DHS Group Equity Partners Donates $75M to Fight COVID-19 in Brazil: Announced Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman of DHS Group

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — August 4, 2021 – DHS Group Equity Partners and private sector are strongly committed to helping the Brazilian people to combat COVID-19 in Brazil and together have already made available over US$ 76 million (R$ 418 million) in a series of initiatives, including donation of health equipment, food, hygiene products and individual […] Continue Reading

HelloProject brings free services and state of the art contractor matching technology for your home remodeling project

  HelloProject USA – USA’s leading platform that finds the best contractor for home services has announced free in-persona and virtual estimating services for their customers. Whether it is your entire home just one living space, HelloProject is there to assist you with your home renovation. Escalation in interest and property prices and rise in […] Continue Reading


30-year Anesthesiologist case overturned life rebuilding process begins Somerset, Kentucky – – – – July 29, 2021 ——- Dr. Ezekiel Akande was a well-respected anesthesiologist, who specialized in pain medicine and treated acute and longstanding pain problems, in Somerset, Kentucky, a small city located at the eastern end of Kentucky’s Mississippian Plateau, in Pulaski County, […] Continue Reading

British Department of Trade Announces Appointment of DHS Vice Chairman Fernando Aguirre as Deputy Director of International Affairs and Trade

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — July 26, 2021 — DHS Group, announced today that its Vice Chairman, Fernando Aguirre, has been appointed by the British Government Deputy Director of International Affairs and Trade at the Office of Business and Economic Development.   Fernando Aguirre has been the Trade Representative for Europe, Middle East and India […] Continue Reading

First COVID, now Record-Breaking Heat Keeps Kids at Home – Company finds Solution for families struggling to entertain kids

Physical activity reaches all-time low levels Miami, Florida July 6, 2021 – – – – If you are a parent who is struggling to entertain your kids at home due to the pandemic or bad weather, you are not alone. Millions of kids are now watching more TV and YouTube than ever. Kids’ physical activity […] Continue Reading

DHS Group Announces New Argentina Acquisition and TMX Partnership Valued at $150M: Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman of DHS Stated

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Tuesday, July 6, 2021 — DHS Group, a leading independent and private equity firm in the oil and gas industry, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, today announced further expansion in the Neuquen basin in Argentina with the acquisition of Los […] Continue Reading

LA Entrepreneur arrested in Thailand, Here’s what his company comments with substantial evidence

DropIn, in an official media release, said the company’s Board of Directors is conducting an investigation concerning the events surrounding the arrest of its founder Louis Ziskin in Thailand. On May 15th, 2021, the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested Mr. Ziskin in Bangkok on attempted murder and kidnapping charges. A Thai criminal court judge released […] Continue Reading

Fernando Aguirre, DHS Executive Vie Chairman Chairs Investor Summit Inspiration Gala in Amsterdam, Honoring Ashton Ferrer with Talton Group

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — June 14, 2021— Fernando Aguirre, Executive Vice Chairman of DHS joined Aileen Getty, Peter Nilson, Ashley Hollingsworth, and Prince of Monaco for a gathering at arts media centre in Amsterdam on June 12, 2021 at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre to support of the Investor Summit for its 2021 Inspiration Gala. […] Continue Reading

Organization begins process of restoring rule of law

Grass roots movement seizes moment – gaining traction Washington D.C. ———— June 8, 2021 ———– While Americans across the nation continue to watch firsthand, how their country, their heritage and their treasured rights and freedoms are being eroded by corruption, abuse, and a general lawlessness, which is turning a once free America into what many feel […]

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