QuadAir Drone Reviews (Urgent Update): Don’t Buy Until You Read This Important Report

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Overview About QuadAir Drone

QuadAir Drone is a precision engineered drone which is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move. It is an inexpensive engineering marvel designed to help you record your epic adventures.

According to the manufacturer, QuadAir Drone is the best under $100 drone for 2021. Claims are that it is also the best drone for learning how to fly. It packs up great features that gives the operator the best drone flying experience.

This gadget is said to be a masterpiece and is highly recommended by tech enthusiasts. It is a lightweight, durable and foldable drone, ready to give big brands an intense competition. It easily qualifies as the best under $100 drone not just for its affordability but also for the premium quality it brings to the world of hi-tech drones and indeed gadgets.

A marvel of engineering and design, the QuadAir Drone Pro was built to go wherever you travel. Inheriting the best of the QuadAir Drone series, this ultraportable and foldable drone features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. It hasn’t been tagged, “The Highest Customer Rated Drone on The Internet” for nothing.

One of the qualities that has easily endeared this amazing piece of gadget to many is the ease of operation, this is why many regard it as the best drone for learning how to fly.

This QuadAir Drone review gives detailed information on all you need to know about this piece of technology, to enable you easily make a decision.

Features of QuadAir Drone

Foldable Drone

The propellers fold inwards to make the drone easier to carry and better protected during transit. Using a tested three-dimensional folding technology, the lightweight QuadAir Drone folds for easy transportation in its easy carry bag. This classic three-dimensional folding technology is designed not to affect flight stability even after many folds.

HD Photos and Video

Record video in HD at a full 60 frames per second and take high resolution photos. Stabilized with a breakthrough fixed point technology, the QuadAir Drone provides a steady, smooth flight that adds to image clarity. This fixed-point technology enables a steady hovering capability which enhances fixed height aerial photography.

Gravity Sensor

Sensors detect the ground and other obstacles & change the flying course automatically to avoid collision. The gravity sensor mode enables the small quadcopter to also automatically follow the way you move your smartphone. Electronic image stabilization and the altitude holding feature allows beginners to film and fly like pros from the very first flight.

Slo-mo Mode

Replay the highlights of your great moments in high-definition slow motion. Slow motion video is a game changing drone feature that allows you to capture immersive footage of moving objects and unlocks an unlimited array of potential for your videos. Every video looks cooler in slo motion.

High quality and durable design

It is built tough with a sleek design intended to last long.

30 miles per hour top speed

1080p Wi-Fi enabled streaming video camera

QuadAir Drone Specifications

  • Brand Name: QuadAir Drone 
  • Color: Black
  • Aerial Photography: Yes
  • Control Channels: 4 Channels
  • Gyro: 360° / 6-Axis Quadcopter
  • Camera Integration: Ultra Wide-Angle 120° Lens Camera Included
  • Camera Features: 1080p HD Video Recording and Photo
  • Micro SD card compatible: YES, store your photos & videos on SD card (not included) or record directly to your phone)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Connection, Remote Control, APP Controller, Real-Time Video Transmission from Drone to smart device (phone or tablet)
  • Pixels: 2 – 3 Million (2MP-3MP)
  • FPV Operation: Yes
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Sensor Size: 1/3.0 inches


Voice Command, Up/Down, Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right, Sideward Flight, 3-Level Flight Speeds, LED Light, Trace Flight-Path, Headless Mode, One KeyTake-Off, Automatic Return, Altitude Hold Mode, FOV, WiFi FPV

Uses Of QuadAir Drone

Commercial aerial surveillance. 

Here are just a few ways that aerial surveillance can be helpful:

Farmers use drones to monitor livestock on vast spreads of land, fire departments can use drones to track and map wild fires.

Private companies can use drones to monitor their infrastructure such as pipelines, buildings, and so on.


Using drones to inspect power lines, towers, tall structures like chimneys and roofs would save businesses vast amounts of money and would reduce liability exposure from having humans in harm’s way.

Recreational use

The miracle of flight is something that has fascinated man for millennia, so it’s no wonder that hobby flight enthusiasts have been tinkering with flying machines since the late 1800s.

The good news is that personal and hobby use of drones is perfectly legal in the United States. Recreational flying can be done anywhere but is best if done in open locations so that you can always see your aircraft.

