Different Types of Mouth Guard Used For Different Occasion

The use of mouth guards is common in different sports, and for years the purchase was based on the choice between three different main sizes. For those who practice certain sports, finding the right mouth guard is an essential thing, not only for the comfort you have to feel when wearing it but above all to prevent the fact of being hurt. To choose the best clear mouth guard, you must consider the athlete’s needs and the sport he is practising; based on this; the most suitable type of mouth guard will change. For example, a mouth guard used in football is different from one worn by a boxer instead. In fact, over time, the mouth guards have evolved and are different from those of the past that were mainly used by those who practised boxing matches; now, they are, in fact, available in various models capable of adapting to every sporting need. 

Type of mouth guard:

Thermo-moldable mouth guard:  This type of mouth guard is recommended for those looking for a mouth guard that can adapt perfectly to their teeth, assuming the shape of the upper and lower jaws, thus adapting perfectly to the wearer. This mouth guard is heat moldable as it is made using a material that can soften slightly when immersed in boiling water. Instead, it returns to its initial hardness when it cools to room temperature. When it is still hot, the mouth guard should be worn so that it can best adapt to the shape of your teeth, possibly after following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Custom mouth guard:  This mouth guard is the most expensive, but it is also the most suitable for those who need to wear a perfect mouth guard, which gives comfort and fits with its shapes in a precise way to the wearer. A mouth guard can be made on request by a specialist in the sector, who will create the mouth guard using a mold on which the internal shapes of the athlete’s mouth will be reported. The result will be a perfect mouth guard for your teeth, able to give maximum protection and comfort when worn.

Features of Mouth Guard that makes them best to use:

  • Materials: As we have already mentioned, the materials used to make a mouth guard can be different. 
  • Thermoplastic: This is usually the material that is used in thermo-moldable mouth guards. Its characteristic is to soften with heat and in two versions: colored or transparent.
  • Silicone: Silicone is another flexible material used to make mouth guards. This material is ideal for those who need a mouth guard and wear a tooth alignment device at the same time
  • Lip protection: in sports where a protective mask is not used, a mouth guard to protect the wearer’s lips may be helpful.

Some tips that could help you to choose a mouth guard

  1. Athletes who wear braces should consider purchasing a clear mouth guard for upper and lower teeth. This is because they can be more comfortable to wear and protect the teeth in the best possible way.
  2. After using a mouth guard, it should always wash with clean water, but it should be immersed in an effervescent denture cleaner if it needs deeper cleaning. Instead, scrubbing should be avoided, for example, using a toothbrush or toothpaste.
  3. A mouth guard with a removable strap is ideal for those who cannot decide whether or not they will need to use the strap.
  4. A thin and well-fitting mouth guard is handy for athletes who need to speak, breathe and drink quickly.
  5. In a sport such as hockey, where a full protective helmet is worn, a mouth guard with a thin front profile and thicker protection on both sides will better protect the player from collisions.
  6. If you decide to buy a thermo-shaping mouth guard modelled with boiling water, be careful when wearing it and not to bite the lower part of the protection altogether.
  7. Once you put on the heat moulding mouth guard, you notice that it is rubbing uncomfortably against your gums. You can use scissors or a cutter to cut the top of the protector that is bothering you.


If you intend to choose the best clear mouth guard but do not know which reliable stores to buy from, their prices, or the most popular and sought-after models by users, we suggest you contact sporting smiles.


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