Hear Assist Pro Review – Does It Really Work or Scam Device?

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people suffer from hearing loss and hearing impairment. This is why they rely on using hearing aids. Therefore, we would like to recommend the Hear Assist Pro device to those who want to enjoy the blessing of sound once again.

There are hundreds of hearing aids in the market that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. However, the HearAssist Pro is not just remarkably affordable, but the design makes it comfortable to wear, and it can stay in its place without proving to be a hassle.

Hear Assist Pro hearing aids are all the rage right now, and it has gathered enough attention among medical groups and communities. There is always a rush for this particular earpiece. But since October 2021, Hear Assist Pro hearing aid devices are becoming more and more common among many.

One reason behind this sudden peak demand is due to the FDA approval on OTC hearing aids post-pandemic. And just as with any popular, acclaimed electronic device, we found verified Hear Assist Pro customer reviews, customer insights, and questions that need answers, everything you will know in this Hear  review. Hence, here is the official disclosure of this year’s HearAssist Pro Review, critical customer insights, and scam alerts to watch out for.

We noticed that hearing amplifiers have become a life-saving device to those who have a difficult time hearing quality sounds, especially the American senior citizens over the age of 50. We’ve gotten so many requests from our readers requesting hearing amplifier reviews. So we looked around, tested those we tested and then settled on this very one, the HearAssist Pro.

We chose to review this particular hearing amplifier because of the way the product is trending in America. We needed to find out if it’s any good or if it’s just all hype and scam. However, during our research we actually loved how the Hear Assist Pro is making it possible for a more affordable hearing treatment.

The manufacturers were out to practically transform lives by creating this device to stand up to medical hearing aids that cost over $5000. Aside from being affordable, this personal hearing amplifier is more stylish, smaller and sleeker.

And there’s so much to it than meets the eyes! In this HearAssist Pro Review, find out everything you ought to know about Hear Assist Pro before you buy.

Introducing Hear Assist Pro (HearAssist Pro Reviews CA)

The HearAssist Pro is a new cutting-edge European technology that has been designed by a New Jersey-based company in the USA to help senior citizens gain clearer sounds. The company also wanted to help these seniors cut down on the heavy amount of money they spend on hearing assistance technologies.

So, that’s how the Hear Assist Pro came into the scene. It was born out of the manufacturers’ need to help people live their best without having to sell a pound of their flesh.

The Hear Assist Pro was built by utilizing high-fidelity audio programming that ensures that the sound you hear is crystal clear. They also utilized the superior noise cancelling technology which filters the sound you hear against noise. Now you can clearly hear conversations with so much ease, without the background noises discomforting you and making your ear hurt.

Many Reviewers of HearAssist Pro confirmed that it has so many remarkable qualities. It has a slim, sleek design, bluetooth connectivity, volume control, USB charging, and new European engineering. This Hear Assist Pro Device seems like the best option for our senior citizens. It is shockingly affordable as well!

Many HearAssist Pro reviews from loyal customers say that Hear Assist Pro are superior to other high-end hearing aids, minus the cost-effective price tag. They produce amazing quality sound and can serve the user for a long period of time. They are portable enough to be used all day and perfect for any physical activity.


What Makes HearAssist Pro Better Than Other Hearing Aids

Are you on the web to know why Hear Assist Pro is better than similar hearing aids in the marketplace? Then this Hear Assist Pro UK review is specifically for you as this section brings to your notice features that made HearAssist Pro the best hearing aid 2021 in the United States.

Compact and Lightweight: The USA Hear Assist Pro is very compact and light in the ear. You may even forget you’re wearing the device because of how tiny it is. It weighs just a few ounces, you will barely feel it in your ear. Despite its small, compact design, it gives you everything you need.

Sleek Design: All the US consumers of the Hear Assist Pro confirm it  has a sleek, cool design. The design is discreet from the front when you tuck it behind the ear. Most people won’t know you’re wearing this hearing assist unless you let them know.

Improved Clarity: We gathered enough feedback from users of UK HearAssist Pro who attested that the HearAssist Pro helped them in improving the clarity of the sound they hear. About 70% user reports attested to this.

Advanced Microprocessor Technology: The US Hear Assist Pro is built by using advanced microprocessor technology which helps in picking up finer details of conversations, outdoor activities, and more, with crystal clear quality and low sound distortion.

USB Rechargeable: The Hear Assist Pro comes with a cordless bluetooth connectivity. It comes with advanced portable charging and fast USB connectivity. You can charge the HearAssist battery with any USB port on your power bank, car, computer, and more. This makes it easy to charge it wherever you are, because you can absolutely see USB ports anywhere these days.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The HearAssist Pro has the Bluetooth connectivity feature as a bonus tip. It makes the product  a possible gift you could give to all your friends and family members who are movie and music lovers. Christmas is almost here, surprise them with a pair of HearAssist Pro hearing assist devices.

