Reckonsoft Promises To Improve Sales By 700% Using Sponsored Posts Strategy

In this highly competitive digitally controlled market, it is extremely important to find proper and efficient ways of promoting your products or services. With every passing day newer and bolder avenues are opening for branding your product and services as well as making these visible over a broad spectrum of customers, thus enhancing the sales resulting in increased revenues. The latest and most promising mode of digital advertising is Sponsored Post.

 Sponsored posts?

Sponsored posts in social media are quite popular. Besides that, there can be paid posts that go into someone’s blog. These are advantageous in the sense that you get broader visibility when the view count of the blog page is high. The contents are to be engaging while the commercial aspects are to be kept subtle.

Why sponsored posts?

This is the modern way of digitally marketing your product or services. Without making any effort you get the opportunity to present your product or services to the audiences omni-present with the sponsoring website. Your posts can be product reviews, an informative article about your company or product or services having authentic links to landing pages dedicated to your interest. The sponsored articles being informative and lucid, attract larger audiences and hence serve greater purposes than simple advertisements which have already become monotonous and repelling for the general updated audiences of today. Since the readers love their website where they get their valuable information regarding their subjects of interest, they also repose faith in the sponsored company which is highlighted in the website. Thus, you get the benefit of the sponsoring company’s goodwill which can only be created after a long and arduous intelligent maneuvering. 

The maneuvering includes contents which must be able to provide desired value to the readers. The contents should be pleasurable to read, contain intelligent but understandable humorous anecdotes. The contents, in addition to being interesting, must be shareable. It should have ample links to authentic internal as well as external links.

The website like Reckonsoft has already achieved all such maneuvering and reached the summit in the realm of digital marketing. You are only to take advantage of their hard-won place in the marketing spree by sponsoring posts and reaping the harvest in your pocket in the form of increased revenue.

Why Reckonsoft?

The question that must be peeping in your mind is why to go for sponsored posts with reckonsoft? 

Because you are worrying about finding ways of increasing your reach, and Reckonsoft is here to take all your tasks so that you can relax and concentrate on your products and services. They can easily get your content published on high DA, high traffic sites like,,,,,,,, etc. Also, they offer guaranteed Press Release syndications on popular news portals like Yahoo News/ Finance,, Forbes Mentions etc. 

Reckonsoft is a group of highly efficient and knowledgeable people, experienced in all the pros and cons of digital marketing. Their website has a high ranking in Google search engine. They continuously update themselves with each and every new incorporation in the algorithm, accordingly, improving their website as and when required. 

High ranking in Google search engine turns out to be a huge turnover of visitors. So, all of your sponsored posts get the highest visibility which eventually will be reflected in the enhanced revenues.

High Domain Authority

Another vital factor for a website is its domain authority or DA. The Google search engine gives high preference to the websites having high DA. Such websites easily get high ranks and stay there in spite of numerous searches.

This metric is provided by the MOZ team. This has another added advantage with submission sites giving you quality backlinks which in turn enhances your DA for free. 

Reckonsoft places your articles in high DA websites which helps in improving the branding as well as visibility of your products and services.

Achievements of Reckonsoft

  1. Reckonsoft has already published 800 highly appraised quality contents in the last one year.
  2. The CEO of Reckonsoft has been awarded as the top performer in generating leads by Moreniche and SellHealth in the year 1919-20. 
  3. They have unparalleled expertise in branding, visibility, organic traffic and such other SEO practices.

Targeting organic traffic is a challenging task for any SEO expert. Organic traffic is that kind of visitor which lands on the website from unknown sources. They are truly free visitors accessing the website from unpaid sources. 

The SEO experts lay great importance to impress the organic traffic because such traffic enhances the trust of the website and yields a high conversion rate compared to the paid traffic. This is because organic traffic has a better intent. But to attract organic traffic one has to provide not only informative, pleasurable reading articles but also to take care to regularly update the content. These must have the most relevant keywords to attract organic traffic and authentic links from reputed websites.

Another important strategy is branding. Branding comprises all those strategies which go in the creation of a strong and genuine perception of your company or your products or your services. The techniques employed are bold mission statement, impressive logo, aesthetic design and a theme which must be consistent throughout wherever the marketing communications are taking place. The effective branding of Reckonsoft will help your company in having a stand alone look, singling out your company from all others which would help in creating a loyal and faithful customer base.

The experts in Rockensoft are regularly in these complicated technical jobs with the sole aim of providing you with the best services so that you can gain and grow.

Publishing your contents in right place

Selecting the right place is not an easy thing. It needs many hidden tricks which can only be obtained through experience. Reckonsoft has attained such incredible feats and uses 30 odd tricks while deciding your suitable sites befitting your keywords.

How important is the right placement can be understood by the following example? Say we consider which is a powerful site better than But if you place content like “best weight loss pills” in, post will fail to rank. While in, “best weight loss pills” already ranked in 4th spot. Reckonsoft knows which site ranks for which keyword.

In this way Reckonsoft is going to be your best bet for sponsored posts.

Promises from Reckonsoft

In the ultimate analysis, as the proverb goes, “seeing is believing”. But our past performances are here for your ready reckoner. 800 top notched articles in the last one year speaks volumes of the same. Our practice is to get the revenue statistics from our customers. These history sheets tell us that our esteemed customers are making 1000’s of USD per month for each page which is ranked in the Google search engine.


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