What things to know when selecting hepa air purifier for dust?

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It could be that you are searching for a reliable air purifier that offers pure air. To ensure selecting the best quality hepa air purifier, you need to take into consideration several aspects. Ignoring them will only mean choosing the wrong unit. 

Factors to consider

  • ACH Rating: It stands for ‘Air Changes Per Hour’. Using this reading, you will be able to derive a fair idea of how frequently the unit exchanges air present in the room. The device with 6 rating, for instance, has the ability to exchange air for about six times in span of sixty minutes. 
  • Coverage area: Firstly, the square footage that is specified on the hepa air purifier for home will be sufficient enough to provide coverage for the area that you plan to clean.
  • Price: Their price varies depending on the brand, their capacity, size and location. You need to invest in a bigger and expensive unit to derive pure air in a large room and vice versa. You can get a better idea of the different types of air purifiers and their prices at well-established portals like https://www.unbeatengroup.com/.
  • CADR: It stands for ‘Clean Air Delivery Rate’. It is this reading that provides an idea of the amount of air the unit helps to purify. Moreover, it specifies the quality of air purified by the unit. 
  • Noise level: This is another aspect that you need to consider. A few top notch, branded hepa air purifier for allergies are not known to make excessive noise. But a few of them are quite loud while consuming plenty of power to run. This will only mean not getting proper sleep at night and also having to pay more utility bills. If you have small babies, children or seniors at home, then do remember to check noise level before ordering. 
  • Filter replacements: If you seek HEPA filter installed hepa air purifier for pets, then get to know the cost involved in filter replacement. Buying units with HEPA filter pre-installed will mean separate replacement will be necessary. Moreover, you need to hire professional service to carry out the replacements. 
  • Air pollution: A few units are found to pollute the air and produce harmful ozone. If installed, these devices will only cause your family members including children to suffer from lung irritation. Hence, go through the manufacturer specifications while purchasing hepa air purifier for dust.
  • Energy usage: Energy consumption depends on the unit installed. Small ones consume less energy, thus allowing you to run it non-stop without bothering about utility bills. Hence, do take into consideration unit’s energy uses. Mechanical air filters, for example might consume approximately 200W. But smaller units tend to cost just 50W. You should however, buy only branded Air Purifier for Large Room as it will come with energy rating. 
  • Warranty: The Air Purifier for Home that you plan to buy shoudl comes with a minimum warranty of 10 years. It should cover maximum parts like the motor, fan and electrical parts. 

Therefore, taking into account the above factors will allow you to buy a unit that will offer fresh, pure air and peace of mind.

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