Adjustable: In addition, the HearAssist Pro comes with three easy to set up adjustable volume control, you can easily turn up the sound or turn it down to your preference. With this feature you have full control of your hearing. Adjust to your preference at your own convenience.

Cost-effective Device: The good news is that this personal sound amplifier designed with European technology is very affordable. The company remarked that their major goal is to help American seniors hear better and save $500-$1000 instantly, with no prescription. And they have attained this goal, because all across America and Europe, the Hear Assist Pro is trending.

Does HearAssist Pro Actually Work (Hear Assist Pro USA Reviews)

HearAssist Pro is a portable sound amplifier device designed by the New Jersey-based company to enhance hearing. It means that it basically works like other hearing assisting devices out there. It amplifies the sound you hear, including the background noise.

Hear Assist Pro UK has a volume control feature which you can dial up or down at your own convenience to suit your needs. Whether you are watching a TV, or you just want to get the best of family conversations, the HearAssist is designed to be your hearing assist by providing you stellar sound quality.

Nothing beats having a better hearing. It’s one of the keys to living and enjoying your life to the fullest. That’s why the USA based company has taken all the trouble to help those who are hard of hearing, especially the senior citizens of the United States of America and the world over.

They designed the HearAssist Pro with the new High-Fidelity Audio Programming technology. This is why this device is exceptionally trending with its crystal clear sound which it provides its users.

They also utilized the superior Noise Cancelling Technology, which filters the sound you hear against noise. Now you can clearly hear conversations comfortably, without the background noise discomforting you by making your ear hurt.

The Hear Assist Pro hearing aid device has a compact and sleek design. It fits right behind your ear with its small and sleek design, so it can barely be noticeable when you’re with people outdoors. It’s entirely discreet.

You have control over the multiple modes it comes with. Just choose your specific hearing need at a specific occasion. The Hear Assist Pro makes listening so much easier and enjoyable also. Get the best sound you need in seconds and start living the best of your life. You deserve it.

The Hear Assist Pro is offered presently at an amazing 50% discount and a 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, it’s no surprise that the company is almost running out of stocks. They made a product that works perfectly well, now they’re enjoying the fruit of so much hard work that got into the making of this noise canceling hearing technology.


Why Should I Buy the HearAssist Pro Especially In The USA, UK and Canada?

Improved Hearing: HearAssist Pro is your ideal option for improved hearing. Over 60% of the users claim they noticed improvement in sound clarity, and the ability to quickly understand others when they started using the HearAssist Pro device.

Usually they ask people to repeat almost every single thing they utter, but with HearAssist Pro, they don’t ask for any repetition any longer. The sounds that they hear, whether it’s a child mumbling or birds chirping, are crystal clear.

Affordable: It’s no brainer that when you check for hearing amplifiers and hearing systems, you will find that the prices at which you can get them are more than high. Not only are the prices high, but repairing them could cost half of what you spent purchasing them. This is what the HearAssist company has come to revolutionize. Because now you can get the hearing support you want at a very affordable price and save yourself thousands of dollars instantly.

Use it Anywhere: The Hear Assist Pro is  made for every occasion and environment. Whether you’re having a family conversation, listening to a lesson, or playing with your grandkids at the park, HearAssist Pro got you.

Long-lasting Battery Life: HearAssist Pro can offer power for longer hours when you compare it to the traditional battery-powered hearing assists. When it eventually gets low, recharging is very easy and convenient. It’s USB rechargeable. So all you need to do is to plug it into any USB charging port in your laptop, car,  or any other power outlet.

Simple and Easy to Use:  The Hear Assist Pro is a kind of DIY technology. It is very easy to use. In fact, you can simply use it right out of the box. All you have to do is to charge it first, and then read the instructions manual to guide you on how to utilize the adjustable feature and customize it to your taste.

Very Comfortable: The HearAssist audio enhancer comes with all the top-notch qualities that make it work in order to provide you ultimate comfort. The device is small and slim, sleek, lightweight, and has a long-lasting battery life. You may even forget that you are wearing a hearing assist.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: The manufacturers are out to give you the best for a few bucks. That’s why, in addition to offering you a 50% discount off the normal price of HearAssist Pro, they are giving you a 100% 60-day money-back return policy.

Companies won’t usually give you this kind of guarantee reaching up to 60 days if they’re not confident about their products. However, return your purchase within the 60 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Who Needs The Hear Assist Pro Device?

The Hear Assist Pro is useful to anyone who is having a difficult time keeping track of sounds. The device comes with a smart chip that can help in differentiating background noise and the major sounds you are supposed to hear. It filters these sounds and cuts off the background noise.

