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Have you ever dreamed of wearing a smartwatch on your wrist? Well, you will appreciate what you are going to read in this Rex smartwatch review. We found a smartwatch that can be purchased at a very low cost and yet gives you all those premium qualities other costlier smartwatches have.

Has it occurred to you that technology has not only developed our surroundings but has also made our life very easy? Technology has developed far beyond what you might have suspected. There are so many new innovations happening right now, and it is so important you do not miss out.

Starting from morning to evening, we use multiple high-end products that strive to deliver the best performance. Smartwatches are one of the best uses of high-end technology with the simple motive of getting more from a traditional watch.

Having calls come through to your phone is great but having it come through at your wrist is extraordinary. Quite exceptional. You can be caught up in so many tasks which makes it difficult to reach your phone, it would be much better if you pick up your calls through your watch with supported wireless earbuds, this way you tend not to miss any call at all.

Working out is very important and it is difficult to use your phone to track your vitals or intensity of the workout, but smartwatches, tracking your progress have become much easier. You can get to check your pulse rate, number of steps and monitor your fitness goals.

Doctors even praised smartwatches for issuing early signals about decreased health, like irregular blood pressure or heart rate – things that are called silent killers for not displaying any noticeable symptoms. They offer an opportunity to take better care of yourself and live a longer, healthier life. And since with a REXwatch you no longer have to choose between style and convenience, why not have it as your smart companion?

There are many reasons why most consumers have switched to REXsmartwatches. They are excellent tools when wanting to keep organized, stay healthy, and increase daily activity levels. REXwatch offers an ability to step away from smartphones and addictive apps yet still remain in touch with everyone you want. They help you be more organized when planning your daily routine and remind you to stay active when a sedentary lifestyle creeps in.

REXwatch allows those who want to get a smartwatch at a very affordable price to be able to do so. Upon its launch, REXwatch has already gained its popularity in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Worldwide and still growing to date.

Thus, REXsmartwatch is considered to be the first smartwatch that has a price rate, which is three times lower than the price rate of other smartwatches that are available on the market today. REXsmartwatches are now available on the market to give each smartwatch user the satisfaction they want.

In this REXwatch review, we are going to provide you with the things that you should know about the REXsmartwatch, the pros and cons, customer REXsmartwatch reviews, price, and where to buy. Aside from that, we have also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions section for you to understand further what really it is. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!


What Is REX Smartwatch?

REX watch is an all-in-one revolutionary, the chargeable smartwatch that combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband. This innovative device has a touchpad with intuitive one-touch controls which makes it easy to use.

REX watch is also featured with smart tracking features as well as dual universal sensors to provide the user with reliable readings and direct results. These metrics make it quick and easy to develop healthy behaviors, manage stress, and detect heart disease warning signs.

Interestingly, every REX watches reviews consumer reports confirms that this smartwatch incorporates all of the best features with universal sensors, and it does so at a lower cost. REX smartwatch also has a built-in fitness app. It will automatically monitor users’ steps, how far they have walked, and how many calories they have burned every time they start a workout.

REX smartwatch is suitable for all as anyone with any skin type, or even people with tattoos on their wrist can use it. Through this tiny tracker, the user will be able to track his sleep and fitness levels, apart from connecting it with the smartphone. Besides, it provides important vital monitoring, so that the user will be aware of his current state of health.

REX watch is also a highly durable device with an IP67 rating for water resistance so that you can submerge your smartwatch up to 1 meter in water for as long as 30 minutes, leaving less of a reason to take it off. Many REX watch users were stunned by the simplicity of use as REX smartwatch not only operates by one-touch control but also easily connects to your Android or iOS smartphone

To be clear, with the help of its dual sensors you will get precise readings of critical vital signs, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature. It also has the ability to assess the quality of users’ sleep and start to live a healthy life without breaking the bank. To enjoy all these benefits, the user just needs to put on the REX watch on his wrist and have a quick glance at it.


