Top 3 Alternatives for to Download YouTube Videos

Several video downloading softwares are a hit among young internet users these days. They come in handy for those who live an active and on-the-go lifestyles. These users want to conveniently play video streams or download the videos and play them later at their convenience. is one of the popular YouTube video downloaders, but the service has been unreliable as of late. It has recently been inaccessible to US visitors, but there are other great alternatives that are worth trying out. Here, we’ll discuss what we consider as the top 3 alternatives for when it comes to downloading YouTube videos.

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When it comes to the preference of internet users, they prioritize convenience and speed when it comes to downloading YouTube videos, downloadable MP3 files, podcasts and more. Also, users may have more than one video streaming site they are frequently visiting aside from YouTube, so a versatile video downloader application that works with other streaming sites is a big plus. One of the awesome video downloader applications that can match is Viddly when it comes to the specifications of download speed and versatility. It is a fast and lightweight video download app which will not bear down on your computer’s operation, which means you can conveniently perform downloads and you will not have to worry about your other applications or visited sites compromising their speed and functionalities in the process. There are also users who are particular about the quality of the videos they download.

This app can also deliver high definition and high-quality videos with its support for HD, 4K and 8K videos at up to 60 fps, which means it can support a wide range of high definition videos whether it’s for movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports footage and even gaming videos. Even music lovers will love this alternative app as it supports MP3 downloads or converts videos to audio formats such as MP3. Also, it has smart download features that will allow users to convert their music files to be compatible with their players. Best of all, it is easy to download and install, and has a user-friendly interface for a hassle-free downloading experience. All of these features considered, it is a good alternative video downloader that can keep you updated with your favorite videos even if you are offline by simply downloading them in advance.

iTube HD Video Downloader

The good thing about having a video downloader program or application on your computer or mobile device is that you can activate it anytime you are connected to the internet without having to use the website for online downloading. This means you don’t have to make an online account on a video downloader site and you are saved from the trouble of logging in and entering your credentials every time you want to make a video download. This convenient software is easy to download and has great features that will cater to the almost every possible video download needs of users. It also has a feature of online downloading once you install the program. It does this by embedding a download option on your browser or video streaming sites you visit. There’s no need for you to open another window or tab to perform the download with this feature.

Another convenient option is to copy and paste to the program’s interface the URL of the video streaming or sharing site you visited. By simply clicking the “Paste URL” button, all you need to do is sit back and relax while you wait for the download to be finished. The advantage of this program over online video downloading websites and which makes it a good SaveFrom alternative is that it can be used for a large number of multiple video downloads and batch downloads.

Also, there are advanced functions that can only be available in this software such as subtitle management and multiple audio language options, which make it great for viewing international movies. It also has a wide support and compatibility with various audio and video formats, which make it easier for you to choose the video output that plays properly on your video player program. It also enables conversion of local videos to various formats, which can allow you to contribute and upload your own videos. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems, making it a good option for US users.


When we talk about a total YouTube video downloading experience, this is the best SaveFrom alternative that comes out of the list. It’s a lightweight program that doesn’t slow down your PC or device’s performance. This open-source program makes it free for users to use the complete features. As long as your device has a Python interpreter this software will work perfectly fine, which makes a versatile and cross-platform program that works on Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD and PC-BSD platforms. Don’t be fooled by the program’s name as it is not limited to downloading only YouTube videos, but it can actually support video downloads from hundreds of other video streaming and sharing sites.

However, there is a catch, when it comes to its user interface, as developers are still working on making it look less technical and more user-friendly. It currently has a command line interface (similar to MS-DOS environment), but the commands are easy to enter and execute. If you are not yet well-oriented with such an interface, you’ll be able to get used to it after a few tries. There are also internet resources and guides on how to operate the command line interface of Youtube-dl where you can effectively operate the program for many download functions. Overall, it has a good set of utilities for fast and convenient video downloads. Another good point about Youtube-dl is it has an easy install and uninstall process so you can use or replace it at any time you please.

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Video downloader websites and software providers have dynamic operating processes which tend to be uncertain at times. Some may go out of commission, while others stay strong and continue. As the saying goes, “when one door closes, a window opens”, it tells users to explore alternative options which may even be better than SaveFrom. The internet is a treasure trove of resources – there has to be something for everyone.