Julianne Tanella Invests in Future Generations

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Julianne Tanella Uses Her Many Gifts to Make the Future Brighter

Julianne Tanella is an up and coming star that embodies the virtues of giving back and investing in the future. Julianne Tanella is also known as SNNYRAIN. The name is in reference to those times the sun is still shining brightly, even while showers are pouring. And like the nickname given to her, Julianne Tanella aims to be a light to the world.


Julianne Tanella embraces life, loving and protecting every moment she is given and every aspect she can influence. Her music is one avenue through which she shows this. Julianne Tanella pours passion into sharing her message through the lyrics of every song she pens.  

Though Julianne Tanella considers her music an important platform to influence others and make a difference, it’s certainly not the only one. She received her biology degree from Florida Atlantic University and puts that education to work in several ways.

These ways include taking care of her own health. Julianne Tanella leads an active life and works out regularly, making her an incredible role model for others. In addition to self-care, Julianne Tanella is currently working toward becoming a physician’s assistant to help others lead their best life, but people are not her only passion.


Julianne Tanella also spends a great deal of time caring for the environment. Two of her favorite places to be are in the ocean or on the nearby sand. Swimming, scuba diving, and water skiing are among her favorite hobbies, so it’s no surprise that beach cleanup projects are a regular event in her life. These events make Julianne Tanella a part of ensuring that ocean life stays healthy and that all who love the beach as much as she does get to enjoy it as much as possible.

While the beach is important for Julianne Tanella, it is certainly not her only environmental restoration focus. One of her goals is to leave the world in a better state than she finds it, so she is happy to pour her energy into any project that makes that happen.


Julianne Tanella, a.k.a. SNNYRAIN, is already making waves in the name of brightening up the world, even at such a young age. There is no doubt that as she continues to grow, the world will see amazing things from Julianne Tanella’s music, her passion for life, and her daily actions.


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