Understanding Average Application Approval Times on Android and iOS Stores: Insights from theAD, Sydney’s Premier App Development Company

In the fast-paced world of mobile application development, understanding the timeline for getting your app from final draft to live on the app stores is crucial. For developers and businesses in Sydney, this knowledge can significantly impact project timelines and go-to-market strategies. At theAD, a leading app development company in Sydney, we specialize in delivering high-quality mobile applications that meet the stringent requirements of both the Android and iOS stores. In this article, we’ll explore the average approval times for applications on these platforms and offer insights into how to streamline your app submission process.

Understanding the App Store and Google Play Store Approval Processes

When you submit an app to the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, it undergoes a review process to ensure it meets the specific standards and guidelines set by each platform. This process is critical to maintaining the quality and security of apps available to users.

iOS App Store Approval Time

The iOS App Store is known for its rigorous and thorough review process. Apps here are checked for a range of compliance issues, from software stability and security to adherence to content guidelines.

Average Approval Time: Historically, the average approval time for apps on the iOS App Store has been about one to two weeks. However, thanks to streamlined processes and better compliance tools, this timeframe has improved. Currently, about 50% of apps are reviewed within 24 to 48 hours, and up to 90% are reviewed within 48 hours if no significant issues are found.

Google Play Store Approval Time

The Google Play Store also conducts a review of all apps submitted, focusing on safety checks and policy compliance. The review process here is generally considered to be faster than that of the iOS App Store.

Average Approval Time: Most apps on the Google Play Store are reviewed and approved within a few hours to three days. This quicker turnaround is partly because Google uses more automated tools in its initial review process, which speeds up the approval times for straightforward app submissions.

Factors Influencing Approval Times

Several factors can influence how long it takes for your app to be approved on both platforms:

  1. App Complexity and Functionality: More complex apps with extensive functionalities may take longer to review.
  2. Compliance with Guidelines: Apps that closely adhere to the app store guidelines are less likely to be rejected or require additional review time.
  3. Quality of Submission: Clear, concise, and complete information submitted with the app, including test accounts and detailed descriptions, can help expedite the review process.
  4. Update vs. New Submission: Updates to existing apps generally enjoy faster approval times compared to new submissions, as the app has already been through an initial review.

How theAD Can Help Accelerate Your App Approval Process

As a seasoned app development company in Sydney, theAD understands the nuances of preparing and submitting apps that meet the criteria of both the Android and iOS platforms efficiently. Here’s how we can help:

  • Pre-Submission Audits: We conduct thorough pre-submission audits to ensure your app adheres to all guidelines, which reduces the likelihood of rejection.
  • Expertise in App Design Sydney: Our design team ensures that your app is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and compliant with all platform-specific design standards.
  • Seamless Development Process: Whether it’s iOS app development or Android app development in Sydney, our developers use best practices that align with platform requirements, ensuring smooth reviews.
  • Post-Submission Support: If your app faces a rejection, our team is ready to quickly address the issues and resubmit, minimizing delays.


Understanding the approval times for app submissions to the Android Store and iOS Store is crucial for planning your app launch effectively. At theAD, we pride ourselves on not only creating exceptional mobile applications but also guiding them successfully through the approval process. Whether you are looking for mobile app development in Sydney, app design, or consultation services, theAD is your go-to app development partner.

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