Famed Attorney CHARLES HARDER Releases Book GAWKER SLAYER on Fifth Anniversary of $140 Million Trial Victory For Hulk Hogan Against Gawker Media


Dubbed “the highest-profile media lawyer in America” by The Hollywood Reporter, and “Hollywood’s favorite lawyer,” by Financial Times, CHARLES HARDER gives readers an inside look at his most famous celebrity cases during his 25-year career.

NEW YORK (March 8, 2021) – Coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the landmark $140 million jury verdict for Hulk Hogan that forced Gawker Media into bankruptcy, powerhouse attorney CHARLES HARDER tells his story for the first time with the release of GAWKER SLAYER: The Professional and Personal Adventures of Famed Attorney CHARLES HARDER.

Gawker Slayer intertwines fascinating narrations of Harder’s biggest cases, with personal stories about his life, upbringing and legal career, with commentary on the media, law and major topics of the times, including media bias, journalistic ethics, and cancel culture.

Gawker Slayer includes in-depth discussion of the following cases, among others:

  – A multi-chapter look inside the legal battle between Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media which put the company out of business.
– Winning a multi-million-dollar settlement, plus full retraction and apology, for First Lady Melania Trump against the Daily Mail.
– Beating Stormy Daniels in two federal lawsuits, on behalf of client President Trump.
– Representing Amber Heard in her divorce case against ex-husband Johnny Depp.
– Representing Halle Berry in rewriting California harassment laws to protect children from the paparazzi.
– Representing the Julia Child Foundation against Thermador for posthumously using her name and image to market their products without permission.
– Representing Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon in lawsuits to protect their name and image rights.

Gawker Slayer is about doing what’s necessary, sometimes through extraordinary measures, to protect fundamental rights, including free speech and free expression,” says Harder, “and protect individuals against the excesses of powerful media corporations, and promote responsibility and civility in society.”

Gawker Slayer is available internationally in Paperback (US$18.00) and e-book (US$9.99) on Amazon.

Dubbed “the highest-profile media lawyer in America” by The Hollywood Reporter, “Hollywood’s favorite lawyer,” by Financial Times, and awarded the California Lawyer of the Year, Media (CLAY award) in 2017, CHARLES HARDER is a national litigation and trial attorney who specializes media law, First Amendment, defamation, privacy, reputation protection, entertainment, intellectual property and business litigation. He is founder and managing partner of HARDER LLP (www.HarderLLP.com) based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York.

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