Nuubu Detox Foot Patches Reviews – Does This Patches Really Work or Fake?

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Nuubu is a foot patch that is made of Japanese plants.

Wrap the patches on your feet, and then remove any toxins that are in your body. The patch claims to assist with insomnia, brain fog headaches, irritability, muscular aches, body odor and other problems.

Does Nuubu actually work? What is the procedure for Nuubu cleansing patches perform? Learn everything you must be aware of these patches and the effects they have today with our review.

What is Nuubu?

Nuubu is a foot treatment that utilizes Japanese herbs to address the causes of fatigue, brain fog headaches, irritability, fatigue and many more.

Simply place these patches onto your feet and then allow the natural ingredients to eliminate the body of toxins and provide you with noticeable benefits.

Nuubu has ingredients that you might have heard of such as the vitamin C in bamboo vinegar. It also has ingredients you aren’t familiar with such as loquat leaf, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb and wood vinegar.

Nuubu is founded on Japanese techniques of acupuncture. Japanese tradition says that there exist 360 points of acupuncture throughout the human body. 60 of them are located on your feet. Nuubu is a foot massage and acupuncture points, cleansing them and alleviating various ailments.

These Nuubu cleanse patches can be purchased exclusive available on The cost is about $20 for a box comprising 10 cleanse patches.

It is believed that the Nuubu patches can also be advertised under the name Haobloc Cleansing Patch. Nuubu seems to have white-labeled Haobloc Cleansing Foot Patch from an Chinese company, and then sold the patches for sale online at

How Do Nuubu Skin Patches Work?

Nuubu was conceived on the belief that the body is filled with contaminants. The environment, diet and pollutants within the atmosphere can create toxic levels within your body.

When your body is filled with impurities, you’ll experience signs. Nuubu states that symptoms like headaches, irritability, brain fog muscles aches, skin issues as well as nausea, insomnia fatigue, headaches and constipation, weight gain and many other ailments are caused by the presence of impurities.

Nuubu claims to assist in the body’s elimination of toxins. The detox patches target the acupuncture points that are located in your feet. Each patch is filled with herbs and ingredients that are absorbed into your body via those soles, assisting to eliminate toxic substances.

What is the reason why Nuubu focus on the feet? Nuubu declares the fact that “the largest concentration of harmful elements is in the feet.” According to Japanese custom, toxins accumulate within your feet. This is the reason Nuubu claims to eliminate toxins by focusing on the soles of your feet.

The company behind Nuubu say that the benefits of the ingredients within “a few hours.” Simply apply the patches of herbal extracts to your feetand take a couple of hours to experience the noticeable advantages.

Nuubu patches were originally made to be used on your feet. However, the company claims that you could apply these patches on “another part of the body.” If you need to eliminate toxic substances in your legs, hands or arms, or any other body part such as your hands, it’s possible to apply Nuubu detox wraps in those areas.

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How to Use Nuubu Skin Patches

The use of detox supplements or diet tablets is simple. But, Nuubu works differently than any other detox product sold online.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure to apply Nuubu detox patches on your feet:

Step 1.) Start by taking Step 1) Take a Nuubu detox patch from the package, and place it on top on your feet. Make sure the soft part that is the patch in contact with the skin.

Step 2.) 2. Apply the next patch to the opposite foot. Apply it to a different area on your body.

Step 3.) Keep the patches on for between 6 and 8 hours. They can be worn during the all day. But, the majority of Nuubu wearers place the patches around their feet while they sleep and then take them off when they awake.

Step 4.) Remove the patches, and then clean your feet. Feel better about yourself.

It is expected that you will see a difference when using Nuubu. The company states that the patches will appear dirty following one night. They eliminated the body of toxins. At the end of five nights, you will see a clearer appearance after you have removed the patches. The patches should appear free of dirt by the time you reach the tenth night that means you’ve eliminated the majority of your body’s toxins by removing them from your feet.

