Raising The Bar With Sustainability

Sustainability has always been a topic of concern since people noticed that the planet and current generations are struggling. There are means and ways to decrease the amount of rubbish that is put out into the world as well as to keep the environment clean, safe, and healthy. Product packaging can play a major role in this. While plastic is still used to package products other materials can do the same job while adding an extra step.

Why Sustainability Is More Important Than Ever

It is important since humans and nature have to live together. Without the environment, we would die out, and until then be unbelievable in pain. The environment is our food source as well as an unkempt and unhealthy environment will affect our well-being and health. There can be more illnesses that will spread, and we would not have the measures to counter it.

Effects Of Packaging On Our Planet

Packaging can play a role in protecting the world. The thing with packaging is that it is disgraded when the product is out of it. The wrapping becomes rubbish which can lead to issues that damage the environment. Plastic is well-known for being impossible to dissolve and it is not as reusable as other materials. Plastic cannot be avoided but it can be decreased by using something else such as a Jute Bag.

Jute Bags that rootsessential.com use in their soap packaging and All Natural Soap collection can be handy to help with sustainability. It is a plant-based product that is animal cruelty “free” as well as not having Artificial Color, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Petroleum, Synthetic Fragrances, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and GMO. Plus, when the Cleanser Bar and Mesh Scrub soap, as an example, is empty you can use the packaging to hold something else making it reusable.

Not only can you use the Jute bags to hold other items, but you can also get creative with it. You can use the material for art and crafts idea since the texture and color will add an old-school, classic charm to your ideas. This is sustainability in that you can use the same product outside of its intended purpose. Jute bags, just as they are, are good packaging for holding and cleaning bath soaks clean but you can always go a step further with them when the soak is used up.


Companies are setting bold goals that address plastic waste and prioritize plastics reduction and recycling programs. Both media and influencers have woken the public to the need to support solutions to this global challenge, and governments are taking big and small steps to build effective policy. There is no silver bullet. We need to use every tool in the box to achieve this outcome: new material science, packaging redesign, recovery innovation and the subject at hand, reuse. Together, we can make a difference.