What it means is that this device is the best option for you who are having a hard time hearing. Its amazing qualities are breathtaking. The HearAssist Pro hearing aid has a long-lasting battery life that can last up to long hours before needing to be recharged.

All Hear Assist Pro Reviewers found out it is ideal for people of all ages who have hearing problems, but it is mostly popular with older citizens since the highest number of people with hearing problems are quite older anyway.

The HearAssist Pro is for you if you are looking for high quality hearing solutions but without planning to break the bank to have it. Citizens over the age of 50 are the major ones this device is designed for. The discount is also available for buyers over the age of 50.

Those who are hearing impaired in one way or another and those who are looking for something more discreet will find this more than useful. But if you wish just to improve your hearing and general lifestyle, you can also find the product worth buying.

The Canada Hear Assist Pro is very small and hardly visible to others. It is built with a high quality technology, yet it is offered at a price too affordable. The USA Hear Assist Pro is a universal fit, everyone, whether man or woman, can use it.

You’re eligible to purchase the HearAssist Pro hearing assist device and take advantage of the 50% discount off if you meet these following requirements:

  1. If you are over the age of 50
  2. Or if you have concerns about your hearing
  3. & If you’re living in the United States.

How to Use the Hear Assist Pro (Hear Assist Pro Canada Reviews)

It is very easy to use the Hear Assist Pro Noise Cancelling hearing aid. It requires no special training to be able to use, and you don’t have any need to hire an audiologist or expert to be able to use the HearAssist Pro.

To use the HearAssist Pro, first purchase the product from the company’s official page. When your order is delivered to you, take out the user’s instructions manual that comes with the package and read. Study it thoroughly to understand how best you can utilize your adjustable hearing aids.

Once you are done reading the manual, charge the device. Then simply wear it and customize the setting based on your preferred sound intensity when it’s fully charged. You can wear the personal audio amplifier device around your ear. Switch the device on with the power switch, and connect it to your audio generating device via Bluetooth. You can also adjust the volume using the volume adjustment button to reach your preferred level.

Are Hear Assist Pro Any Good?

The HearAssist Pro is a personal hearing amplifier designed with the latest European technology. The makers of this product worked tirelessly in order to find a hearing amplifier device that will improve sound and yet stay very affordable.

And the result of that effort is the HearAssist Pro device. If you’re struggling to hear details from a conversation you are invested in, then we are sure the Hear Assist Pro is just the best option for you right now, and will be for a long while.

Its numerous unique qualities make the HearAssist really good and it’s the same reason it is trending seriously in the USA, Europe, Canada and the world over. Not only does this product have a sleek, stylish design that stays hidden just behind your ear, it’s also high-end technology that is best of its kinds.

The Hear Assist Pro hearing aid is made with the new European MicroProcessor Technology.The gadget improves your sound and clarity while mitigating background noises. Generally, all HearAssist Pro Reviews think that the HearAssist is a really good hearing aid.

You have nothing to lose for purchasing this product. The company operates a 60-day money-back guarantee which enables you to return the product and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the purchase.


Pros (Hear Assist Pro USA Review)

  • The HearAssist provides you a cleaner sound quality through its high-fidelity audio programming.
  • Advanced settings that enable you to control the device at your convenience to suit your hearing needs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast charging USB charging port
  • The product is lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • 50% discount off the regular price of buying the product
  • 100% 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide

Cons (HearAssist Pro Review Canada)

  • You can only buy the product on the manufacturer’s official web page online.
  • May not actually be the most cheapest hearing assist brand out there
  • Discounts are only valid for a limited time
  • Limited stock availability

Is Hear Assist Pro Legit Or Scam?

The HearAssists Pro personal hearing device has been scrutinized and approved by the FDA which means that it is more than legit. The product has been on the market for a very long time now and they don’t plan to take off any moment either. The company is proudly engineered and built in the USA. HearAssist Pro is therefore 100% legit and not a scam.

Where To Buy the HearAssist Pro Hearing Aids?

To buy the Hear Assist Pro, hurry now to the manufacturer’s web page and place your order on the best package you want out of the four packages of HearAssist that they are offering. Before, the product used to be in retail stores, but the company wants to make sure that every senior citizen gets this incredible product at an affordable price. To make it affordable, they cut off middleman and local retail stores, now you can only buy this product from the website at a 50% discount rate, plus a 100% money-back guarantee.


Prices of HearAssist Pro

The HearAssist Pro is very affordable. Remember that you can only get these discount deals and exclusive offers on the manufacturer’s website. Buying from the company guarantees you get an original product and not a fake.

The regular cost of HearAssist is just $198, but when you order right now, the 50% discount will be applied, making it $99 that you can pay to have it.

