17 things to consider while travelling to the UK

The United Kingdom is a wonderfully diverse country with nice places to explore at any time of the year. Winters here are not extreme as well as summers are erratic. In the UK, you will get an opportunity to visit numerous towns and cities, try a multitude of tasty cheeses, as well as loads of castles. There is a whole heap of reasons why you should travel to the UK.

Whichever time you are planning to visit the UK, it’s always advisable to familiarize yourself with some of the common local traditions. For example, people in the UK love roasting dinner, include a dose of sarcasm, and vinegar lashings on their chips. If you intend to explore this beautiful place, below are 17 things to consider while travelling to the UK.

World-famous locations

The UK is popular for numerous things including the Royal family, James Bond, Buckingham palace, the real ales and many more. From famous sightseeings, culture, London tube etiquette, celebrities, there are so many various associations we all heard about the UK. Where do we know all of this from? There are many movies and TV series shot in the UK, which brought to the country even more popularity and tourist` interest. The most famous of all? Harry Potter! Do you know the locations where Harry Potter was filmed?

Unique lifestyle

If Great Britain sometimes can be confusing for the British people what hope do people from other parts of the world have? Visitors originating from other countries are usually mesmerized by the way British people live. How are they able to do it? This is mostly because the UK is a country of social behaviours and unspoken rules which are to be adhered to at all times.

UK currency

The currency used in the UK is Sterling Sterling Pound. Just like for any other trip it is advisable to have some cash at hand once you arrive in the country. With that in mind, there are plenty of ATMs in the UK. As a visitor, you shouldn’t have any problems using your card for withdrawals overseas, as long as you have informed your bank. Just like in the US and Australia, making payments using cards is very common here.

Explore the options available for transport

In London, public transport is the means of transport commonly used by residents. The capital’s historic, narrow, as well as, busy streets are often a challenge for many drivers to navigate. This is obviously due to the congestion charge fee that is paid by drivers in most parts of London. For this reason, it’s recommended that you make public transport your best friend.  The networks of tubes, trains, and buses, are comprehensive here and can get you to any sprawling metropolis part even during rush hours. Having a ride in the double-decker buses offers you a fantastic chance for sightseeing when moving across the region.

Healthcare options in the UK

If you find yourself in need of a doctor during your trip to London, no worries: the National Health Service is the health system in the UK. Here you should be able to visit a doctor anytime you wish. Often, other countries may have equivalent health care agreements, just like in the UK. So always ensure that you visit the government’s website to acquire more information about the health system. If you are not feeling well, but not in an emergency, it’s advisable to contact 111, which is the non-emergency number for the National Health Service.

Familiarize yourself with the accent

There are numerous accents in the UK. Watching television in Britain will have you thinking that the Queen’s English or rather received pronunciation is the most common British accent. This isn’t the case since there are other accents among the numerous accents in the UK that you should learn including Cockney to Geordie, Midlands to Welsh, Northern Irish, as well as, Scottish.

Be aware of the London tube etiquette

The London tube is, without a doubt, one of the amazing features of this place. Opened in 1863, the London tube is the oldest underground railway network globally. Currently, it has over 11 lines, which cover about 270 stations, and over 400 kilometres. Whichever time you choose to catch the London tube, mostly during the rush hours, you’ll be lucky to enjoy some of the peculiarities.

Explore places for shopping other than Oxford Street

For those who love shopping, this is a useful tip. Shopping in Oxford Street sometimes can be a challenge, mostly on Saturdays. Apart from the shops in Oxford Street, there are also numerous shops in other amazing streets in London. These shops provide the same things without experiencing crazy crowds. Head to the King road, Westfield Shopping Centre, or the Covent Garden, to shop most of your favourite things without struggling to pass through crowded places.

Ask locals to let you know the recommended restaurants in London

This is good news for anyone who intends to visit London. You will be surprised to see people eating and drinking on the pavements. Tea is provided in nearly every event. Ask locals to guide you to the best restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best local meals and drinks.

The measurements in the UK are baffling

Road distances in the UK are measured in miles and yards. While objects are measured in meters and centimetres, height is calculated in inches and feet. Food, on the other hand, is weighed in kilograms and grams. People are weighed in pounds and stone. This amazes you, right?

Never jump queues

Queue jumpers in the UK are not treated politely. Queuing is very common in the UK. Barging a queue is the worst thing a foreigner can engage in. Ensure your queue as required, and remain patient once your time to be served arrives.

Utilize the availability of free museums

In the UK, most galleries and museums are free to visit. This is something that has been there for over a decade now. Being a visitor in Britain, this is something you should regularly make use of.

The British Museum, the Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, Scotland National Museum, and the World Museum Liverpool are some of the renowned museums to visit in the UK for free.

There are numerous strange celebrations

Weird celebrations in the UK are more than you can imagine, starting from bog snorkelling to cheese rolling. Visitors here will enjoy these wonderful and weird traditions. Among the most celebrated London’s traits, is the eccentricity.

The UK has some of the most remarkable attractions worldwide

Travel to Britain and enjoy visiting gorgeous tour is an attraction in the countryside. These attractions include Brecon beacons, the Scottish Highlands, as well as, the lake District. For these and much more, travel to the UK with family and loved ones to enjoy touring these amazing places with family and friends.

People in Britain love a cup of tea

In the UK, tea is with doubt, the answer to everything. In case you are sad, your training, or an interview has been delayed; whether it’s rainy or sunny, someone somewhere will offer you a cup of tea to enjoy. Being a visitor here, you’ll notice that most people prefer drinking tea other than any other drink. Tea is what we can refer to as a national drink.

Always stand on the right

Standing on the right is a unique rule in the UK. Especially when using London underground, to stand on the right is a basic rule. In an elevator, it’s not advisable to ever stand on the left. If you intend to stand still and embark on a journey at ease, always ensure you stand on the right. This is because people will be rushing passing the left side, heading to the right. Note that people here do not take in kindly when you stand in their way.

UK visa requirements

Visitors from some countries may not need to have a visa to visit the UK for tourism purposes. For some nationalities, it’s possible to stay in the UK for a maximum of six months without having a visa. But, it is advisable to always check the visa requirements before visiting the UK. The government of the UK has designed an official government website where you can easily check all the visa requirements depending on which country you are coming from. Meanwhile, did you know that there are countries you can travel with a UK visa? When travelling to any part of the world ensure you have reviewed your passport validity and visa requirements carefully.