William Cafarella Discusses Being an Industry Leader in Auto Dealership Management

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 27, 2021  6:10 PM ET

William Cafarella (24)

General manager William Cafarella recently discussed his success in the auto dealership industry.

William Cafarella has more than 19 years of experience in dealership management. His years of experience and impeccable business intuition have led him to run the largest Honda dealer in America and numerous other leading dealerships across the country. He recently discussed his accomplishments and what brought him to the top.

In addition to running the largest Honda dealership in America, William Cafarella ran the second largest Toyota dealership, the No. 1 Volkswagen dealership, and currently, the largest Nissan dealership in the country. William Cafarella helped Boch Honda become the top Honda dealer in the country in terms of volume from 2005 to 2010. In August of 2007, the dealership set a record by selling 1,119 Hondas in a single month. The dealership sold more than 10,894 new and used vehicles, which was the highest number of vehicles ever sold at Boch Honda and a national record.

“I run my dealerships on a proven system with multiple processes,” William Cafarella said. “The goal is always to build a brighter future for the dealerships, through increasing volume and net profit.”

William Cafarella explained that he had been the recipient of several of Honda’s Presidents awards and the Volkswagen Diamond Pin Award, among others. Every store in which William Cafarella has worked has achieved the highest dealer service index record in its market. Many stores were even 300 percent above the projected requirement of the factory based on factory records. It comes as no surprise that William Cafarella is the desired employee for any vehicle dealership.

“Coral Springs Nissan Inc., is now the largest Nissan store in the country, and we’re currently leading in sales,” William Cafarella said. “It is a passion of mine to bring dealerships to the top and keep them there.”

William Cafarella is more than an excellent manager and car salesman. He has years of experience in the aspects that make a dealership run properly. He’s well versed in title work and registrations, vehicle financing, financial statement analysis, Nada training, and more. William Cafarella has reached expert level experience in using a multitude of dealership technologies, such as CDK, ADP, Reynolds and Reynolds, Dealer Socket, Advent, VIN Solutions, and more.

“Taking dealerships to the top requires years of knowledge and dedication to understanding the ins and outs of the industry,” William Cafarella said. “I’m thankful I’ve found my expertise in life, and I look forward to setting new standards of achievement at Coral Springs Nissan.”


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