ButcherBox Review – Is it Good or Bad Decision?

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Meat lovers are always in the search of high-quality, nutritious, and affordable options. Poultry, beef, and seafood are the most common options for non-vegetarians who want to enjoy a scrumptious meal. The main issue remains that not all butchers or meat shops can offer this entire range of meats or seafood that can satisfy the protein needs of a family.

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So, today we bring to you a detailed review of the subscription-based meat delivery service that is in the news of delivering high-quality and nutritious meats. Let us examine all about it, its worth in 2021, cost of different meats from ButcherBox, different offers and deals, availability of meats, and the process to order from this user-friendly website.

What is ButcherBox?

It is one of the leading meat delivery services that offer home delivery of poultry, beef, and even seafood. It is a perfect solution for the big families or restaurants who have to buy meats or seafood in large quantities. The best part of this online ordering platform is that all the orders can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Hence, no more adjustments in your meat needs, when you can create a tailor-made meat box for your needs.

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The company promises to bring protein to every family’s table by offering multiple savings on a variety of meats. All the cuts from the company are raised in natural and are either grass-fed or grass-finished only. Thus, all you get is some healthy and nutritious meat at highly affordable pricing. The company has a dedicated network of home deliveries to ensure safe and quick delivery of the nicest cuts without any additional delays.

Is ButcherBox worth ordering in 2021?

The year 2021 has been a year of change as the world is tackling the after-effects of a global pandemic. Hence, while considering the ButcherBox review, it is crucial to understand its importance in 2021. Let us have a detailed look at the top ways that this online meat ordering platform is becoming a must-to-have for many small and big households. You’ll be surprised to know its worth!

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High-quality meat:

The company offers high-quality poultry, fish, meats, etc., in several plans and box sizes. It has both varieties of grass-fed and grass-finished meat. The grass-fed meat starts on the grass diet and finishes on grains. The grass-finished meat ends on the grass diet. This quality of meat is dependent majorly on what do the animals eat and how they’re raised.

The chicken offered by the company is certified humane and is fed on a 100% vegetarian diet. It is raised in free -range and hence is organic. All buffalo are raised in open barns with bedding for good meat quality. The same goes for the cows that are raised on pasture only.

Variety of meat boxes:

If you’re satisfied with the high-quality meat, have a quick look at the main meat box offerings of the company. 

These include:

  • All beef box: It includes exclusive cuts of beef like sirloin steaks, chuck roast, steak tips, etc.
  • Beef and chicken box: It includes exclusive cuts of any of the two types of meat like strip steaks, chicken breast, drumsticks, etc.
  • Beef box: It includes exclusive cuts of any of the two types of meat like sirloin steaks, tenderloin, ground beef, etc.
  • Mixed beef: It includes chicken and beef.
  • Customized box: It includes wild-caught seafood, chicken, beef, etc.

High-quality delivery:

The company offers free delivery irrespective of the customer’s location. After slaughter, the meat is flash-frozen, packaged, and then shipped to the nearby distribution centers. The delivery is made in insulated boxes that contain dry ice according to the location. It keeps the meat fresh during transit.

Savings and discounts:

The multiple varieties of meat boxes ensure that you can save some dollars on big meat purchases. The company further offers limited period offers and discounts to the first-timers and the members. The zero costs of delivery at the doorstep further make ButcherBox a must-to-have for meat delivery in 2021.

What is the price of ButcherBox meat?

The cost of the meat, seafood, etc., depends on the type of meat box selected by the user. A quick look at the top offerings of the company reveals that there are five types of boxes available on the company’s website. 

These include:

  • Classic meat box costs around 129 USD. It is ideal for 24 meals.
  • Big meat box costs around 138 USD. It is ideal for 48 meals.
  • Custom meat box is available in both classic and big meat boxes. Its cost ranges from 149 USD for classic meat boxes and 270 USD for big meat boxes. 
  • The extras like a pack of sausages, bacon, beef, or salmon are available at an additional nominal fee.

If you think that affordable costs are the only source of savings while ordering from this popular meat ordering platform, think again as the company offers free shipping. There is no need to worry about your location as the dedicated supply chain network ensures that you get your meat box delivered to your doorstep without worrying about the extra charges.

What type of meat can I order from ButcherBox?

