The meaning and importance of engagement rings for couples

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An engagement ceremony is generally marked by a man giving a ring to the woman he wants to marry. This engagement is intended to bind the couple so that one day they can get married at the planned period.
Many ways and cultures make the engagement a tradition before holding a wedding.
However, why was the ring given at the engagement ceremony?

The following are the reasons.

  • Round in shape.

Rings are always circular in shape on the finger.
This round shape has a meaning as an inseparable relationship between the couple.
In addition, this round-shape symbolizes the inseparable attachment between them.
The engagement aims at the couple not being tempted to move to another heart before the wedding day takes place.

  • Used on the fingers of the left hand.

Engagement rings are generally worn on the left ring finger of women and/or men.
In ancient Greek and Roman beliefs, the left ring finger is the vein of love that carries blood to the heart. They believe that wearing the ring on the left will foster feelings of love for the couple until they get married and the ring is transferred to the right finger.

  • Sign of presence.

Engagement rings are also a sign for your partner that he already has an attachment to someone.
A ring on a woman’s left ring finger indicates that her partner is always there with her.
It is also a reminder that women don’t fall in love with other men.
Although there is no law that requires men to wear engagement rings, it is also a good idea to do this. This is because wearing an engagement ring is also a precaution so that men are not tempted by other women.

  • Proof of Couples Love.

Another meaning of the engagement ring given to your partner is evidence or a symbol of love for your partner.
The ring also means that you already have a partner who you will marry later.
Some people believe that the engagement ring can also be a symbol of binding love for you and your partner to continue the commitment to a higher stage, namely marriage.

  • Proof of Compactness.

The presence of the engagement ring that ties the two lovebirds to show their form of compactness as a married couple.
In some traditions, engagement rings are also worn by the groom or in terms of exchange of engagement rings.
The meaning of this tradition is of course none other than to show cohesiveness and commitment as a couple.

In addition to the above meanings that have been listed, engagement rings are considered important in a relationship if you plan to propose to the girl of your dreams.
This is considered important because the engagement ring is also a symbol of love and also the commitment you give to your partner that you will promise to marry him and make him happy.
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