Why do gaming laptops heat up?

No matter, you are using a simple laptop or a gaming laptop, it will heat up when you run high-end software or games.

But there are many ways which help in making your laptop cool down easily but it is compulsory to keep the laptop cool.

Gaming is all about performance and when we are getting the maximum performance from the laptop then it must be heated up.

There are many more reasons due to which laptops start heating up but these problems can be solved very easily.

Some best gaming laptops under $600 have the fans installed by default which makes it keep cooler.

We all know that whenever the laptop is under a load, it starts heating up due to the heavy processor and graphics card.

But it is totally common for gaming laptops to heat up and it is nothing to worry about because you can easily cool down your laptop.

Some people thought that there is something wrong with their gaming laptops when it starts heating up.

We are going to discuss some of the problems that can cause heating your laptop and we will also describe its solution.


Multitasking means you are using more than one program at a time that can produce heat in your system.

When you are using more than one program or software at a time, your laptop needs more performance to run all these programs.

If your gaming laptop starts heating up, you need to immediately close all the other browsers or apps that you are not using.

This will surely help you in making your gaming laptop cooler very easily. This is not something difficult to follow.

Sometimes we are using different browsers at a time and that is also something disturbing for your laptop and then it starts heating up.

Room temperature is high

We cannot consider the temperature of the gaming laptop only; we have to be focused on the temperature of our room.

If you are playing games in the hot room then your laptop must be heated up. It is something serious for your gaming laptop.

The solution to this problem is you can install proper ventilation in your room and make your room temperature normal.

Small vents will surely help you in making your room temperature normal and it will keep it the same for some time.

You can also use fans if you want to keep your room temperature normal that will not be dangerous for your laptop.

Laptops thermal paste

There is a thermal paste installed in all the laptops either it is a gaming laptop or a simple laptop but thermal paste can eliminate its effectiveness.

When the thermal paste of your gaming laptop loses its effectiveness, your laptop starts heating up and makes your games full of lags.

You can replace the old thermal paste with the new one and this will help you in keeping your laptop cool during the games.

It is very easy to apply a new thermal paste so, you can easily get the new one and make your laptop perform best.

Software virus

Sometimes, we install some malicious software or apps that can be a source of virus into your gaming laptop.

We have different anti-viruses or windows defenders too but sometimes they are unable to control the virus and it will enter into the laptop’s software.

When we have the virus in the laptop’s software then it will eliminate some of the performance of your laptop and make your laptop heated up.

The virus can control the speed of the fans that helps the laptop to keep cooler, so it is necessary to make your laptop virus-free.

Laptop fans

The most important thing is your laptop’s fans, they play an important role in making your laptop cool down.

But if you have any fault with the fans, they will not work properly. That’s why your laptop starts heating up and disturbs your gaming.

You can also buy a separate cooling fan that will be very helpful for your laptop and you can play the games for many hours.

We can easily put the separate cooling pads under the laptop and adjust the speed of its fans so it will easily cool down your laptop.

Dusty or blocked vents

There are vents present in gaming laptops that can pass the air between these small holes and make your laptop temperature normal.

These holes are specifically designed for making the laptops cool and there is no other function of these holes.

You can easily make it clean with a brush so your laptop can take fresh air from outside to make the temperature normal.


When you are using your laptop, the surface matters a lot. You need to put your laptop on a hard surface rather than using a soft surface.

If you are using your laptop by putting it on a softer surface, it will surely start heating up, that’s why the surface must be focused.

If your laptop starts heating up, all you need is to put it on a table or a hard surface like tables, it will surely cool down.


It is the most important thing to focus on while fixing this problem. Sometimes your computer is not meeting the needs of your games.

Every game has some different requirements and you must check before running it on your gaming laptop.

All you can do is to replace some of the specifications like RAM, graphics card and many more things and it will surely help you.

But some of the games can be played with the default specifications of your laptop and you don’t need to change them or replace them.

Bottom line

Buying a laptop is not something big to deal with but you must maintain it by various means to get the complete performance.

Many problems will surely occur while using a gaming laptop but some of them can be solved very easily.

The heating up of a laptop is one of the most common problems but at the same time, it can be solved just by taking some important steps.

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