ALSP Advisor launches consultancy that connects law firms with alternative legal service providers (ALSPs)

Yvonne Nath, ALSP Advisor

Yvonne Nath, a strategy consultant with LawVision, has launched ALSP Advisora consultancy that connects law firms with alternative legal service providers (“ALSPs”).  As Founder and CEO of ALSP Advisor, Yvonne combines her knowledge of and relationships with law firms and ALSPs to develop win-win relationships between them.

ALSP Advisor provides the following focused services:

For Law Firm Leaders

  • Explore ALSPs in a safe, confidential manner;
  • Uncover specific opportunities to benefit from using ALSPs;
  • Assist with the development of the business cases for using ALSPs; and
  • Recommend appropriate ALSPs to improve law firm operations and profitability, differentiate service offerings from competitors, and increase the firm’s services’ overall value.

For ALSP Leaders

  • Advise ALSPs on ways they can improve service offerings to deliver exceptional value to law firms and their clients; and
  • Help ALSPs, especially the lesser-known ALSPs, gain recognition and business in their target markets.

For Both Parties

ALSP Advisor maintains a curated database of hundreds of alternative legal service providers and legal industry-focused business process outsourcing (“BPO”) vendors that can support law firms’ practices and businesses.

Joe Altonji and Mike Short of LawVision are on ALSP Advisor’s Board of Directors. Joe and Mike have assisted over 800 law firms over four decades as legal business strategy consultants and are two of the leading experts on law firm management and strategy in the Americas.

Want your alternative legal service provider or law firm to stand out? Visit to learn more.

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