Here is what will happen when you stop smoking right now

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Smoking is one of the most prevalent addictions on the planet. With a community of 20 million adults worldwide, how big of a dilemma it can grow into is no secret. The mere reliance on any form of drug is not good to begin with, and tobacco specifically is a major one since most smokers do not even consider it a drug addiction.

Quitting a habit is hard, especially smoking, since your body has become so accustomed to the number of cigarettes; it will certainly be a tough nut to crack. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible. There are a plethora of changes you will go through. Today, we will be exploring them through a time filter. So here is what will happen if you aim to quit smoking right now.

After 30 minutes 

The first 20-30 mins are enough to alter a few things in your body. The time you spend without smoking, your body already starts to heal itself, your body’s temperature will get to optimal along with better circulation of blood. You will notice a decrease in blood pressure and your pulse rate too.

After several hours 

After 7-8 hours have elapsed without another smoke, further changes will occur. The amount of CO or carbon monoxide will be reduced by about 50 percent by now. Carbon monoxide can be pretty harmful since it messes up the oxygen transportation in your body and affects your brain, but since several hours have passed, half of it is already gone. 

Unfortunately, this is also the time you’ll start to crave a cigarette. You have to suppress the urge by other things you can do. After half a day has elapsed, your body is getting back to an optimal state; your heart is functioning properly.

After a day

After a day, you have already started to decrease your chances of many potential diseases or major heart attacks. Myocardial infarction is more common among smokers since the pressure on their hearts to transport less oxygenated blood is huge. But as soon as your system flushes out toxins, it starts to go back to normal, and you decrease your chances of getting a heart attack.

After two days

If 48 hours have passed since you last touched a smoke, you should congratulate yourself. Although at this point, you will likely get more symptoms of withdrawal. The fact that your body was so dependent on the nicotine to function well, it might get hard. Since these symptoms, like being anxious, or depressed, or dizzy seem serious, this is the time most people revert to old ways. 

But you have to stay consistent and they will also pass. In the meantime, you can treat yourself to delicious food since your palette may have been enhanced by now, and you likely have a sharper sense of smell and taste.

After a few weeks

The tough part is gone for now, and you will likely see changes within yourself. Your blood, lungs, and entire system has been cleaned up. This will make you feel energetic, and it’s the time to explore the options you thought you were not fit to pursue.

After a few years

After a few years have passed, you would have lowered your chances of cancer and heart diseases bringing it equal to nonsmokers. Your body has cleaned up after the years of damage done to your lungs, and it’s time to move on to a healthier life.

Summing it up

Quitting smoking isn’t easy; it takes a lot of mental and physical strength. You have to stay motivated throughout the journey and look at the long-term advantages. The most important is the chance to lead a better, healthier, and happier life.


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