How to Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Bending Track

Garage door rollers mainly help to open the garage smoothly. But a damaged roller can cause a lot of problems. It can harm the track of your garage door, and sometimes it can cause serious accidents also. So, if you find anything wrong with your garage door rollers, you should take it seriously and fix it as soon as possible.

This article will discuss the easiest way to replace garage door rollers without bending track. After reading this article, you will easily be able to do it yourself. But if you don’t want to do it yourself, you hire someone professional from Service Urgent `Serrurier Dinant.

How to Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Bending Track

Actually, you can easily replace the rollers of your garage door by bending the track. Here we will give the easiest system of doing it by a step by step process. The steps of replacing garage door rollers without bending the track are as follows:


Replacing your garage door’s rollers can be a hazardous task if you do it in the wrong way. Never remove the bottom roller bracket of your door.

It will allow your door to fly up, and ultimately you can be injured seriously by this. Before starting, you have to make sure that you unplugged your garage door opener.

After taking all these precautions, you can start the process.

Remove the fasteners of the brackets

In the first step, you have to remove the fasteners that hold the bracket to the wall and your garage door track. You can do it easily by a ratchet with a deep or even a regular one. You need all the fasteners from all the brackets that hold the track with the wall.

Remove the rollers from the track

After removing all the fasteners from the brackets, the track will free. Then you will easily be able to remove the door. Removing the door track will allow you to remove the rollers also. Now remove the rollers one by one from the brackets.

Replace the rollers with some new roller

After removing the rollers from the brackets, you need to replace there some new ones. Before putting the new rollers in the brackets, you have to add lubricants with the rollers. After adding some lubricant, you have to put them in the bracket where it is always kept.

Put the fasteners back

After putting the rollers, you need to replace the track again, inserting the roller in it. You will easily be able to do that if you can remember how you remove the door track. You need to insert all the rollers in the track. After putting it back, you have to put the fasteners back too, and make sure you leave it in the same position as they were. It is completed.

Replace the top rollers

Now it is time to replace the roller, which is situated at the top. It is the easiest step in this process. Here you just have to remove the whole bracket from the wall that holds the roller in the track.

For removing the bracket, unscrew the nut as we did before. So now you will easily get your roller to replace. Finally, replace it with a new one after adding some lubricant to it.

Basically, these are the steps of replacing garage door rollers without bending track. It is actually easier than the bending track. What do you think?

Bottom Line

Rollers of your garage door are always used whenever you open or close it. These are the inevitable parts of your garage door. That is why you should always take care of them. It may be damaged or having some problems. At that time you need to install a new one.

Here we have conducted a detailed discussion about how to replace garage door rollers without bending the track. We hope this article will be very useful to you. You can contact `Serrurier SLS` for these types of help.

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