Knotty Knickers Expands as Victoria Secret Shuts Down 250 Stores in 2020

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Thanks to their massive success, Knotty Knickers expands their underwear empire into a brand new warehouse facility in Toronto, Canada.

LOS ANGELES, CA Knotty Knickers, a Canadian-based lingerie subscription box company, is excited to announce that they’re expanding their empire into a brand new warehouse facility that will allow their business to continue growing.

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What started as a small business run out of a basement, Knotty Knickers has quickly grown into the most successful underwear subscription service in the United States and Canada. Today, the company is proud to announce that they’re moving their headquarters to a larger facility in Toronto so they can expand their workforce and operations.

Knotty Knickers was founded by two college friends who were passionate about creating affordable, high quality underwear for women of all shapes and sizes. The concept first materialized when the two partners were in college. While talking on the phone one day, they found themselves complaining about the price of underwear. They discovered that women’s underwear was not only unaffordable, but also inconvenient. Additionally, the majority of underwear brands and companies typically focus on one shape and size of women, leaving many women feeling left out. That’s when they officially decided to adopt the subscription box model for their company. This model allowed them to create a fun yet affordable experience consistently every month.

Today, the company is doing so well, that they’re moving into a large new warehouse. “We were working out of a 4200 sq. foot facility, which we quickly grew out of. So growing to a size almost 3X bigger is always exciting,” one of the founders explains.

Since January of 2020, the company has grown so fast that they’re receiving ten times the amount of orders they were receiving in the beginning of the year. Therefore, they desperately needed a space to handle all of this new business and the expansion of their company.

The number of Knotty Knicker’s staff has also grown exponentially. In January 2020, the company had merely four employees. By September 2020, they had 20 staff working in house and 15 more working remotely. “Now with the new place – which we moved into early October of this year – everything is much more organized and we can fulfill our orders more efficiently too,” explains a co-founder.

The warehouse is also brand new with an amazing layout, so employees are able to enjoy the many amenities that the space boasts. The amenities include a full size kitchen, a lounge area with pool table and a ping pong table, four garages to easily bring in shipments as well as ship out, a mezzanine for extra storage, and commercial zoning to store additional inventory outside if needed.

With this new warehouse space and additional workforce, Knotty Knickers will continue to expand and grow their empire.

About Knotty Knickers:

Knotty Knickers is a lingerie subscription box company that was inspired by wanting every woman in the world to look and feel their best without being excluded and/or breaking the bank. The company embraces women of all sizes, shapes, color, race and beauty. Knotty Knickers is able to provide high quality women’s underwear for $3.99 which is delivered to your door every month. They currently sell the least expensive underwear in Canada and the US.

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