These recreational uses include: photography and video recording, practicing flying, drone racing, funny clip recordings etc.

Commercial and motion picture filmmaking

Drones dramatically reduce the cost associated with gathering action or aerial footage that up until now would require expensive equipment like booms and dollies or even helicopters or other manned aircraft.

Sports coverage

Drones are also being used to gather footage in sporting events because of their ability to maneuver into locations that cable-suspended cameras cannot reach. Drones have been used to gather footage of the skiing and snowboarding events in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Real estate and construction

Drones have made it possible to survey land and gather information at job sites. Realtors, developers, and builders have also begun using drones to gather video and imagery for home and building inspections and marketing materials to assist the selling process.


Benefits Of Using A QuadAir Drone

  • They can save lives. 

In natural and manmade disasters, QuadAir Drone can be positioned to survey damage, locate stranded and injured victims, and assess ongoing threats without risking the safety of rescue teams and first-responders.

  • They can support law enforcement.

QuadAir Drone can be used to search for lost children, provide tactical surveillance and suspect tracking, assist in accident investigations, and monitor large crowds.

  • They can contribute to safe infrastructure maintenance and management.

Consider the difficulty of inspecting the underside of a bridge or the top of a skyscraper, not to mention the costs and risks. With UAS, scaffolding, cranes, or harnesses are not required. Just deploy the system to assess the structure’s condition remotely.

  • They can give media access to hard-to-reach places

Aerial photography for a news broadcast or a blockbuster film can be efficiently, economically, and safely captured by a QuadAir Drone.

  • Enhanced Security

Any event—open-air ones in particular—is going to need security. While your security team can handle affairs on the ground, they can use the help of drones flying overhead to scan the area for any potential disruptions and trouble spots.

With drones, your security team can keep a better eye on things while your event is ongoing.

  • Minimal Disturbance

When you need to capture footage in peaceful environments discreetly, but you’re worried that doing so would cause a disruption, a QuadAir drone should be able to help you out.

Today’s drones operate with very little noise, so you can take the aerial footage you need without disturbing the peaceful nature of that environment.

  • Takes Your Video Marketing to Another Level

A stunning drone video uploaded on your website and social media channels can give your efforts a boost.

Many drone videos have already gone viral, mainly because the footage is simply spectacular. Your drone video could go viral, too, and help make your brand and business more visible to more people.

QuadAir Drone Price and Where To Buy It

QuadAir Drone can be only be purchased from the Official Website. This is to ensure that customers get their full discounts and any other bonus package that may apply. Also, the order page is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption so your details are safe.

It is important to purchase from the online store to avoid buying drones from other online vendors who may be selling fake products with the same brand name.

How Much Does QuadAir Drone Cost?

Considering the quality and specifications of QuadAir Drone, it is very affordable and within reach. Here’s the pricing:

Buy 1 QuadAir Drone – $99 plus Fast shipping

Buy 3 QuadAir Drone – $65.67 each plus Free shipping

Buy 5 QuadAir Drone – $59.40 each plus Free shipping





Refund Policy

QuadAir Drone offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply contact the customer care center for a full refund of your initial order.

For more information contact by

Email: support@quadairdrone.com

Or call 855-273-0491

Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm MST

Send all returns to:

QuadAir Drone

Returns Dept 11551 E 45th Ave Unit C

Denver, CO 80239

What makes QuadAir Drone Better Than Others?


QuadAir Drone is the fastest drone of its size, flying at a top speed of up to 30 miles per hour!


QuadAir Drone has all of the features needed to satisfy the pros, but it is extremely simple to fly and control, even for complete beginners.


QuadAir Drone comes with in-built pre-programmed camera, such as the boomerang and the asteroid, so even the least technical newbie can have professional-quality footage at the click of a button.


Designed for easy use by the beginner with integrated technologies for the professional photographer, the QuadAir Drone has all the capabilities of an advanced flying machine. 

Featuring 1080p wifi enabled streaming video camera, it has a 6-axis gyroscope with calibration function for smooth, level flying and 30 miles per hour top speed.

It also features one button controlling takeoffs, falls along with urgent stops. Fast or slow flies are all easily controlled. There’s an advanced density pressure sensor for accurately setting the height.

