Top 15 Best Pizza Places In Greensboro NC – Must Try 2022

Do you love pizza? Who doesn’t?! But have you even really tried the best pizza in Greensboro NC? If you’re looking for the best pizza in Greensboro NC, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 15 places that serve up some mouth-watering slices! You’ll find all sorts of different styles and toppings which is great because everyone has their own personal favorite way to enjoy it. 

If you live in Greensboro NC and love pizza, then you may know the pizza places near you but have you discovered the best pizza out there. 

The next time you’re hungry but don’t know what to eat, reach for one (or two) of these delicious pizzas!

Top 15 Best Pizza Places In Greensboro NC

  1. Moe’s Pizza And Subs 2 Greensboro NC
  2. Mario’s Pizza Greensboro
  3. Elizabeth’s Pizza Greensboro
  4. Brixx Pizza 
  5. Jet’s Pizza Greensboro
  6. Marco’s Pizza
  7. Vino’s Pizzeria
  8. Blaze Pizza Greensboro NC
  9. Fox Pizza & Subs Greensboro NC
  10. Golden Pizza and Subs Greensboro NC
  11. Domino’s Pizza Greensboro NC 
  12. Papa John’s Pizza 
  13. Greensboro Pizza Hut
  14. Little Caesars Pizza Greensboro NC
  15. Romos Pizza Greensboro NC

There are many pizza places in Greensboro NC and picking out the top 15 was not easy. We have read thousands of reviews, surveyed tons of people, and watched countless videos to figure out the best pizza places. Let’s dive into the list.

  • Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 Greensboro NC 

Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 is fairly new, so those who haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out! The homemade sauce and cheese are simply delicious. They have many different pizzas to choose from so everyone can find something they love.

Moe’s Pizza and Subs has a list of regular customers because the pizza tastes great every time. Whenever someone mentions Moe’s in Greensboro NC, people say ‘wow that sounds good. If you try it once, I’m sure you’ll be hooked like me!’

Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 has a large variety of different pizzas, even some you might not expect to find at a pizza place. If you’re looking for something different than just your average pepperoni or cheese, then Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 is the right choice for you!

The most loved pizza among others is the NY-style pizza, they make it with a perfect crust that is thin and crispy. The mozzarella cheese and toppings are placed on top of the sauce and then it’s baked to perfection. Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 also has a lot of vegetarian options, so everyone can enjoy a delicious pizza!

The best thing about Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 which I like is its affordability. You can get the best pizza in Greensboro NC under $17 and that’s really amazing how you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

I can go on and on, but I will leave this by saying that if you’re looking for something different than your average pepperoni or cheese, then Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 is the right choice for you! 

What do you have to lose? Treat yourself to Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 best pizza in Greensboro NC now!

You can also find Moe’s Pizza and Subs at: 6004-F, Landmark Center Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States


  • Can’t exaggerate enough how amazing the food tastes
  • Affordable
  • Great deals
  • Makes their ingredients from scratch
  • Menu
  • Service


  • No dine available right now
  • Marios Pizza Greensboro

If you have already tried Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 and wants to try more pizza places, then you should try Mario’s Pizza Greensboro.

At Mario’s Pizza Greensboro they have been serving delicious pizzas for longer than a decade and are still going strong with their quality food! They have all sorts of different pizzas for you to choose from, so there is definitely something for everyone.


  • Big slices
  • Fresh ingredients


  • Expensive
  • Greasy pizza
  • Poor customer service during busy hours
  • Elizabeth’s Pizza Greensboro

Another good pizza place in Greensboro NC is Elizabeth’s Pizza Greensboro. If you want a whole lot of cheese on your pizza, then this is the place to go! They’re well-known for their “Super Cheesy” pizzas because they load it with so much cheese that you won’t be able to see any other ingredients except pure cheesy goodness.

