Best Cloud Computing Solutions 2020

There is no doubt about the fact that cloud computing is the new technological revolution. Businesses are now turning to cloud computing to increase their overall efficiency and performance. The COVID 19 pandemic has also become a reason why companies and businesses are now shifting towards cloud computing solutions.

As a result of this rising trend of cloud computing, many cloud computing service providers have made their way to the market. Therefore, the competition amongst cloud computing service providers is increasing day by day.

If you are someone who is looking for a cloud computing solution and want nothing but the best, keep on reading. Here is a list of the best cloud computing solutions according to IT consulting experts:

1. Microsoft Azure:

No matter what type of company or business you own, Microsoft Azure cloud computing services will be a good fit for your needs. They provide a customized package for all their clients based on the needs and scope of their businesses. With the Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, there is no need to invest in physical servers which makes it an affordable option. It is a highly recommended cloud service provider for smaller businesses who don’t have a huge sum of money to invest in the name of cloud services. They offer a total of twenty five “Always Free” services and also offer a one year free access to their services. Moreover, the cloud services are compatible with both Windows as well as Linux operating systems.

2. Amazon Web Services:

Amazon is not a new name in the industry. In the year 2006, they laid the foundation for their cloud computing services. They offer a comprehensive set of cloud computing services that range from Iaas, PaaS, Elastic Cloud Compute, Elastic Beanstalk and Simple Storage etc. They offer three different payment modes and a high degree of customizability. Amazon Web Services also offers a trial period of one year which is completely free. After the completion of the trial period, the company can either renew their subscription or cancel it as desired. In a nutshell, Amazon Web Services are one of the most competitive and affordable IT services in the market.

3. Google Cloud:

The list of the top rated and highly recommended cloud computing service providers will be incomplete without the mention of Google Cloud. They offer an amazing range of cloud services and allow businesses to customize a cloud computing solution that fits their needs perfectly. Security is one of the biggest perks of using Google Cloud services. They have a foolproof security protocol based around multiple layers of access control so the data stored on the cloud servers is a hundred percent secure. Moreover, when compared with other cloud based service subscriptions, one clearly notices that Google Cloud is fairly priced and amongst the most budget friendly options in the market.

4. IBM Clouds:

IBM is undoubtedly one of the largest tech giants in the industry. Therefore, their cloud computing solutions too are impressive and up to par with quality. They offer a platform as a service, software as a service as well as infrastructure as a service so the businesses and companies can opt for any option that best suits their needs. To overcome the Noisy Neighbour problem and allow flawless and easy access to all the data, their clients are offered access to an entire server. Cloud management is also easy as the companies can make use of a web portal as well as a mobile application to get access to all the information they may require. Companies are free to choose the scope and services they require and make a customized package for themselves based on their business needs. As a result, they only pay for what they use rather than having to pay for unused services as well.

5. Alibaba Cloud Services:

If you are someone whose company is based in China, there is no better cloud computing service provider for you other than Alibaba. You can opt to solely make use of the Alibaba cloud services or even indulge into a multi cloud venture where you can come up with a hybrid of two different cloud service providers, one of which would be Alibaba. The use of Alibaba Cloud Services is highly recommended for businesses who have their vendors settled in China. They can easily make use of Alibaba cloud services and customize the package of services based on their needs. Alibaba surely has a good reputation in the market as an e-commerce platform and the case with their cloud services is no different. They are emerging as one of the major cloud computing service providers on a global scale.

6. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

Oracle is another powerful and strong tech giant in the market. There is no doubt about the fact that their IT Support quality and scope is commendable. The case with their cloud computing services is no different. From databases, data management as well as applications, they offer a wide range of cloud computing services. Social media tools and SaaS services are also offered by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. However, the range and scope of their services is based around the needs of larger enterprise scale businesses therefore, this might not be an optimal choice for small scale businesses or startups. Upon signing up, the company can avail a one month free trial period as well as access to two databases equipped with the Oracle Application Express and Oracle SQL.

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