Specifications Of REX Smartwatch

  • Micro-USB charging
  • 96 hours of use per charge
  • Syncs with all devices
  • IP67 rating (waterproof)
  • 0Bluetooth technology
  • Comfortable fit
  • Long-Lasting battery
  • Display: Full-color LCD display with touch button operation
  • Sensors: Heart rate sensors, G-sensors, and blood oxygen monitoring
  • Memory: Up to 7 days of data storage

Features Of REX Smartwatch

REX SmartWatch_360PRWire


  • Heart rate change, real-time grasp: Optical heart rate sensor, real-time monitoring of heart rate during exercise, Protect your heart health.
  • Information reminder: Synchronized display with mobile phones to remind incoming calls, while supporting SMS, WeChat., QQ, etc, Push different APP information and see it right away
  • IPX 7 Waterproof: Do not be afraid of water in daily life, do not take off your hands when washing, sweating, or raining.
  • HD Display, clear and delicate
  • Scientific sleep, record your complete sleep. Monitor sleep quality throughout the process, analyze sleep quality with big data of deep sleep and light sleep.
  • Multiple mainstream sports modes: Whether hiking, running, cycling, basketball, football, rope skipping, badminton

Health Tracking: With the REXsmartwatch, users will be able to track their vital health indicators or metrics like heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels. All these can be achieved in less than 10 seconds.

It is quite agreeable that during a workout, the heart rate of all involved persons does not stay the same. There is often a chance. Thus, the REX Smartwatch will allow users to monitor these health conditions in real-time. The fitness smartwatch will test the heart rate and oxygen saturation in a matter of seconds.

REXsmartwatch thus provides users with information about their health so that they can make informed decisions. These are true features found in high-end fitness trackers and smartwatches, but the REXfitness tracker offers them at a fraction of the price.

Fitness Tracking: With built-in multi-sport tracking and 24/7 calories burned, and steps are taken recording, users will be able to achieve their fitness goals quicker.

This was, of course, predetermined. During their everyday routine, the REX Smartwatch will help users keep track of their success. It will monitor things like distance traveled and calories burned. This function will not only help them keep their goals in mind but will also help them achieve these goals on a daily basis.

Stay Active: REXSmartwatch is not just handy when users are working out. It can also be set up to notify and remind users to get up and move when necessary. With this REX Smartwatch, inactivity reminders can be customized to remind users to get up and move when they need to live a healthy life. This feature is just pointing users in the direction of a safe and active lifestyle.

Refreshed After Sleep: Users can analyze their sleep habits to improve their quality of sleep. The next day, they felt more alert and refreshed, allowing them to comfortably work at their best. With REXsmartwatch, individuals can also obtain knowledge about their sleep habits. This has been done in order to keep track of sleeping hours and determine whether any adjustments need to be made in order to meet the recommended hours.

No Interruption From Calls and Messages: With REX Smartwatch, users will always maintain contact with their activity. This is because a vibration warning feature was included for calls and text messages. This feature will allow users to concentrate on the task at hand without being distracted by their phones. Truly, it’s always inconvenient to constantly fiddle with phones during exercise due to calls or SMS. All of that will be history with the current REXsmartwatch.

Suitable for All: Connectivity is not a problem with REX Smartwatch because it is 100% compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Users have at their fingertips critical health perspectives. REX Smartwatch works for both Apple and Android devices, making it simple for users to connect their smartphone with the smart fitness tracker. Users will be able to see who is calling or texting them simply by looking at their wrist—no need to stop working out.

Intuitive Tracking: All REX Smartwatches review confirms that it makes it simple for users to comprehend and monitor their fitness. Many of their main vitals, such as heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned, can be tracked with a simple glance at their wrist. The no-fuss graphic user interface also enables them to easily set up their workout with less preparation, allowing them to concentrate solely on achieving their objectives.

Progressive Tracking: Every REXsmartwatch review confirms it encourages users to stay active by tracking multiple sports and providing them with advanced exercise metrics via a smartphone app. REX Smartwatch also provides valuable insight into how to improve their overall health and meet their fitness goals more quickly.

Adaptable to the User’s Needs: All REX Smartwatch reviews consumer reports state it can be taken with users wherever they go. With a pliable but sturdy comfort band that travels with them and a waterproof shell, users can wear it while running, sleeping, paddleboarding, or doing the dishes. The REXsmartwatch’s wristband is both robust and comfortable. Furthermore, REX Smartwatches are sweat and water-resistant.

It has dual sensors: One secret that most manufacturers of smartwatches have been hiding from the public is that most of their products do not work on people with dark skin. What does this imply? It simply means that their products cannot work on people with dark skins just as simple as that but the good news is that REXSmartwatch has a solution to that problem.

The dual sensors make sure that all skin types are covered including those with a lot of tattoos all over the body, even such people do not have to worry about anything. Or maybe thinking REXsmartwatch will not work on their skin due to the tattoos drawn all over their body. It is not a problem if you are using a REX Smartwatch. All you have to do is get your REX smartwatch and you are good to go. That’s all.