They also have pepperoni and sausage as toppings if you prefer something meatier over cheesier flavors. The prices are around $14-$20 depending upon the size of the pizza that you order. If one person isn’t enough to finish off an entire large-sized pizza, then there are always family deals.


  • Clean italian restaurant
  • Friendly staff


  • The topping was not perfect
  • Some people say that their service has changed after pandemic
  • Brixx Pizza Greensboro NC

You may not find a list of best pizzas in Greensboro NC that doesn’t include Brixx. This pizzeria takes a different spin on the traditional pie by adding interesting ingredients like Gouda cheese, figs, and prosciutto. If you’re feeling adventurous then this is the place to go! They’re well-known for their unique pizzas like the Chicken Caesar Pizza that has everything a great Caesar salad has, but on a pizza with Brixx’s signature crust!


  • Nice pizza place for wood-fired pizza
  • Can be loud sometimes


  • The pizza crust is very thin 
  • Need to add more sauce 
  • Very few toppings
  • Jet’s Pizza Greensboro NC

Greensboro residents also know that Jet’s is the place to go for a classic and delicious pizza. They pride themselves on their Detroit-style pies which are square in shape and have a thick, chewy crust. You can choose from lots of toppings including pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, and even pineapple. If you want to try square pizza for the first time, then Jet’s is definitely the place to go!


  • Jets use real cheese
  • Great deep dish pizza


  • Slices are small
  • Customer Service is not that great
  • Marco’s Pizza Greensboro NC

Marco’s Pizza is loved by many just because their pizza is so cheesy. It’s the kind of place where you can grab a slice with your friends and just enjoy how gooey, stringy cheese stretches between each piece. Marco’s has lots of great toppings to choose from including pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions, and more!

However, you can’t eat too much as they put too much cheese. I prefer a perfect blend of cheese, crush, toppings, and other details which I only found at Moe’s Pizza And Subs 2 which is just a few steps away from Marco’s pizza. I was not expecting the new pizzeria to be that tasty but they exceeded my and my friend’s expectations.


  • Good customer service


  • They don’t use ingredients made from scratch
  • Can be bad for health
  • Average priced
  • The crust was very thick
  • Vino’s Pizzeria

Vino’s Pizzeria has a modern and sleek design with an open kitchen. They serve Neapolitan-style pizza, which is thin crust and has a slightly charred flavor. I really like their pizzas because they’re not too greasy or heavy. Their ingredients are also very fresh, so it’s always a good choice if you’re looking for something light but still satisfying.

However, many people reported that they take a bit too long to deliver food, so keep that in mind if you’re ordering from them.


  • Neapolitan-style pizza


  • Takes more than usual time
  • Poor customer service
  • Blaze Pizza Greensboro NC

Blaze Pizza Greensboro NC is known for its fast and fresh pizzas. They have a wide variety of toppings to choose from, so you can always find something that suits your taste. And the best part is that they cook it for you in just 180 seconds!

However, their pizza is not that thick. You can taste the dough but it’s not that thick or hard crust you typically get in North Carolina pizzas.


  • Fresh ingredients
  • Wide selection of toppings
  • Cooks quickly


  • No reservations accepted
  • Fox Pizza & Subs Greensboro NC

Fox pizza brings you a traditional and authentic taste of pizza. It is slightly on the expensive side, but you can always ask them about their daily specials for discounts!

Their salads are also delicious so if you want to try something different from your usual pizzas then this place is perfect for both adults and children too! Fox Pizza & Subs Greensboro NC is a great place to stop by with friends or family, and I highly recommend this as one of the top 15 best pizza places in Greensboro NC!


  • Authentic slices of Italian Pizza 
  • Wide selection of toppings 


  • Very packed during lunch hours 
  • Pricey compared with other restaurants in Greensboro NC 
  • Golden Pizza & Subs Greensboro NC

Golden Pizza & Subs Greensboro NC is another great place to stop by with friends and family for a hot, fresh slice of pizza. Golden Pizza & Subs Greensboro NC is loved by those people who love a classic New York-style pizza.