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Nuubu Features & Benefits

The company behind Nuubu offers all the benefits and features listed below:

The product is built in Traditional Japanese Wisdom: Nuubu was a result of the centuries-old tradition of Asian wisdom. It claims that the product is based on Japanese techniques of acupuncture “passed on by generations” and validated through “passing a test of time.” If you believe in the benefits of traditional healing over modern medical practices, then Nuubu could be the ideal detox product for you.

Pure Ingredients Nuubu has natural and organic ingredients that include herbs and extracts. Instead of cleaning your body with harmful substances, Nuubu removes harmful compounds by using natural ingredients.

It targets the multiple effects of Impurity build-up: The creators Nuubu claim that their products target multiple effects of impurity build-up. Nuubu claim that a wide range of mental and physical ailments can be attributed to the buildup of impurities. The company claims that their patches for skin help with irritability, brain fog as well as skin issues the constipation of stomach, obesity tiredness headaches, insomnia and body odor, as well as muscles pains and other indications caused by toxic buildup.

Holistic Therapy: Holistic therapy treats your entire body rather than focusing on specific systems. It’s based upon treating your body as a unit of interconnected components rather than as separate components. As per the official website the active ingredients of Nuubu assert that they “help mind, body, and soul.”

Cost-effective: At about $2 for a skin patch, Nuubu claims to be an affordable solution. Certain detoxification products cost $5 for a serving or more.

Nuubu Ingredients

The Nuubu Skin patch filled with herbal extracts as well as other botanical ingredients. The majority of ingredients are in line with Japanese customs. Certain ingredients are supported by more scientific research than other ingredients. Vitamin C is one example. Vitamin C, for instance is a well-known antioxidant with ample evidence. A few studies support the hypothesis of houttuynia Cordata Thunb however it’s still largely not known in the supplement marketplace.

Here are the ingredients found in Nuubu skin patches, as well as how they function, according to the company that developed Nuubu:

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Loquat Leaf Loquat leaves are believed to have antibacterial properties in addition to “absorbs foul odors,” providing a pleasant scent in those who apply it to the Nuubu patches.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is among the most well-known and powerful antioxidants available in the present. The creators of Nuubu Detox Patches say that vitamin C improves your immune system.

Bamboo and Wood Vinegar: Nuubu offers two kinds of vinegar which include the bamboo vinegar (for digestion and digestion health) along with wood vinegar (for absorption of moisture and removal of smells).

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is one kind of mineral associated with detoxification. Nuubu claims that the tourmaline present skin patches they use strengthen the kidneys and liver as well as aiding in detoxification.

Anaion Nuubu is a source of an ingredient known as “anion. It’s a powder with negative ions that is believed to restore healthy pH levels and balances bloodstream oxygen levels.

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb Nuubu is a unique substance that is not widely known as Houttuynia cordata Thunb. It is said to have anti-obesity, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is not just a few of the benefits.

Together, they target Acupuncture points that are located in the bottom of your feet. The active ingredients get into the bloodstream via your feet which allows detoxification to happen all over your body.

Scientific Evidence for Nuubu

The detox foot pad is a thing. Nuubu and other detox foot pads promote foot pads as an effective method to eliminate toxic substances, eliminate bodily waste, and get rid of heavy metals, which can lead to significant advantages.

Nuubu’s sales website claims that the system is based upon traditional Japanese Acupuncture techniques as well as different Asian treatments. Acupuncture originates from tradition-based Chinese medical practices (not Japanese medicine). However the practice of acupuncture has been practised in Japan for more than 600 years. Japanese method of acupuncture is different from the Chinese method of acupuncture. Certain acupuncturists assert that they focus on particular points in the body to provide various health advantages. Certain points reduce blood pressure for example some points aid digestion. There isn’t much evidence to support these claims, however, a lot of people regularly seek acupuncture to reap the supposed benefits.

There is no evidence that scientifically proves detox foot pads such as Nuubu perform. In fact it was the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently prohibited a company selling detox foot pads from selling its products on the market in the United States. The business, Kinoki, ran advertisements using false scientific proof that claimed that the footpads were effective.

Kinoki claimed similar claims to those we can see in this Nuubu selling page. Kinoki said that their footpads remove metabolic waste, toxins and heavy metals, chemical and other components in your body.

