How to Use Glazier Point Windows: Step by Step

Windows are an essential part of houses and rooms. We hardly find a place where the windows are not present. So, here glass is a key issue where it is used in the windows frame. People use glass in the window’s frame and try to let it stay strong with that frame.
If you are looking for the relevant information `services de vitrage charleroi`, you are staying on the right page. To know how to use glazier point windows, keep reading.

What Is Glazing?

You are using the windows for a long time, and one day you have noticed that your windows get old and look unclear. Now, at this moment, you are planning to remake the windows and make it smart and nice.

So, in this term, you need to take out all old putty and new putty that hold the glass with the window frame until it gets drier. The process of making or reading the putty to the windows is called glazier. From taking out old putty to adding new putty, this process is under the glazier term.

Step by step process to glaze windows

The process is very simple to glaze, and people need to glaze in the right way. The steps are as follows.

Step one

Removing old putty is the first step in this process. At first, take a knife or something sharp that helps to remove old putty. Keep focusing on the knife and start working from the corner of the frame and keep moving. Take out old putty little by little.

Step two

The second step of this process is to remove the glazer’s point. You may take all the old putty from the windows point, but some old putty is steady that hold with the glass. You should carefully take out all the old putty from the window frame.

Step three

The third step is to remove the stubborn putty point from the window frame. To remove this, you can use a knife or sharp middle.

Step four

Now you have to remove the glass. This is the most crucial part of it because glass is very sensitive. Too much pressure on this can break the whole glass. To take out the glass, you should carefully glaze each point of the frame.

Step five

After removing the glass from the window, you need to put another new glass in the window frame. Place the glazier point on each of the corners and add new putty to the frame that firmly holds the glass to the frame.

Step six

The last step of the glazing process is to add new putty to the window frame. For doing this, take new putty and place it on the wood frame with the help of a knife or noddle. Place putty to the frame gently that will hold the glass tightly to the wooden frame.

This is the complete process by which you can glaze a window perfectly and nicely. Before doing this, you have to know more things regarding this issue. You can also hire `Serrurier in Belgium` to get it done. The materials and the element of doing this are given below.

Common materials or element of doing this

  • Tape
  • Needle
  • Putty
  • Knife
  • Hairdryer
  • Glazing point
  • Glazing compound
  • 120-grit sandpaper

These are the most common and fundamental elements that you need to do the task. Glazing is very simple to do. But before that, you must know the correct and accurate instructions and the right materials and elements.

After completing glazing, you need to do some task that is very important for its future stability. Let’s know them in detail.

  • After installing the glazing point, you should glaze it again with a fresh glazing compound and try to make it dry. Next, keep them dry at least 10 days before painting or something else.
  • General and traditional putty is very flat. You can try the latest and advanced putty that will ensure the glass’s stability in the window frame.

FAQs to know

  1. How many glazing points does a window need?

For a small window, use two inches and use 10 inches in every glazing point for a large window.

  1. Are glazing points necessary?

It is not compulsory, but it helps.


Glazing a window is very simple, but not knowing the right instruction may make it difficult. So, after reading this page, you or anyone can glaze the window perfectly and nicely. So, you have to collect the right materials and elements before glazing a window in this connection.

Abdul Rehman