They also offer other Italian dishes such as pasta, calzones, and Stromboli. They use fresh ingredients and make their dough daily. However, it is pricey compared with other restaurants in Greensboro NC 


  • Great New York-style pizza 
  • Offers other Italian dishes 


  • Pricey
  • Domino’s Pizza Greensboro NC

Domino’s Pizza is a large food chain that is known for its pizza. It is a great place to go if you are looking for an affordable, yet still tasty, pizza. They have a variety of toppings to choose from and also offer sandwiches and desserts.

You can order online, pick it up at the store, or have it delivered. However, if you are a resident of Greensboro NC then this may not be your favorite, as it doesn’t seem to be as loved as the other pizza places in Greensboro NC.


  • Affordable 
  • Variety of toppings 


  • It may not be as fresh or delicious as some of the other places on this list
  • Papa John’s Pizza Greensboro NC

Papa John’s serves pizza throughout the United States, it is a well-known chain, so if you are looking for a popular pizza place, this is the one.

The staff there would be friendly and helpful in helping you find what toppings or sauce that best suits your style of eating Pizza. They have all the classics like pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions etc., but also offer specialty pizzas such as Meat Lovers with beef, bacon, ham & Italian sausage just to name a few! If you’re not into meat then try their Veggie Lover’s which includes spinach, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, and garlic topped off with mozzarella cheese! So many delicious options available at Papa John’s Pizza Greensboro NC 


  • Friendly staff
  • Variety of toppings 


  • Not as loved as local pizza places
  • Greensboro Pizza Hut NC

Pizza hut is another well-known food chain. They have so many different options for pizzas. It’s a great place to go if you’re not sure what kind of pizza you want because Pizza Hut can satisfy any craving! Some of their specialty pizzas include BBQ Chicken & Bacon Ranch just to name a few.

You can get bored from eating the same toppings all the time. If you’re looking for a change, Pizza Hut has a great variety of pizzas to choose from that will leave you wanting more!

Greensboro Pizza Hut is clean and well maintained. The staff is always very nice and greets everyone with a smile when they enter the building.

The only downside of this place would be that, while it’s clean compared to other pizza places, it isn’t as loved by locals–it may take some time for them to get your order ready if you’re in a hurry!


  • Variety of Toppings 


  • Not as loved as local pizza places
  • Little Caesars Pizza Greensboro NC

Little Caesar’s Pizza Greensboro NC offers a variety of pizzas and toppings at very reasonable prices.

Little Caesars Greensboro NC is somewhat known as the “cheaper” pizza place but it has been loved by locals for years now! Little Caesar’s offers fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives, making their food healthier than other fast-food chains such as Pizza Hut or Dominos.

Overall: A great choice if you’re looking to save some money on your meal without sacrificing taste! This restaurant can be found all over North Carolina–pick one up today and see what makes this small business so popular among locals!


  • Price (Cheap)                    
  • Availability (found all over the state) 


  • Takes more than 30 minutes to receive your food (if you’re dining in) 
  • Romo’s Pizza Greensboro NC

Romo’s Pizza Greensboro NC is another popular pizza place in the area, Romo’s has been around for over 13 years. It has been loved by Greensboro locals for its fresh ingredients, amazing prices, and quick customer service.

If you live in Greensboro NC, you might have heard of Romo’s Pizza. This pizza place is one of the most popular in the area and for good reason! They have amazing food at great prices, plus they’re quick to serve you so you can get back to enjoying your meal.


  • Price (average)                 
  • Availability (found all over the state) 


  • Takes more than 30 minutes to receive your food (if you’re dining in) 
  • Pizzas are sometimes inconsistent with toppings/ingredients
  • Ordering online can be limited–not available at all locations of Greensboro NC

You may find many other pizza places in Greensboro NC in addition to the ones mentioned above. 