For people with dark skin, I know that I have revealed a long dirty hidden secret to you. This is because those smartwatch companies have been deceiving you and selling what does not work on your skin to you just for them to make money. No! This is not what REXsmartwatch manufacturers want. They carefully studied all kinds of skins before producing REXsmartwatch and that is why the dual sensors work wonders on all types of skin.

It is very affordable: With all these great features, the smartwatch is still very affordable. The price of REXsmartwatch is budget-friendly where you don’t have to spend so much of your money due to its affordability.

Stylish design: The beautiful design of the REXsmartwatch can fit in your hands very easily. It is made of high quality and classy materials which you do not have to fear a little scratch and fall. REXsmartwatch is very strong.

Long battery life: Every REX Smartwatch review usa confirms that with its long battery life, you can always stay connected for days without having to charge your smartwatch. So you don’t have to worry about long-distance or fear of the battery when on a workout, the battery can last days with just a single charge.


Is Rex Smart Watch Any Good?

Many Rex smartwatch reviews state it is best for fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and personal notifications. This is an affordable piece of wearable tech that allows you to stay connected, with the ability to track your fitness measurements. The REX Smart Watch USA offers a great way to track your notifications, exercise, total steps, and sleep cycles to accomplish your most important goals.

REX SmartWatch is the best choice for smartwatches for people who want it to go the extra mile in keeping them fit. It is sleek and stylish in design. This smartwatch can be used by anyone.

REX Smart Watch can also be used for any occasion. It is very easy to use, made from high-quality materials, and is very durable. For anyone having a busy schedule, you can easily make use of Rex smartwatch to track your activities and also stay notified to not miss out on any important updates.

Not to mention that REX SmartWatch has a better health monitoring system than other smartwatches and wristbands due to the competence of its makers and the advanced laser technology.

For anyone who loves keeping his/her health in good shape, then REX Smart Watch review UK confirms that this REX Smart Watch is a good investment to make. Having the ability to track your blood pressure, pulse rate and also monitor your ECG readings, there is no doubt this watch is of great importance to your health.

For people who take their fitness goals very important, this Rex smartwatch will help you in achieving your goals. To reduce the number of times you have to pull out your smartphone from your pocket, just to answer calls or reply to text messages, this smartwatch will be of great importance.

Smart and durable design, countless features, long battery life and great price are all the advantages of REX Smart Watch as already confirmed by consumers reports on REX Smart Watch reviews online. When you look at it, there is really no proper competition for it, since other smartwatches are either too expensive or do not have nearly as many features.

How Do I Use Rex Smartwatch

To use the Rex smartwatch, the users must first download the app, charge the device, and put it on their wrist. That’s what there is to it.

The Rex smartwatch’s screen is touch-sensitive, allowing wearers to choose whatever they need by scrolling through the various applications available. The Rex watch is not any different from other smartwatches in terms of functionality, although it could be argued that it performs better.

Nonetheless, Rex watch constantly monitors the user’s movement and fitness. It’s not a stretch to say it’s a smartwatch and a fitness tracker in one.

Step 1): Buy a Rex Watch

Step 2): Read the manual for instructions

Step 3): Charge it

Step 4): Connect with compatible IOS and Android devices

Step 5): Wear on the wrist


Why Do I Need a Rex Watch?

As a Smartwatch, the Rex watch is aimed at all those who do not want to have their smartphone in their hands all the time when sending SMS and messages via WhatsApp, making calls, or taking photos.

Especially if you are on the road a lot, the Rex smartwatch can make your everyday life easier. The functions of the Rex Watch, which make it a health tracker, ensure that the gadget is also suitable for anyone who wants to keep a closer eye on their health data.

People who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle or consolidate existing healthy habits can benefit from the tracking tools of the Rex Smartwatch. The pedometer shows how active you have been during the day, while the calorie counter shows how much you have eaten during the day. Especially if you plan to actively gain or lose weight or if you want to keep your weight, the calorie counter is an important tool.

Sleep tracking allows everyone to find out more about their sleep stages and, if necessary, improve their sleeping environment. Based on the data collected during sleep tracking, it is also possible to identify potential disturbing factors that prevent you from falling asleep or sleeping through the night.

If you suffer from a disease that requires regular measurement of your heart rate or oxygen saturation, the Rex Watch is also a useful tool for you. It allows you to track your health data throughout the day and evaluate it afterwards possibly even together with your treating doctor.


