Everything You Possibly Need To Know About Global Warming And Climate Change

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It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an environmentalist, a tree hugger, or someone who doesn’t care, there is a good chance that you’ve heard about climate change and how it is currently affecting the world. If you’ve had your eyes open, you’ve likely noticed some of the effects. Ever wonder why it is 80 degrees during the winter months in some locations? Ever wonder why it rains more often than it used to? Some would contribute all these changes to global warming. Some might say they are just natural changes. Whatever the situation is, there is simply no denying that global warming and climate change is having an effect on the environment.

Whether you are an environmentalist or not, it is going to pay to know about global warming and climate change. There is a very good chance it will affect you in some form, shape, or way in the very near future. Here are some of the most pertinent things you need to know about global warming and climate change.

Fact 1 – 416 Part Per Million

You’ve probably heard people talk about the concentration of CO or carbon dioxide in the air. Heck, you might even know a little bit about this. Regardless, it’s affecting you and your family in an adverse way. Whether you contribute this to global warming or climate change, you have to realize that the earth is currently in a state that it’s never been in before. As of May 2020, the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is the highest that it has ever been in human history. What does this mean for the people going forward? If the CO2 concentration in a single room is too high without the proper ventilation it could have adverse effects. Not only will it make the air extremely stale and unpleasant, but it’ll make the entire situation extremely dangerous.

Drought can also increase CO2 concentration, which is another negative side effect of global warming. When the years are drier, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will only rise. And, it’ll do so faster, increasing the unpleasantness and safety of those exposed to it.

Fact 2- The Second Warmest Year Ever

If you have ever gambled with quality online casinos like judi online or know someone that has, you likely know how much potential earnings are out there. If putting money on global warming affecting the environment in an adverse bet was a gamble that you could place, you’d have a surefire plan to earn millions. While this is not a bet you can make, it is more than evident that the earth is being affected negatively by global warming and climate change. If you thought 2020 was a bad year, 2019 was just as horrible.

In fact, it was another record year. Only this time the record was heat. During the year 2019, the earth reached its warmest state. Research and reports from NASA showed that the average global temperatures during the year 2019 were 1.8 degrees F (0.9 degrees C) warmer than the 20th-century average. The five warmest years on record have all occurred since 2015, which only definitively proves that global warming is impacting the environment in a negative way.

Fact 3– 11 Percent Of Emissions

For centuries now, deforestation has represented one of the largest issues in global land use. Unfortunately, the situation only gets worse as time goes along and global warming isn’t helping matters any. The estimation of deforestation is traditionally based on the area of forest cleared for human use. This includes the removal of trees for wood products, croplands, or even grazing lands. What even makes the situation worse is, studies show that eleven percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions are currently caused by deforestation. This is more than the emissions from passenger vehicles. When you think about this, it makes for a scary situation considering just how many vehicles are on the road each day.

Fact 4- A Untapped Solution

Believe it or not, tropical forests can be incredibly effective when it comes to the storing of carbon. They can be used to store enough carbon to provide at least one-third of the mitigation action needed to prevent some of the worst climate change scenarios. This is incredibly potent and might be the top solution to some of today’s problems.


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