Best Platforms To Create An E-commerce Website In 2022

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The e-commerce platform is a software application where the seller and the buyer come together each having their role to play. 

For the buyer or consumer, it’s a platform where he can discover various products, shop for his favorite or essential products using a cart, and check out.

In simple terms, the e-commerce business is enabled to sell the products by using an online platform. 

The key features of e-commerce business comprise of:

  • To run on a single and unified platform that is cloud-based 
  • To provide a 360-degree view for all the customers 
  • By intelligently managing the orders
  • Delivering innovative customer experiences 
  • To support an unlimited expansion 

The e-commerce platforms that are functioning today are more than single-purpose software. They are the best cloud-based platforms for both front and back-office enabling a stable business environment, time-saving automation, creating demands for shopping, reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and providing flexibility to the consumers. You should always consult ecommerce development experts such as Bing Digital to develop and market your online store, no matter whichever platform you choose for your website development. 

Here are some of the best e-commerce platforms that you can have a look at. 

  • BigCommerce

This is one of the best online stores that possess a large inventory along with high volume sales. Shopify and BigCommerce are quite identical when it comes to offering services to their customers. While Shopify is good for small-scale users, BigCommerce is more attractive for large-scale users in eCommerce operations. 


  • Complex inventory management 
  • Unlimited user account enabling multiple users to manage the store from different locations 
  • Easy channel management that assists in keeping track of the earnings and customers


  • It needs a bigger online store
  • It keeps on growing bigger but not feature-wise expansion
  • Transitions in the design are difficult to make
  • Shopify

This is the best platform for grabbing the first million in revenue. This is one of the popular online stores which is capable of handling massive sales. Even if you have started small, this platform can take you higher to reach your first million in revenue. This is a very powerful platform yet simple to operate. For instance, sitemaps are automatically created. Even a person without any technical knowledge or experience can easily handle it. Shopify is a platform that assists you to set up everything by making you aware of the things that are needed. 


  • There are over 6,700 apps and plugins that are available and  more than 300 apps come as free of cost
  • It supports multiple currencies, staff account users, inventory locations, and is easy to scale
  • Have immense knowledge and offers 24/7 customer support 


  • It has limited free layouts
  • Few product variants 
  • Lots of Plugins increase the drive up cost and create conflicts
  • Magento

Magento supports the creation of an e-commerce website for more than hundreds of thousands of businesses including Samsung, Nike, etc. All those individuals or businesses who are considering building a long-term e-commerce platform must think of Magento as an option as it is the best open-source site. The features of Magento include inventory management, category management, product management, customer service, client account, order management, search technology, promotional and marketing tools, international support, payments, analysis and report to mention a few.


  • Freedom to choose the hosting services
  • Highly customized open source
  • Easy multi-platform integration
  • Better performance speed 
  • SEO friendly


  • The cost of development is high as it needs large investment 
  • The system has a complex and large structure 
  • The customization will take a longer time
  • Squarespace

Squarespace is best for niche marketing as it comes with more style than the other e-commerce platforms. It allows the user to craft an online store that surpasses the templates of BigCommerce and Shopify. It has more to offer its customers with unique experiences and brands. The products can be tagged on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It has constantly improvised its design experience and has established a professional online presence. This is the best e-commerce platform for those who want to make a powerful influence on target marketing.  


  • Low on maintenance 
  • Customization without complexity
  • There are no storage limits


  • The user does not have fuller control as it is a template designed 
  • Limited extensions
  • Difficult to scale

E-commerce business is a comprehensive and integrated approach with a platform that includes all the major business functionalities, to align the operating process, improvised collaboration, real-time data visibility. It also has the following functions like

  • Procurement
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • Order and investment management 
  • Customer Support 
  • Pricing and promotions 
  • Marketing 
  • Content Management 

We have discussed some of the best e-commerce platforms. There are also other e-commerce platforms like Wix which is the best store with less than 100 products. Blue host is best for WordPress users who intend to sell products online. It has a low price for online stores, with extensive plugins and themes, and is great for blogging. Hope this article has helped you to choose the best e-commerce platform that best suits your requirements for your online store. 

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