How QuadAir Drone Works – General Overview Behind Drone Technology


Drones can be controlled remotely, often from a smartphone or tablet. Wireless connectivity lets pilots view the drone and its surroundings from a birds-eye perspective. Users can also leverage apps to pre-program specific GPS coordinates and create an automated flight path for the drone. Another handy wirelessly-enabled feature is the ability to track battery charge in real time, an important consideration since drones use smaller batteries to keep their weight low.


A drone relies on rotors for its vertical motion. Drones use their rotors—which consist of a propeller attached to a motor—to hover, meaning the downward thrust of the drone is equal to the gravitational pull working against it; climb, when pilots increase the speed until the rotors produce an upward force greater than gravity; and descend, when pilots perform the opposite and decrease speed.

To hover, two of a drone’s four rotors move clockwise, while the other two move counterclockwise, ensuring that the sideways momentum of the drone remains balanced. To avoid throwing its vertical motion off-kilter, the other two rotors on the drone will increase their spin. The same principle applies to moving forward and backwards—the rotors of the drone must apply thrust while making sure the spin of the rotors keeps the drone balanced.



Accelerometer and Altimeter

An accelerometer feeds the drone information about its speed and direction, while an altimeter tells the machine its altitude. These features also help a drone land slowly and safely, preventing it from sinking into an air vacuum called a wash that could pull the aircraft down in an unpredictable way.

Some drones have built-in cameras onboard that allow the pilot to see where the drone is flying without having a direct line of sight to the device. Drone-mounted cameras help users see difficult-to-reach locations and can be a game-changing tool for first responders, especially in search-and-rescue scenarios.

The intricate engineering that goes into building drones means that pilots don’t need to worry about balance, thrust, and other complexities, and can just enjoy the act of flying them. The ultra-responsive nature of the machines, which will only be heightened with 5G, even allows experts to race drones through high-speed obstacle courses.

Drones are versatile pieces of equipment that harness the power of wireless technology to do everything from taking video to assisting in emergencies. And their utility is only going to grow as the technology evolves and the world becomes more connected. You can learn more about the transformative potential of drones here.

How to fly a QuadAir Drone – Best Drone For Learning How To Fly

Before you start flying, do a quick check to make sure everything is set up correctly and the space around you is clear. 

To perfect your navigational skills, practice basic maneuvers indoors until you’ve mastered the basics. After that, it’s time to take your small drone outside and enjoy a fun flight. QuadAir Drone is easily the best drone for learning how to fly so no worries.

Here are basic guides to flying this drone. It has 3 parts.

Part 1: Pre-flight check.

  • Check your QuadAir drone transmitter’s range. This is important to make sure you don’t let it fly out of range and lose it. Check the limit on the drone’s packaging or the instruction manual. Most manufacturers will list a recommended range and a maximum range, so take note of both of these numbers.
  • Make sure your drone and transmitter batteries are both charged. To make the most out of your flight, check the batteries first. Place them on the charger and ensure the charger indicates that they’re full. Secure them back inside the transmitter and drone so that they’re connected and securely locked into place. Usually flight time is 20-25 minutes on a full battery.
  • Remove any small obstacles in the area you’ll be flying in. As a beginner, it’s important to practice in a clear, open space until you get a feel for the controls. Move any lamps or chairs out of the room before you begin. If there are people or pets in the area, you can politely ask them to move or just look for a different space to practice.
  • Turn on your QuadAir Drone and set it down so the back lights are facing you. Once the drone is on, back up a few steps to check the light. These indicate that the batteries are working and the drone is ready to fly. It’s also important to start with the back of the drone facing you so the controls match the drone’s movements.
  • Turn the transmitter on and make sure it’s connected to the drone. If this is your first time flying the QuadAir drone, you may need to connect, or “bind,” it with the transmitter. Follow the instruction manual to complete this process, which generally requires connecting the drone and transmitter with a cable and holding the “bind” button.