Meat eaters have no boundaries to their love for different cuts and animals. Hence, ButcherBox offers beef, chicken, and seafood.

The details of these meats are:

  • It has a wild-caught seafood range that is sustainably sourced and free from contaminants and pollutants. It includes:

Wild-caught cod

Wild-caught lobster

Wild-caught salmon

Wild-caught halibut

Wild-caught scallops

Salmon box including ten pounds of independently packed salmon filets or other seafood options that can be customized or mixed.

  • It is easy to add any of the following varieties in a mixed box, and beef box, etc.:
  • Two pounds of ground beef.

It has an organic chicken range that is raised completely or partly outside. Hence, the quality of meat and nutritional value of chicken is of exemplary standards. It is easy to order chicken in a beef and chicken box, mixed box, or custom box. Some of the chicken varieties include:

  • Three pounds of  boneless and skinless chicken breast
  • Two New York strip steaks
  • Three pounds drumsticks
  • Four top sirloin steaks
  • Two pounds of ground beef

The company has grass-fed beef that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and has a high concentration of antioxidants. It is not only tasty but protects against chronic diseases and helps lower inflammation.

Some of the beef varieties  offered by the company include:

  • One pound of premium steak tips
  • Four top sirloin steaks
  • Two pounds of ground beef
  • Two pounds of chuck roast

How to order meat from ButcherBox?

If you’re new to the online food ordering or meat ordering platforms, ButcherBox is the perfect platform for your needs. There is no complexity or clutter on it that makes it ideal for use for first-timers. 

All you need to do is select your meat box out of all the options available on the platform. It is further easy to customize your meat box according to your needs. Once, you select the meat box, it shows the option of 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, or even 12 months subscription. It means that you don’t have to order again and again from this platform when you can go for the subscription-based model. 

After selecting the type of meat and type of subscription model, the company gives an opportunity to have a look at the current offers or discount codes. These offers and codes help users to avail themselves of some extra cuts or extra pounds of meat with minimal charges. The one-time payable “Free for Life” deals help add a variety of meats for the whole year at more than 70% discounts.

The next step is to checkout for the order by simply adding your personal and shipping details. The company takes care of the quick delivery according to your location and ensures temperature-controlled packing. It is easy to pay online using different payment methods according to availability. Hence, ordering from this meat-delivery website is quick and simple that doesn’t involve any complexity. 

Further, all orders are eligible for numerous discounts and offer that can be availed according to the user’s choice.

The high-quality online ordering platform of the company ensures that there are no technical glitches in ordering. Thus, all the personal and banking details of the customers are safe on the 256-bit encrypted and protected company’s website. Thus, the orders from the company’s website are not only quick and easy but highly secure also.

What are the ButcherBox discounts codes?

The company offers a variety of discount codes for first-timers and members. There are a variety of offers and deals that are available on a limited basis. The members of the company’s services can go for the one-time payable “Free for Life” deals.

These deals allow the users to add an additional cut of meat in the box for a whole year. Hence, the users can add their family’s favorites using this “Free for Life” offer that comes at the cost of two months for the entire twelve months. Thus, ten months of your favorite cut at 100% free. 

The company is currently having a “Free Bacon for life” offer valid up to 26th December 2021. It offers one pack of bacon for free on every order for the life of a user’s membership. Not only this, you can save up to 20 USD off on every box for the orders for the first five months. This offer is valid for new members only. It is easy to avail of this offer of the company by adding your email id on the company’s website.

Some of the existing discounts on the meat subscription platform include one pack of bacon, two pounds of ground beef, and up to three pounds of chicken breast for free using this code. Hence, savings and varieties never go out of the companionship when it comes to the company’s discount codes.

Final Decision On ButcherBox

So, after having a detailed look at all about ButcherBox, it is easy and quick to place your first order on this delivery website. The company offers varieties of grass-fed and grass-finished meats and varieties of wild-caught seafood. The package deals termed “meat boxes” claim to be the affordable solutions for a big family’s protein needs.

Users are in love with the multiple add-ons and specialized discounts on different meat boxes. The one-time payable “Free for Life” deals ensure that you enjoy 12 months of meat by paying only for the initial two months. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and order some healthy, nutritious, customizable, and highly affordable meat boxes from ButcherBox today!


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