Here’s a breakdown of the different packages and their price tags:

1x HearAssist Pro – Solo Style Pack – sold at $99.oo/each

(50% Discount)

Total: $99.00

2x HearAssist Pro – Double Pack $79.50/each

(60% Discount)

Total $159.00

3x HearAssist Pro – Triple Pack – is sold at $65.66/each

(67% Discount)

Total: $197.00

4x HearAssist Pro – Family Pack – sold at $62.25/each

(69% Discount)

Total: $249.00

Return Policy (Hear Assist Pro Hearing Aids Reviews)

The company operates a 100% Your Money Back guarantee that runs for 60 days after your purchase has been delivered to you. So if you’re not satisfied with your order, just contact the company’s friendly customer service team at (732) 475-0355 or send an email support@amerihome-shopping.com to request a full refund. Look up the website too to get yourself acquainted with the company’s terms and conditions of return.

Customers Reviews (Hear Assist Pro Review)


“I feel like myself again! So far they are performing above my expectations. The first 15 or so minutes that I wear them, they are uncomfortable. After that, they are so comfortable that by bedtime I have had to get up 3 different nights to take them out after forgetting and going to bed wearing them. Voices are so much clearer! Even high pitch tiny sounds are much louder.”

Josh H.


“I’m glad I got this one – worth it! I bought these because they were small and thin making them more wearable with glasses. I am hearing sounds that I had forgotten about. Voices are clear and background noise is not obtrusive. I went out to eat this morning and was able to listen to all the chatter with no problem.”


Denise H.

“My husband always had the TV blasting so loud. Way exceeded our expectations! They were easy to fit by simply trimming the tube to the correct length and choosing the earplug that fits best. This is a USB rechargeable personal sound amplifier. So you don’t have to think where to put the button battery. If you’re on the fence, try these. They are excellent.”

FAQs (Hear Assist Pro Reviews)

Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions on Hear Assist Pro hearing aid device.

Is Hear Assist Pro a hearing aid?

HearAssist Pro is a personal hearing amplifier. It aids your hearing but it’s not entirely the same with hearing aids. You need a professional audiologist who would assess the extent of your hearing loss before you can own a hearing aid. You will then receive a prescription based on your needs. However,  hearing amplifiers like Hear Assist Pro are excellent options to help you listen with more volume and clarity.

They can be used in all environments whether it’s for social, recreational, or business use. HearAssist is a personal sound amplifier, and it is not meant to cure, treat, or diagnose any health condition. If you’re experiencing loss of hearing, it’s best to consult with your doctor or audiologist before trying any hearing product.

How does HearAssist Pro work?

HearAssist Pro is a portable sound amplifier device designed by the New Jersey-based company to enhance hearing. It means that it basically works like other hearing assisting devices out there. It amplifies the sound you hear, including the background noise. It has a volume control feature which you can dial up or down at your own convenience to suit your needs. Whether you are watching a TV, or you just want to get the best of family conversations, the HearAssist is designed to be your hearing assist by providing you stellar sound quality.

How long is the battery life?

Hear Assist Pro has a commendable battery capacity that lasts for very long hours. According to the manufacturer, a single full charge only takes 3 hours  and can last you for 20-24 hours. Not to mention, Hear Assist Pro lasts on standby mode for 3-6 days after it has been fully charged.

What are the size and dimensions?

HearAssist pro is small and slim, and can easily go behind the ear. The HearAssist design is sleek and discreet, it can’t be seen at all from the front. That’s because it’s just 0.9cm wide (0.3 inches), and only 4cm (1.5 inches) high. In addition, the personal hearing amplifier weighs just 4 grams, which is just a fraction of an ounce! You will barely feel you are wearing anything.

Conclusion (HearAssist Pro Review)

Our HearAssist Pro review has exposed that the HearAssist Pro is a personal sound amplifier that is designed with High-Fidelity Audio Programming technology with a noise-canceling feature that aids your ability to hear clear and quality sounds. It comes with an adjustable volume control that allows you to turn-up or turn-down the level of the sound you hear.

The Hear Assist Pro is presently trending all over America because of all the amazing features it embodies which include that the incredible hearing assist is USB rechargeable, and has a long-lasting inbuilt battery that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted sound experience. The product is compact, slim, sleek and lightweight which makes it ideal to be used anywhere, whether at home, meeting, dinner, workout, just about any occasion.

The HearAssist Pro is for senior citizens over the age of 50 and for anyone else who’s concerned about their hearing. To purchase this product and enjoy the 50% discount offer, hurry to the manufacturer’s official page right now. You have nothing to lose, as the company promises a 60-day money-back return policy. If it doesn’t satisfy you, contact the customer support team within 60 days of receiving your purchase and request a refund.


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