Your body detoxifies itself on a regular basis. The liver and kidneys detoxify your body, eliminating the waste and other substances. Sweat works similarly. It is possible to boost your kidney and liver health in order to aid in cleansing. But the FTC has not discovered any evidence to suggest that detox foot pads aid in helping your body to detoxify.

Nuubu as well as other pads for feet have components like tourmaline that aid in detoxification. In this study in 2013 tourmaline (a mineral composed of boron silicate) is utilized in traditional healing practices to enhance blood flow. Practitioners mix tourmaline with other compounds then apply it on the skin to aid in blood flow. Some weave tourmaline into fabric. Tourmaline may aid in blood flow when combined in conjunction with far-infrared radiation. However, there isn’t much evidence to suggest it helps detoxify the body or eliminates toxic substances.

Other ingredients included in Nuubu could aid in detoxification when consumed orally, however, there’s no evidence to suggest they’re effective when applied directly on your feet. Vitamin C for instance is a well-known antioxidant that has been linked to numerous benefits, however it’s not known what kind of effect it could have when applied to your feet.

There’s even evidence that suggests the ingredients found present in Nuubu may actually cause harm to your body. Nuubu as well as various other footpads for detox also contain bamboo vinegar and wood as an example. Wood vinegar is an active ingredient, Pyrologneous Acid. When this acid comes into contact with skin, it may cause irritation and even burning.

One medical doctor working on behalf of the Mayo Clinic recently reviewed the research regarding detox foot pads, and concluded: “there’s no reliable evidence that detox foot pads work.” The doctor claimed that detox foot pads are “too good to be true,” warning consumers to “wait for scientific evidence” before purchasing the latest health news online.

In general the Nuubu foot pads claim to provide substantial and obvious benefits, however there’s very little evidence that they perform as claimed to eliminate toxins, ease symptoms, or cleanse the body.

Nuubu Pricing

It is possible to purchase Nuubu foot pads online at and are priced by Euros (EUR) however, they ship all over the world, including addresses within the United States. Pay online using either credit or debit card, as well as PayPal.

Here’s how pricing is broken down:

1 Box (10 Pads): EUR17.95 + EUR4.95 Shipping

2 Boxes (20 Pads): EUR33.96 + EUR4.95 Shipping

3 Boxes (30 Pads): EUR45.96 + EUR4.95 Shipping

4 Boxes (40 Pads): EUR55.96 + EUR4.95 Shipping

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Nuubu Refund Policy

Nuubu offers no refunds for used or opened products. If you have tried Nuubu and didn’t like the product, you are not able to claim a refund.

If you haven’t opened or utilized the Nuubu detox patches, but you are eligible for full reimbursement within thirty days. Nuubu provides partial refunds on items that have not been opened and are unopened and will deduct the restocking charge of 15% in all refunds.

In general, Nuubu has a stringent return policy in comparison to other products that are sold online.

Who Created Nuubu?

Nuubu may be the name of an online-commerce business to sell Haobloc Cleansing Patches on the internet. So far as we are able to determine, Nuubu foot patches are made by an Chinese firm called Haobloc and can be purchased online at

Haobloc sells pain-relief patches detox foot patches and motion sickness patches, as well as other items. You can purchase a box of Haobloc foot patches for $1.20 to $1.50. Then, you can white-label them with your own name – which seems to be the way Nuubu did. Haobloc is located on Fuyang, China.

Contact the creators of Nuubu through the following channels:


Email Form:

Phone: +1 (914) 559-9997

Final Word

Nuubu is a foot-patch which makes use of herbal extracts as well as other plant-based ingredients to flush out toxic substances from your body via on the bottom of your feet.

There isn’t enough evidence to prove that detox foot patches have any benefit. But, there are some who believe detox foot patches utilize traditional Japanese practices to cleanse your body and aid in cleansing as well as other benefits.

Nuubu also offers a very rigid policy on refunds, with no refunds after opening the box or using the skin patches , even if you just used one patch from 10 patches in a box.

To know the more details about Nuubu as well as how foot patches for detox function, go online now at

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