How to Sort Your Favorite Songs with Spotify’s New Genre and Mood Filters


It is a company in New York where you can listen to all
music you want or need.

Spotify is a music app in which you can access podcast,
music, and audio streaming songs, video streaming
songs. You can listen to your favorite music on Spotify
only by just signing up using your Email address.
But another form of Spotify is called premium spotty,
which wants a premium subscription while the free
version of Spotify is used in smartphones, laptops,
computers, and Tablets. This app is legal to use. The
free version of Spotify, including advertising ads like
Radio stations.


“Spotify Technology S. A.” It is a publicly-traded
organization on New York Stock Exchange since 2018,
based in Luxembourg.

It is a media service, which is launched in October
2008. This organization has many headquarters in New
York. Spotify provides free vocalizes. You search

millions of songs in it. By using this app, you can find
your favorite artist or singer’s vocals and content.

Is Spotify is available in anywhere :

This is available in many countries, but due to the
Spotify coverage gap, this service is not available in
Russia and South Korea.

How you use Spotify:

The use of Spotify is easy to listen to music. Following
are the steps that should be followed to use it.
Step 1:
• First, you download the app, sign up for Spotify .it
is easy for users that should sign up for Facebook
because of this, you can share songs with your
friends and family

Step 2:
• For more features, you can install premium Spotify
premium is more flexible, and through this, you
can connect with more devices

Step 3:
• With the free version, you can connect with your
mobiles and listening music Download music from

You can download your favorite music and make a
playlist that Spotify allows its users to create a playlist
of your favorite songs.


It has a free version
• Sharp and clear quality mode
• Through the free version of Spotify you
• can also listen to some Advertisements.
Spotify Premium gives you a chance to listen to
your fav music anywhere rather you have the
internet or not. It gives you a high-quality facility.
• Making a playlist and collect your unique
• Spotify is a smart app in which suggestion will be
given about your mode that it learns what kind of
music, genres, and artist users can joy.
• Easy to use.
• Its functions are easy to understand, and users
should quickly follow.
• You can use it with Facebook
• Listen to all of your favorite albums
• You can share your feelings through music with
your special ones and friends when using Spotify
on Facebook.
• You can even also control the visibility panel

How to sort your favorite songs with Spotify’s new
genre and mood filters:

The Spotify users know that they like songs on your
mobile Spotify app. The like button is available is on
this Spotify, which is a heart-shaped button. You can
press this button, and your favorite song will be an
add-in to your collected album or collection. Spotify
updates your app, and new features are added to it.

The new filters are now added in this app in which
users can play that song that suits an actual situation
and genre.

So, from these latest features, you can sort your
favorite sons, you can ; your those pieces according to
your mood and genre.

You can make mood and genre categories of your
favorite songs.

How to find songs, playlist, and albums:

It is relatively easy .you can open the app, tap three
tabs and click the search option where you can find
your favorite singers, artists, and podcast music.

If you search for a specific category, then you can enter
their term or name of the album you can find it easily
as you know that Spotify has the ability to sorts your
favorite songs.

Alternatives of Spotify :

Still, It is a popular app for music streaming, but now
there are so many apps and websites compete it.

more characteristics and has enormous music
categorizes offers by the different music apps and
websites so, people have better choices.

Data that Spotify app should be used :

It depends on your streaming quality. In your device,
which used the Spotify app, you can quickly check the
data by change the quality of streaming. Just click the
setting option on your device and check.

On video playback, more data should be used as
compared to audio.

Four quality levels :

• Normal stream at 96kbps
• Low 24 kbps
• High at 160 kbps
• Very high stream at 320 kbps
• Free users 128 kit/s
• Premium user 256kbit/s

How to connect with friends on Spotify:

In this app, there are many ways that you can find
friends on Spotify.

• Through Facebook

• App has a search function in which you find
• Search box format is available in this app to find
• Through the activity feed, you can find friends
who are listening same music or songs.

Spotify connect:

From this, you can connect with many Wi-Fi devices
Wi-Fi connected devices such as

• TV
• Google home
• WI-FI speakers
• PC
• Amazon Echo
• Chromecast, etc

Some types of Spotify:

• Spotify pets
• Spotify kids
• Spotify stations Spotify pets:
This app is made mostly to play tunes and music for
pets. They establish a pet playlist on it. This music is
depends on your pet’s mood or genre.

Spotify kids:

This music app is for young children. This all is safe for
kids. This app is used in Android and IOS devices but
not available worldwide. This app is available in
• UK
• Australia
• Sweden
• New Zealand
• Denmark
• Mexico
• Brazil
• Argentina

Spotify stations:

This app is also used in smartphones such as Android
and IOS.
This app includes stations like radio.
Stations provide a comfortable foyer to users

Spotify codes:

The main feature of Spotify is which users can share
music and songs with their family and friends. They
allow code that followers should scan code for
sharing .

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