Part 2: Drone basics for beginners

  • Start flying inside an empty, open room. For your first flight, get comfortable using the controls indoors. This way, you won’t need to worry about fighting the wind or losing control of the small drone. A large, open room with high ceilings and as few obstacles as possible would be ideal.
  • Use the left joystick to control the drone’s elevation. Gently push the joystick forward to make the drone go up, and back to make the drone go down. Practice this motion carefully, keeping the drone steady without any over-corrections.
  • Push the right joystick to control the drone’s direction. Move the joystick carefully to the right to make the drone move horizontally to the right, and vice versa for the left. Then practice pushing the joystick up to make the drone move forward horizontally, or down to make it move backwards horizontally.
  • Practice taking off, hovering, and landing. Set the QuadAir drone on a flat surface, then use the left stick to lift the drone until it takes off. Raise it so it’s hovering at least 1 ft (0.30 m) in the air and use your throttle to hold it there as steadily as you can. After a few seconds, bring it down gently to land on the flat surface. Practice this until you have it down!
  • Work on hovering and stabilizing your QuadAir drone. This will be especially important once you practice outside, since the breeze can easily carry small drones along. Practice taking off and gently guiding the drone laterally with the right joystick, then come to a stop and hover in place.
  • Practice making some gentle turns with the right joystick. While hovering, gently push the right joystick to the left and right to get used to the feeling of turning. Then you can practice turning in a box or circle shape by moving the right joystick to the right, then forward, then to the left, then backward.



Part 3: Outdoor practice

  • Take the drone outside to a quiet, open area. Fields and quiet, remote parks are great spots for practicing your drone-flying skills. Avoid large obstacles, such as power lines, buildings, and trees, as well as people and animals. This is especially important when you’re just starting out!
  • Fly on clear days with little to no wind for the best conditions. Avoid windy, stormy weather, which can interfere with the signal between the remote and the drone, or even carry your drone out of its transmitter’s range.
  • Use your controls to balance the drone against light wind. Even on a clear day, a little breeze can still affect your small drone’s balance. Notice how the light wind pushes your drone, then compensate by applying a little pressure on your joystick in the opposite direction. This will help your drone balance and stay stable.
  • Don’t fly your drone over water in case it falls. The majority of drones don’t have the advanced water-landing system that larger, more expensive drones do. Be mindful of the landscape while you’re flying and use your controls to direct your drone away from any bodies of water.

Pros and cons of QuadAir Drone


MAINTAINING SAFE ENVIRONMENT – QuadAir Drones are utilized in numerous occurrences due to their advancement in safety. With their remote control abilities, Drones monitor locations, communicate possible hazards, and notify threatening conditions such as oil and gas refineries, pipelines and flare stacks. 

COST SAVING TECHNOLOGY – As drone’s applicability becomes more extensive, their prices also drive towards being more pocket-friendly. People now acquire Drones not just for their industrial practices but also to fulfill their tech-savvy gadget’s passion. 

QUALITY OF AERIAL IMAGING – With their high-resolution cameras furnished with top-notch sensors, QuadAir Drones can take excellent Aerial Photographs, aerial videos and accumulate large volumes of accurate data. 

PRECISION – Drones appropriate GPS (the Global Positioning System) in their software, which is why they can be programmed and guided precisely to specific locations. 

EASY CONTROLLABLE OR DEPLOYABLE – The regular advancement in drone-control technology allows the operator to quickly deploy and operate drones even with a relatively minimal technical background. According to the manufacturer, it is the best drone for learning how to fly.

SECURITY – Another advantage that weighs out the pros and cons of this drone is the security centered around them. Drones can also accumulate reliable information from natural catastrophes to support safety and recovery efforts.

REACH HAZARDOUS AREA – QuadAir Drones make obtaining efficient data from hard-to-reach locations a cakewalk for industry professionals. It is the most suitable alternative to overcome limitations of traditional methods regarding worker’s safety.


PRIVACY – Drones can quickly fall prey to manipulation and trespass a group or individual’s privacy. 

SPYING – Many offenders employ drones as a strategy to target their victims and to maintain a track on them.

WEATHER DEPENDENT – Drones are more vulnerable to weather conditions when contrasted to traditional aircraft.

Only available in Official website.


Buying Guide for Drones – Things to Consider

Whether you are a drone enthusiast, a photographer wanting to expand your kit and skills or just someone looking for a bit of airborne fun; This buying guide gives you all of the information you need when deciding which drone is right for you.


The flight time varies between the different types of drone and should be taken into account depending on how you intend to use your drone.

Generally, the bigger the drone, the longer it will fly for. Professional drones offer a flight time of up to 30 minutes while toy drones can only fly for around 7-9 minutes on a single charge. If you want to fly for longer, take extra batteries along with you.


If you want to fly your drone for longer, consider checking it has interchangeable batteries. It is always good to have spare batteries with you to make the most out of your flying time. Great for professionals, swapping the battery can help you strive for that perfect shot.