However, these are the fifteen that we believe to be the best and you simply cannot go wrong with any of them.

Now it’s time for you to get out there and start trying some pizza! Let us know what your favorite spot is in the comments below.

How We Chose the Top 15 Best Pizza Places in Greensboro

There were many things that we considered when deciding which Greensboro pizzerias were worthy of being included in our top 15. 

First, there was the overall quality and taste of the pizza that they serve. This is essential since it’s what most people are coming for anyways! We also looked at other factors like service, cleanliness, options on the menu (such as vegetarian dishes), etc.

We tested crusts, toppings, sauces, and overall flavor to come up with the list. And of course, we had to take into account the price as well. We also read thousands of reviews online about the pizza places in Greensboro that we were considering to make sure that they are really worth it.

Having fresh ingredients was another important factor. We looked at where they get their ingredients from to make sure that it’s fresh.

We also wanted the place to be kid-friendly since families are usually looking for a great pizza restaurant too. And of course, we didn’t want any dirtiness or safety hazards in the restaurants as well!

Pizza Taste

We made sure to take into account the taste of the pizza. We looked at how they make their pizzas and if it matches what Greensboro’s residents like to eat!

We considered all kinds of tastes here, even ones that are not your traditional Italian-style pizza. Some may surprise you but trust us when we say it’s worth trying them out because they’re amazing too!

Pizza Crust

Pizza Crust was another great factor we looked into. Some places have thicker crusts and others are thin-crust pizzas that we prefer more.

There’s no doubt pizza is amazing but it all comes back to the dough and how they make their different styles of crusts! We took a lot of time looking at this factor because we know what Greensboro likes as well as other cities too so you can take our word for it when ordering your next pie, above mentioned 15 spots will not let you down!

Price And Service

Price was definitely an important factor for us as well since nobody wants to break the bank just for a meal. Of course, service should be excellent in any restaurant so being attentive towards customers is very crucial especially during busy hours. 

Different Options

Many of us get bored by having the same food all the time. We consider different food options important so that you can have a variety of tasty dishes to choose from.

Healthy Ingredients

We believe that food should be healthy no matter if it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That’s why we only included pizzerias that use fresh and/or organic ingredients in their recipes.

Local Pizzeria

We tried to include more local pizzerias in our list as compared to brand chains. This is because we are proud of our city’s best pizza places. We also consider the local restaurant image from Greensboro’s resident point of view.

Hygienic Measures

Before listing any of the pizzerias in our list we investigated their health inspection reports. We only included those that have an A grade or better.

Who will want their pizza to be made with dirty hands without gloves?

Kindly check the health inspection reports on each of our recommended pizza places before you visit them. We hope this will help make your life easier when choosing where to eat out for lunch or dinner. Pizza is usually best eaten within 30 minutes after cooking it. This is because its crust becomes hard and soggy if not consumed right away after being cooked in a brick oven set over firewood logs that are burning hot until they turn into red embers. So, we test it at just the right time for perfect texture and taste.

Online User Reviews

In addition to asking local residents and pizza-loving friends, we also check the online user reviews of our top 15 choices. They provide valuable information on what to expect at each place – for example, whether they serve fresh salads or not; how long it takes them to deliver food after you order by phone or Internet; if their staff is courteous and helpful with suggestions about new items that just came out this week as special offers, etc.; if their prices are reasonable compared with other local competitors.

Pizza places listed above have some good points in common: most popular among Greensboro locals who live a mile away from one another but frequent different pizzerias based on convenience (e.g., location near home/work), quality & product offered, family ties to the business, and/or recommendations from friends.

Pizza is a great food to share with family & friends – not just for special occasions or when you have a craving for it! It’s also one of those foods that most people don’t mind if they have leftovers at home. So regardless of whether you’re eating out at a pizza place or cooking your own pies at home, Greensboro NC has some local favorites worth trying no matter what genre (Italian vs. New York style) is preferred!