Benefits Of Using Rex Smartwatch

Keep Users’ Healthy: Rex Watch has dual sensors that allow users to track their body’s most vital signs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Rex Watch motivates users to stay on their feet and improve their performance. Rex watch monitors and documents their progress and provides insight into areas where they can develop by simply connecting to the verified app. This information is available 24/7.

Detects Health Risks: REX Watch lets users identify the warning signs of sickness and heart failure by measuring their heart rate and skin temperature. The REX smartwatch provides useful information about users’ hearts and overall health. This helps them to make health-related decisions and potentially avoid a crisis.

Get Fit Faster: REX Watch encourages users to remain healthy and improves their fitness by providing apps that monitor and record their workouts. The REX watch motivates users’ to stay involved and improve. REX Watch monitors and documents their progress and provides insight into areas where they can develop using the array of applications to which it is linked.

With REX Watch, users setting their daily goals and tracking their progress is now possible. Many REX Watch Reviews state that this smartwatch stores all of the users’ data and allows each of them to set daily goals and track their progress for faster improvement.

Improves Sleep: The REX Watch app monitors users’ sleep patterns so they can get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed. Our REX watch review understands that the app monitors users’ sleeping patterns and provides them with details as they sleep. This will give them some ideas about how to change their sleep so that they can get a restful night’s sleep.

Stay Focused: REX Watch allows users to read their mobile messages and updates with a glance at their hand, allowing them to stay connected and focused when exercising. Is a smart fitness watch still smart if it cannot connect to a user’s cellular system (i.e., iOS or Android compatible)? Of course, not! REX watch can be used to not only receive and send text messages but also to receive and send call notifications.

Go Anywhere: REX Watch is indeed a long-lasting comfort wristband. It has a long-lasting battery and a splash-proof casing, so users will never have to take it off. The REX Watch has a sturdy design. It is a sturdy and durable wristband with a battery that lasts all day without needing to be charged and a water-resistant case. Users can use the REX Smartwatch in any setting or circumstance without worrying.

Does REX Smartwatch Actually Work?

To use the REX Smartwatch, users must charge it, wear it on their wrist, and pair it to their phone, just like every other fitness tracker. The REX fitness tracker has a dual sensor: it uses both onboard sensors and mobile sensors to provide precise data about the user’s health and fitness.

The REX Watch analyzes the wearer’s body using advanced biometric technology and provides real-time fitness and health metrics. As a result, it can monitor wearers’ heart rate without relying on the sensor on their smartphone.

REX Watch, on the other hand, uses a GPS sensor. When connected with the wearer’s smartphone, it uses the person’s smartphone’s GPS to monitor their position and movement.

When a user puts on the REX smartwatch fitness tracker, it provides the person with continuous feedback on their fitness and well-being. And it does so immediately.

Users must first download the REX Watch app to either their iPhone or Android device before charging and using the REX Watch smartwatch. It provides them with an in-depth understanding of their fitness and health, much like every other fitness tracker app. In addition, wearers can track their sleep schedule as well as their regular or weekly improvement.

REX Watch will effectively serve as a repository for wearers’ health and fitness results. All they have to do when wearing this fitness smartwatch is concentrate on achieving their predetermined fitness objectives. Users are more likely to enjoy their fitness and health journey if they do so.

Pros Of Using Rex Watch

  • REX Watch is lightweight and portable, which means you can wear it all day long without even knowing it is there
  • It is waterproof, so you do not need to worry when water touches it.
  • Affordable price tag
  • It has a long battery life between charges.
  • It gives accurate readings in measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate
  • It is available in different colors so you can choose the best REX Watch according to your choice
  • Looks stylish and build quality is top-notch
  • Beneficial sleep monitoring
  • Syncs with iOS and Android smartphones and devices.
  • REX Watch helps you to stay in tabs with your vitals
  • It has a durable design
  • It also has a 30 Day money-back guarantee

Cons Of REX Smartwatch

  • It is only available for purchase online on the official website.
  • Stock is limited


Is REX Watch Worth Buying? (REX smartwatch reviews)

As a point of illustration, if someone should go to any gadget store and look at the smartwatches or fitness trackers on display, the person will notice that many of them have similar features to the REX Watch, but there’s one major difference: the price. Other smartwatches cost four to five times as much as the REX smartwatch tracker.