Again, this depends on how you intend to use your drone. If you are going for dramatic aerial photography, it is important that your drone has a greater flight range. Professional drones can be flown to a range of up to 2km, while advanced drones have a range of around 500m. By law, you should always keep your drone in sight, so it is important to check the laws in any country if you intend to take it abroad.


Not all drones come with cameras, some are too small or just don’t need them. Consider the following if you definitely want a camera on your drone:


For beginners, anything from 2MP will provide decent quality photos and videos. If you are more serious about your results, consider anything up to 2.7K or even 4K for an incredible cinematic effect.

Full HD 1080p resolution is ideal for creating home or holiday videos.


You want your footage to be smooth, without jittery results. Cameras with stabilisation features such as gimbals increase the price of a drone, but that pays off with the incredible final result. Smoother results can be achieved mechanically or digitally, producing amazing results.


Allows you to see exactly what the drone sees in real time by using the on-board camera. Video is streamed either to a built in display on the controller or to your smartphone or tablet. This is a make or break feature, helping you to guide your camera to the perfect position.


Global Satellite Positioning helps you to locate your drone, as well as aiding the on board software to generate automatic flight paths. The return to home function brings your drone back to where it took off from with the flick of a switch.


There is always the potential of crashes and collisions with drone flying. Most drones come with a second set of propellers, but it is worth choosing a drone which has easy-to-find spare parts if a repair is needed. Consider buying a drone with a brushless motor for a longer overall lifespan. Brushed motors do not last as long and, although they can be replaced at a low cost, this can be fiddly and not worth the trouble.


There is always the potential of crashes and collisions with drone flying. Most drones come with a second set of propellers, but it is worth choosing a drone which has easy-to-find spare parts if a repair is needed. Consider buying a drone with a brushless motor for a longer overall lifespan. Brushed motors do not last as long and, although they can be replaced at a low cost, this can be fiddly and not worth the trouble.


QuadAir Drone Customer Reviews

“This drone is one of the best on the market”

“There is no comparable product when it comes to value for money. The range of flying modes and the precision of the controls puts it up there with some of the most expensive models, and yet it is completely affordable. It beats all other competitors.”


Founder of DronesGator

“Very Nice little drone!! Very steady flight with altitude hold. It gets blown around in the wind a little but has fast enough maneuverability that an experienced pilot won’t have a problem in light winds. You get a little more than you pay for in my opinion. Records video and takes pictures that save directly to your phone or an external SD memory card. I’m very satisfied and is a Fun little indoor bird!”

-Francisca B.

“It’s my first drone, I just tried it at home to check it works and it has a very good height control very stable. I was pleased with the battery life, and with extra batteries I can fly about as long as i’d ever want to. Good to control sensitivity and responds well, I ordered the version of 3 batteries and carrying bag and it is fully recommended, For now very happy, fast shipping, I’ll send valuation when I try it outside and see the camera as it behaves, but what I said for the moment price very well.”

-Jill R.

“Great drone for the money. Pity I cannot upload here a video where I show how I can fly it in my room. The altitude hold with barometer air pressure works very well. The app is good, the drone connects to the smartphone with no hassle.”

-Valentine S.

“I’m happy with the choice I made, a nice, light and portable QuadAir Drone. Really good quality camera and clear images I immediately tried the QuadAir Drone at home and it’s fantastic. Very fun and beautiful greetings.”

-Isiah D.

Frequently Asked Questions About QuadAir Drone

How long can the QuadAir drone fly?

With longer battery life, you can expect to fly for at least 30 minutes. The battery should be fully charged before flying.

Does the QuadAir drone have GPS?

Yes. The QuadAir drone is equipped with GPS technology that can track its location.

Is QuadAir Drone any good?

QuadAir Drone is manufactured with top of the shelf engineering and has up-to-date specifications. For the quality and experience it gives customers, it is very affordable. 


Conclusion on QuadAir Drone

Drone technology has evolved over the last couple of decades, and they are no longer reserved for the military and intelligence agencies. Almost anyone can get a drone today, and with ever-improving technology becoming available at ever decreasing prices, they are offering new capabilities to people with all kinds of needs, whether for business or just for fun.

QuadAir Drone has been designed to match various needs and uses. It is designed with precision engineering to give the user a wonderful experience.



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