Advantages Of A Walk-In Shower Drain

Walk-in showers are all the range in the bathroom interior industry. They look modern and can offer you more space while you wash. Plus, you can go into it without hassling with the shower curtain. A curtain seems to sticks to you more than the water hitting your body. While walk-in showers are exquisite there is one item of the shower that without it would not make it a walk-in. That is the drain.

What Are The Differences Between A Walk-In Shower and A Standard One?

Before, we get into the walk-in shower drain let’s go through the difference between the two types of showers. A standard shower is one that has a door or a curtain. You are required to step into it since it has a tub or base at the bottom to hold in the water.

Walk-in showers, also known as barrier-free showers, are designed that they do not require you to step into them since they do not have a door/ curtain and a base. You would just walk-in, hence the name.

The walk-in shower is built on one slope that allows the water to filter down to the shower drain. This is at the bottom of the shower often above the shower-head. While a standard shower has its drain usually in the center this would require the base to have four slopes instead of one.

The Drain In A Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower drain can be stylish and modern. The advantage of this type of drain is that it is easy to maintain and clean. The location of the drain, and the design of a walk-in shower as a whole, can make sure that there is no build-up of dirt or still water in the four corners of the base. This is because of the one slope design. The water goes towards the long drain that stretches across the edge of the shower.

Since the drain is at the end of the shower this gives people more space and offers more design possibilities. A person is also able to choose the design of their walk-in shower, long drain. This is because there are multiple grates.

Another advantage that the long drain of a walk-in shower allows is the ability to use large tiles. Since there is one slope you can use large tiles format to line the flooring of the shower and the rest of the bathroom. This is “in” as well as easier to clean when compared to small tiles. Plus, walk-in showers are a lot quicker to install, mostly due to the one slope aspect as well as using the large titles to cover a lot of space in one go.

Final Words

The appeal for having a walk-in shower is the freedom that it allows you. The advantage is that it is easy to install and clean. The drain is a major contributing factor to this due to the shower only needing one slope, all thanks to the long drain.