With all of the features and benefits are seen so far, it is very obvious that the REX smartwatch fitness tracker can compete with any of the industry’s big names. However, these features are definitely not exclusive to REX Watch, but despite these features, the smartwatch is sold at a very low cost. REX Watch is reasonably priced because it deals directly with consumers rather than through middlemen: no middle cost whatsoever!

As someone who enjoys staying in shape, REX Watch offers everyone a low-cost yet useful device that can help them improve their fitness routine while also making it easier. Everyone who buys a REX watch will grow accustomed to wearing a lesser-known smartwatch that meets all of his or her needs over time.

Definitely, REX Watch is better than many smartwatches because of how important it can be to the user’s fitness routine. It provides users with features through a user interface that is as simple as possible. There is not another fitness smartwatch on the market that offers the amount of ease of use that REX Watch does. With so many features crammed into this smartwatch, the design is surprisingly simple.

The price of this piece of fitness tracking technology was probably the part that piqued most people’s interest. However, everyone is sure of buying the smartwatch itself, not a brand name, when they buy a REX Watch. This multipurpose fitness smartwatch costs a fraction of the price of the more well-known brands. As a result, wearers get more for their hard-earned money.


REX Watch Reviews Consumer Reports

Gonzalo: “It is very versatile, I have the latest version and it connects me very well, the data is kept for more than three days without problems and it resists everything I have done so far”

Martin: “On a recent routine checkup, our doctor advised me to start exercising regularly. My wife got us a couple of REX Watches and I am glad she did. They helped tremendously in checking our progress. Now, I can’t imagine working out without one”

Mark K: “Beautiful beautiful watch. Fits well and you can see and feel the workmanship. I use this watch for my swimming workouts three times a week and I can’t imagine my life without it. The price amazed me, what a bargain”

Melissa G: “I highly rate this smartwatch and was seriously impressed with its functions vs price. I have arrhythmia so I needed the most accurate smartwatch and I am glad I have found one. Now I can keep complete track of my health and always be in style


How Much Does a REX Smartwatch Cost In The UK, USA, Canada, and Other Places/ Rex SmartWatch Price?

One REX Watch Cost $79

Two REX Watches Cost $139

Three REX Watch Cost $189

Where Can I Buy REX Watch In The USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Other Places?

You can buy the REX Watch at the official site, where they often have special offers and discounts. It is very easy to click on the site and make a purchase. They will ship your REX and you can get started as soon as you receive it.


FAQs (REX Watch Reviews)

Here are the most frequently asked questions on every REX Watch Review online. If you have any pressing questions in the course of our review on REX Watch, here are the answers for you.

Are REX Watches any good?

REX Watches are made of high-quality durable materials, it will not break easily and can be used in all weather. Fitness people and athletes can use this watch because it has all the features that a sportsman needs. REX Watch can measure blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, sleep tract and many other unique features. So yes, REX Watch is very good.

Does a REX smartwatch work without a phone?

It is possible to use a REX smartwatch without a phone. However, most smartwatches including Wear OS watches, as well as Apple’s and Samsung’s watches can connect to a Wi-Fi network, which means your smartwatch does not have to be within Bluetooth range of your phone to use apps.

Can you make a phone call with REX Watch?

Yes, it lets you make calls and even send messages while walking or jogging. Keep in mind that you must have a Bluetooth headset attached.

Can you access the Internet with your REX Watch?

The Internet is available for applications such as sending or receiving messages via WhatsApp for example.

How long can you use your health tracker?

You will get 96 hours of regular use and 15 hours of standby power from a full charge.

What service does the manufacturer offer?

The company is offering generous discounts of up to 50% lower than the retail price. They also give a 30 Day money-back guarantee if you are somehow not satisfied with your purchase. It also has a friendly customer care team to assist you with any questions, complaints, and technical issues.

REX Watch Reviews Conclusion

The REX Watch is a fitness tracker and smartwatch device at an affordable price. It gives you everything you want in a fitness and health tracker, and it is very easy to use. You can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels easily at any time of the day or night, and you can track your sleep patterns to learn how to get more restful sleep.

The REX Watch reviews were just too consistently good to be ignored. No other smartwatch/fitness tracker product review can match the enthusiasm of these REX watch reviews. For that reason, we tested the watches ourselves and found the REX watch reviews to be accurate.

The REX smartwatch/fitness tracker is as great a product as people are saying. REX watch reviews say that if you are looking for a health and fitness tracker that does it all, this is a great option.


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