What are the Economic Benefits of Industrial Fume Extractors in the Welding Industry?

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Where there is industrial work, there are bound to be some serious health risks due to the heavy amount of harmful gasses produced during such functions. In order to counteract this, many different steps are taken to ensure there is no damage done from these toxic gases or fumes. In view of that, one of these measures taken is to use an industrial fume extractor. As its name suggests, the industrial fume extractor takes the harmful gases or fumes produced during the industrial work, absorbs them, and then purifies the mixture to be sent back into the environment. Consequently, it stops the air from getting polluted and saves the workers within the industry from a significant toll on their health by absorbing these contaminated fumes.

Development Status of Industrial Fume Extractor

During the Coronavirus crisis, the global market for industrial or welding fume extraction equipment reached $3.8 Billion in 2020, which is estimated to reach $5.1 Billion by 2026, along with an increasing CAGR of 4.9% over the forecast period. Indeed, an industrial fume extractor is essential not only for large-scale industries but also for industries working on a smaller scale. These include automotive, consumer durables, oil & gas, manufacturing, and fabrication sectors. 

Meanwhile, rapid industrialization, manufacturing automation, technological advancement, and product innovation are the factors that positively affect the development status of the industrial fume extractor. As far as the simple working principle is concerned, an industrial fume extractor consists of a fan that pulls all the harmful substances present in the air. Then these particles go through a filtrate where the gases are purified and released back into the surrounding.

The Necessity to Equip Industrial Fume Extractor in Welding Industry

Industrial fume extractors are an essential requirement for the industry’s prosperity, especially in the welding industry. In welding, the workers are faced with many dangers surrounding their welding activities. In most welding work, different kinds of fumes are produced, which is hazardous for people’s health. Moreover, workers near these toxic fumes might get sick and need to take early retirement from their jobs due to their severe health conditions.    

Eventually, it causes more people to sway away from industrial work, which, in turn, hurts the economic standing of not only the industry but also the country. Subsequently, to prevent these drastic situations, welding industries install welding fume extractors to purify the air and provide a clean environment, improving the working efficiency of workers.

Economic Benefits of Industrial Fume Extractor 

Fumes are bound to pose health risks to welding industry individuals working in their presence, particularly toxic fumes that can lead to health hazards and complications in the long run. However, presenting an industrial fume extractor helps the industry evade these scenarios. But one may wonder how it is economically efficient? Let’s go through the points below:

  • The industrial fume extractor is mainly a one-time investment, serving you for years. 
  • Benefiting from the industrial fume extractor in the welding industry might ensure employees’ good health, which finally returns and indirectly generates revenue because the employees become less susceptible to sick leaves. 
  • Using an industrial fume extractor in the welding industry also promotes a healthy work environment that allows employees to work more efficiently and productively.

How to Find Your Best Industrial Fume Extractor?

To find the best fume extractor, one must be aware of its variations and applications. The industrial fume extractor can be utilized within industries of various types such as pharmaceutical industries, food processing industries, tobacco industries, machinery industries, chemical industries, and photoelectric industries, along with welding industries. 

Each utilizes various models of fume extractors available in today’s market, namely portable fume extractors, benchtop fume extractors, shelf, tabletop, or enclosure mounted fume extractors, and wall and stand-mounted fume extractors. Furthermore, these models are distributed amongst two types: vacuum fume extractors and welding fume extractors. Therefore, the best of these is the one that is most ideally suited to your specific requirements.

Villo Industrial Fume Extractor VHJ-110B

One of the best and most efficient (99.9% filtration efficiency) products in the market, the Villo industrial fume extractor VHJ-110B, is a welding fume extractor with multiple filtration plates mounted in the frame. The three-stage filter system is ideal for eliminating all the fumes and dust disposal generated in welding, grinding, cutting, and other similar working environments. Other unique and outshining features include compact and portable design, unlimited positioning with a flexible suction arm, and durable materials with metal plate technology.


Villo is one of the leading developers of dust control, fume removal, and particle-free atmosphere products as early as 2007. They create quality products that lead in the market internationally and of China on top. At the same time, the VHJ-110B is one of their finest products dedicated to fume extraction with efficiency. If you wish to learn more about the company and its products, please contact them to learn more.

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