Valerie Elhurr Discusses Proven Steps to Becoming a Successful Business Coach and Mentor

Valerie Elhurr says that entrepreneurs and established leaders face challenges at every turn. This is where business coaches and mentors offer invaluable guidance and support to navigate the landscape and achieve success. Honing in on Expertise: Solid Business Foundation: While there’s no need to be a guru in every industry, a grasp of core business […] Continue Reading

PROSPECTIVE SUPER BOWL 2025 ADVERTISERS – WAKE UP! It’s All About Brand, Message, and Action

The 2024 Super Bowl generated an ironic achievement. It was blessed with an estimated record number of 120.3 million TV viewers on CBS alone, according to Nielsen. However, a seven-year longitudinal study by Bottom-Line Analytics (BLA), an advanced analytics and market mix modeling firm, shows that this year’s Super Bowl ads were the weakest in a decade. […] Continue Reading

Publicly Available Does Not Mean Public Domain: Why You Cannot Freely Copy Everything on The Internet

The start of a new year often brings discussion of the “public domain,” because in the United States on January 1 (or Public Domain Day) artistic creations with an expiring copyright term become available for the public to copy, share, and adapt.  Often people use “publicly available” and “public domain” interchangeably, believing these words have […] Continue Reading

Vault Verify Launches Vault EDGe Gateway, HR Tech Industry’s First Secure Data Integration Platform

Vault Verify, a leader of outsourced employment and income verifications for HR departments across the U.S., has today announced a new product offering to ensure employee data protection. The Vault EDGe Gateway is a real-time API-based integration platform that, when connected to a company’s HCM platform, regulates data access, and enables a secure ecosystem for […] Continue Reading

Translation as a Catalyst for Inter-business Collaboration in Edmonton

Edmonton, an economic gem in Western Canada, stands out with a cultural and linguistic mosaic that mirrors the diversity of its business community. In this rapidly growing metropolis, translation emerges as a crucial driver of inter-business collaboration, bringing together players from diverse sectors beyond linguistic boundaries. This linguistic evolution goes beyond mere adaptation of speeches; […] Continue Reading

Blimburn Seeds: Cultivating Wellness with Nature’s Green Bounty

Introduction Hello, dear readers! Dr. Greenleaf here, your friendly neighborhood health blogger. Today, we’re diving into a fascinating topic that’s sprouting up all over the wellness landscape: Blimburn Seeds. Now, before you imagine a magical garden where seeds rain down like confetti, let’s get grounded and explore the world of cannabis seeds with a fresh […] Continue Reading