We measure the time it took for them to make the pizza and to deliver it. We also considered the opening time of restaurants and the time when they close. We also consider the closing margin like if you are late for the last order, will they entertain you or not.

Time was very important to us because we know everyone is busy in their own lives. So we try to measure the time it took them to deliver their service and how their opening hours are like.

Pizza Slice Size

Have you ordered a pizza that looked great on the menu but was really small when it arrived? Or have you ordered a pizza that looked small but was huge in size? We measure both these cases so you can be aware of what to expect.

We also consider the thickness and how well cooked is their crust. How do they balance bread, cheese, meat, etc.? All these matter for us because we are not only looking at the quality of ingredients used by restaurants while evaluating them but also want people to know about other things like taste, smell, and texture which might affect your decision.

Online Presence

We also considered each pizza places in Greensboro NC online presence and how they are doing on social media. Are they engaging with their customers? How are people talking about them on review sites?

These things can help a lot to consumers as they could report if they have some bad experience with any service or if someone was rude to them. Most of the pizza places listed here enjoy good online presence with good reviews.

How We Gave Numbers To Best Pizza Places In Greensboro NC?

It was really hard to number best pizza places In Greensboro NC because they were all very close, but we did our best. The restaurants that are mentioned first are the ones with overall better quality pizza, delivering time, fresh ingredients, and many more. However, if you’re looking for something specific like a Chicago-style deep dish or a more unique flavor then you might want to try one of the places further down on the list.

We all have our own preferences and whatnot, so we encourage you to try out all of the different pizza places in Greensboro NC, and find your favorite! However, we asked Greensboro’s residents and other people to rate these pizza places and they were all very close, but we did our best. 

With Greensboro’s diverse community comes different tastes in food – which is why we’ve compiled this rating system from everybody’s preferences along with our own opinions (tips: don’t be afraid to ask your waiter/waitress what their favorite “house” items are). We understand you may not totally agree with us but this is our effort to share what we love about food with everyone.

There are other pizza places in Greensboro NC but they didn’t make the list because they either didn’t have enough votes, were new to the scene, and needed more time to be evaluated, or we just haven’t had a chance to try them out. If you think your favorite pizza place should’ve made it on this list, please let us know. We tried our best to include every pizza place in Greensboro NC but there are just so many!

From the classic New York Style Pizza to Thin Crust to Chicago Deep Dish or even Pan Pizza, you can find it here. Some of these places have been around for decades and if they’re still standing after all these years then that’s a testament to how good their food really is. With countless franchises scattered throughout North Carolina, we wanted to give our readers what they asked for – where can I get great pizza without leaving Greensboro? 

Our favorite pizzas come from Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 because not only do they offer unique ingredients on top of their pizzas, but their crust is always perfectly cooked – never too doughy or crunchy. They have a large variety of crusts from which to choose, too. It’s a great place for lunch or dinner and always has fresh food being made when you walk in the door. Toppings include pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and many more – just about any topping that is offered on pizza can be found at Moe’s Pizza and Subs 2 in Greensboro NC.

The best part? With all these excellent toppings available there are so many combinations it’ll make your head spin! The only difficult choice will be trying to decide what kind of crust you want because they have thin or thick crust pizzas as well as regular dough instead of deep dish styles. 

The only downside which we find is that they don’t offer dine-in service, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their pizza because they home deliver and you can take out your pizza, but if you want to eat in you’re just going to have to go elsewhere.


After going through the top 15 list of best places to get pizza in Greensboro, we hope you find a good place that is near your location and taste buds. We know what the top 15 are but there may be other restaurants out there who have just as great quality pizzas so feel free to look around for yourself!

We tried our best to provide you with an unbiased opinion and we hope you enjoyed reading our list as much as we loved writing it. We have explained how we compiled the list and why the restaurants are placed in the order they are in. If you have any questions or would like to give your opinion on one of these places, please leave a comment below!

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