and programmers at FBC14 ALGORITHM spent thousands of hours collaborating with each other and finally coming up with state of the art ‘Crypto-Trading Bots’. While majority of the crypto-trading firms are providing their investors with basic crypto-services, Quantum AI FBC14 ALGORITHM alongside some of the major crypto-trading firms has introduced bot-trading.

These virtual bots have been designed with the highest level of programming and algorithmic framework. As a result, FBC14 ALGORITHM by Quantum AI has managed to achieve, which only a few of the highest ranking crypto-trading firms have achieved. With the help of crypto-trading bots, the crypto-trading experience of users will never be the same.

How Quantum AI FBC14 ALGORITHM’s Crypto-Trading Bots are different than others?

When it comes to providing top-notch trading tools and services, FBC14 ALGORITHM is one of the right choices to trade with. But when it comes to crypto-trading bots, FBC14 ALGORITHM has actually knocked it out of the park completely with the amount of automation they have integrated into the trading bots.

Until now, the crypto-trading bots were believed to run on algorithmic commands that allowed them to start a trade or stop a trade based on instructions and commands fed into them. However, the case is completely different with FBC14 ALGORITHM’s trading bots. The FBC14 ALGORITHM’s bots are unique in a number of ways and the most prominent have been listed below:

Fully Automated Trading

When it comes to automation, the max automation that the crypto-trading bots from other crypto-exchanges can achieve are 10%-20%. With such little percentage, the crypto-bots can make asset sales/purchases at pre-designated timings.

However, with FBC14 ALGORITHM by Quantum AI, the users have the ability to utilize 100 percent automated trading services of the trading bots. At this point, all the trading activities taking place on the user’s account are carried out by the trading bots.


Instant Executions

When it comes to humans, one of the major drawbacks are that they cannot keep a track of each trade, volatility, or any other element 24/7. But when it comes to trading robots, the bots are extremely fast and make instant decisions. This is the reason why the bots lose an opportunity of making decent profits through trades made in a timely manner.

FBC14 ALGORITHM Crypto-Trading Bots Trade 24/7

When it comes to humans, the maximum amount of hours we can dedicate in a single-go are around 10-12 and after that we need to take a long sleep and rest our entire body. This is where the problem comes up when being in crypto-trading. The cryptocurrency markets stay open 24/7, so the cryptocurrency prices, trends, and other elements affecting their usability are always on the move.

This is where the trading bots make the lives of the investors easier as they keep up with the crypto-markets and keep making decisions based on the live crypto-market trends. This way, the users can never lose an opportunity of making the right deal and earning a fortune in return.

Bots are not Humans so no Errors

It is quite common among humans to make errors and mistakes quite often, so there are always chances of some trading expert or analyst making mistakes or errors while generating data for trading signals. However, FBC14 ALGORITHM’s trading bots do not face these kind of problems as they run on tools and algorithms that are designed and developed especially to deal with numbers, huge probability conditions, and other things. These bots are proficient, accurate, precise, and most importantly, free from making an errors.

Risk-Free Trading

FBC14 ALGORITHM has designed its bots in such a way that they would ensure that none of the trades made through them end up in a failure. Each trade made by the bots is well analyzed and measured after thorough assessing of the market situations and the cryptocurrency bullish/bearish nature.

If there is a particular position that the investor has preferred as it always brings in profits, the bots will prioritize that position as well. However, if things turn south and the position is about to go stale, the bots ensure that they extract even the least amount of profit from that particular position before shifting to another one.quantum-ai-fbc14-algorithm


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